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A picture representing SCP-002-IT found in RIDIA's archives.

Item #: SCP-002-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-002-IT is contained in area 08-IT which is 5 km away from Nervesa della Battaglia, Veneto and is 115 m2. The area is provided with a small stone cottage (already present before containment), a well, and a controlled access to the Piave river. At least two guards equipped with tranquilizing weapons must be present at all times in the containment zone. In case SCP-002-IT leaves the Area, personnel must kindly ask him to return immediately.

Description: SCP-002-IT is a slightly overweight Caucasian male, 1.83 m tall and weighting 86.8 kg that wears a traditional Alpino1 uniform comparable with the ones used in the first decade of the 20th century. SCP-002-IT refers to himself as "Piave" and fluently speaks Italian, often using expressions characteristic of the Venetian dialect.

SCP-002-IT is capable of increasing and decreasing the river's water level, direct the aquatic fauna in certain areas and increase the typical concentration of dissolved mineral salts. SCP-002-IT can also generate various small objects from the river's waters.

Relocating SCP-002-IT is practically impossible without damaging it, since if it is taken more than 1.5 km away from the river it'll begin to sweat copiously and manifest several symptoms which are similar to those of the Spanish flu, such as high fever, intense sweating and respiratory failure. At the same time the river will start to drain. For that reason, the Superintendence has decided to contain the subject in the area where the subject was originally found.

During the day SCP-002-IT usually follows a routine that includes activities like fishing, gardening and preparation — and consumption — of dishes typical of the area. Once these acritivies have been completed, the subject usually rests on a hammock.

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