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SCP-002-INT filled with iced tea flavoured by nuts, and chestnuts. Test realized and photographed by Dr. Megan.

Item #: SCP-002-INT

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-002-INT is currently located in a high-security chamber in Site-██ which has been specifically made for it. SCP-002-INT is located on an 80 cm high metal table which can be found in the middle of the room. The entrance of this chamber is guarded by security cameras and access is limited to those with a classification level of 3 or higher. Applications for the use of SCP-002-INT have to be reviewed by Dr. Nathan or the Site-Director. SCP-002-INT is to be handled with care and the entire course of the examination is to be protocolled or documented by video recording. Physical contact with SCP-002-INT is prohibited.

Research-Utensils, such as drinks or tools in order to handle SCP-002-INT can be found inside of storage-A, which can be found on Level 2 of Site-██. When a research request is accepted, these utensils are to be provided to SCP-002-INT containment chamber to avoid any complications.

Description: SCP-002-INT is an 8 cm high white porcelain teacup that normally does not present any anomalous nature. SCP-002-INT is matched by a white saucer measuring 10 cm in diameter. When a liquid substance is poured into SCP-002-INT, its anomalous properties will manifest within seconds, following the evaporation of the liquid. When the liquid is subtracted from SCP-002-INT, it returns to a non-anomalous state, then SCP-002-INT can be used again.

When SCP-002-INT is filled with liquid, a miniaturized environment will take shape inside the cup; the environment has its very own ecosystem: animal, vegetal, and mineral in a minute scale. It is important to note that the beverage components affect the nature of the generated environment. For an example, when the wine is poured into the teacup, the environment generated will be that of an abundantly cultivated vineyard. There seems to be an infinite number of combinations (see the Appendix SCP-002-INT for more information), and it is extremely rare for the same environment to appear again per combination.

The miniaturized environment inside SCP-002-INT appears to be a geographic location of, approximately, 1 km² from an area present in the surface of Earth. External influence upon the anomalous minute environment will produce a similar effect on the region of the world that is currently represented at a scale of 1/100011. For example, touching the canopy of a tree with your index, will result in a huge finger emerging from the sky that will actually make physical contact with the vegetable species present in the enclosure depicted by SCP-002-INT. Similarly, pouring a container of water inside the teacup is likely to produce a flood2. This characteristic implies that when small objects are introduced into SCP-002-INT they also receive considerable dimensions until they are removed from the teacup. It is of important note that their mass appears to be reorganized in a way to ensure the balance, and integrity of their body due to the increased size.

Human individuals observed inside SCP-002-INT aren't aware of their situation because the anomalous object does not physically exist around the environment it is containing, in addition, entities are not confined within its boundaries, and are capable of moving through the walls of SCP-002-INT, in which case, they'll simply disappear once they reach the wall. Exceptionally, human subjects cannot cross the object's threshold. It is possible to interact with the visible elements within the cup. Only flying entities can escape from SCP-002-INT as of present.

Addendum 002-INT-01: Series of tests #1

Foreword: The Foundation has conducted experiments to determine the relationship between liquid substance, and the environment associated with them. The subsequent analysis identified some of these combinations. The most relevant are attached to this report.

Liquid utilized Environment observed Fauna, flora, and details Identified location
Mineral water (fresh) Natural source A watercourse flowing into a valley with its spring further upstream. Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy)
Mineral water (hot) Hot source An onsen3 occupied by natives, and tourists. Nyuto Onsen Kyo (Semboku, Japan)
Saltwater Ocean An agitated sea with a seadrifter navigating over it. A bench of killer whales, and whale sharks are visibly moving about the surface of the bench, and underneath the water. Pacific Ocean (determined by the boat's registry)
Water with ice cubs Ocean Ice flows with the observed presence of a colony of emperor penguins. The temperature of the water measured was measured at -1.5 °C (29.3 ºF). Antarctic Ocean (South Pole)
Coffee Coffee Shop A traditional coffee called "Caffè Florian". There are seated tourists lively conversing while they eat. Other individuals are photographing themselves alongside disguised, and masked individuals who are surrounding the establishment. Piazza San Marco à Venise (Italy)
Wine Vineyard A vast area devoted to viticulture, organized in terraces, and full of vineyard huts. Vignoble d'Alsace (France)
Hot Chocolate Cocoa fields A family farm cultivating cocoa beans in the middle of a rainforest. Equador (determined due to the idiom spoke by the local inhabitants)
Water (from melted snow) A mountain A snowy landscape composed of a chalet and fir trees. The light coming from the windows, and the smoking chimney proved that the chalet was inhabited at the moment. Unknown
Coca-Cola Factory An assembly line of a vast industrial complex with busy factory workers ensuring the bottling, labelling, and packing of beverages. Baton Rouge (United States of America)
Pine aromatic infusion Coniferous forest A dense forest comprised of firs, and ferns. Some animals, such as foxes and deers, were seen sneaking around the trees. Unknown
Cocktail "Fruits du Soleil": dactyls, orange, banana, apricot and fig. Oasis An extension of water lined with palm trees, and populated by natives. Some of which are swimming while others are sitting or lying on the shore. Wadi Bani Khalid (Oman)

Addendum 002-INT-02: Tests containing the results pertaining to the use of human fluids, miscellaneous objects, and non-drinkable liquids in SCP-002-INT can be found in the following document: Experiments with SCP-002-INT4.

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