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Item #: SCP-002-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Humanoid entities are banned from entering within a radius of 50 m around SCP-002-KO (Coordinates: ███, ███). SCP-002-KO's research team must be comprised of members that did not show any side effects following prior contact with the subject. Moving or preserving samples of the subject is prohibited. Due to the terrestrial instability around the subject, barrier construction attempts have been unsuccessful. Instead, ten or more armed agents without sexual attraction to the opposite gender patrol the perimeter. The guards must be comprised of members that are not affected by seeing SCP-002-KO.

Description: SCP-002-KO is a pool that resembles a natural fountain located under the ████ waterfall in Mt. ███ in southern Korea. The mist created from the high drop covers the subject, surrounded by a circular alignment of massive boulders. When entered, the pool's depth prevents unequipped humans from escaping. The pool maintains a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. Chemical analysis revealed protein, along with calcium, phosphorous, sulphur, potassium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, silicon, iron, fluorine, zinc, copper, tin, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, chromium, cobalt and traces of other various materials, a composition similar to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Humans under SCP-002-KO's influence reported hearing giggling sounds from acquaintances of the opposite sex and felt the urge to see the pool from up close. When the victim comes closer than 5 m to the pool, the victim does not respond to external stimuli. Following this, an entity referred to as SCP-002-KO-2, which resembles an amoeba two to three metres in length, appears from inside the pool.

SCP-002-KO-2 engulfs the victim and digests them, and spontaneously disintegrates after 30 minutes. The victim is wholly digested at this point. After the digestion, SCP-002-KO-2 reenters the pool. When multiple people fall victim to the subject, one SCP-002-KO-2 entity appeared for each victim. The entities seemed only interested in their respective victims.

On initial discovery, it was presumed to affect anyone. However, it is currently revealed that the subject does not affect homosexuals and asexuals. After this discovery, the containment procedure of SCP-002-KO was updated to reflect the information. However, due to the inaccuracy of the determination of sexual orientation due to psychological problems, field agents are limited to members unaffected by the subject after observing it.

If the victim is separated from the subject before the engulfing process, the victim expresses excessive rage and attempts to return to the pool. SCP-002-KO-2 slowly chased the victim after it was released but disappeared after spontaneous disintegration. Shortly after, the victim expressed remorse and showed signs of severe depression. Former victims reported that they had believed SCP-002-KO-2 to be the perfect partner at that time.


Interview log with a local, after SCP-002-KO's discovery

Interviewee: Shaman ██. Mid-50s.
Interviewer: Dr. ██ Choi
Introduction: Collected information about SCP-002-KO from a local shaman.
<Start of log>
Dr. ██ Choi: Please tell me what you know about the fountain.
Shaman ██: That's the Xian ladies' descent. Don't you dare go there to soil it.
Dr. ██ Choi: Xian ladies? So you do know something about the pond.
Shaman ██: Aye. Nobody should go there, or else they'd chase after the Xians away from the ground.
Dr. ██ Choi: Does the departure to the heavens mean death, or is it a fairy tale? Isn't living in the heavens a good thing?
Shaman ██: (Low scoff) As if you'd go there.
Conclusion: The local population is somewhat aware of SCP-002-KO. Local traditions and shamanism prevented residents from approaching SCP-002-KO. However, urbanization brought an influx of immigrants, which often ignored locals' warnings, leading to a series of missing people, confirming the subject's existence. Considering use of B Class amnestics to the local population who are aware of SCP-002-KO.

Experiment log 002-KO-01 ██/█/20██

Subjects: D-61993 (Male, Heterosexual) and D-81223 (Female, Heterosexual)
Process: Both subjects were placed under SCP-002-KO's influence. The process was recorded via X-Ray photography.
Result: X-Ray photography of SCP-002-KO-2 successful. Photographs showed SCP-002-KO-2 to be a lump devoid of any skeletal tissue. Test subjects did not show any resistance until they expired.

Experiment log 002-KO-2 - ██/█/20██

Subject: D-62513 (Male Heterosexual)
Process: Test subject placed under SCP-002-KO's influence, after which he was forced out of SCP-002-KO's influence when SCP-002-KO-2 emerged.
Result: SCP-002-KO chased after D-62513 for 80 m at a speed of 0.5 km per hour. Following this, SCP-002-KO-2 disintegrated, and D-62513 simultaneously reported severe symptoms of depression.

Experiment log 002-KO- 03 ██/█/20██

Subject: D-62513 used in experiment 002-KO-2
Process: D-62513 refused participation in the test, but was threatened into SCP-002-KO's influence.
Result: SCP-002-KO-2 resumed activity. This time, D-62513 screamed and tried to flee at the sight of SCP-002-KO-2, but did not take his eyes away from SCP-002-KO-2, and could not move. X-Ray recordings showed D-62513 struggled until he expired.

Note from Dr. █████: "'Partner', is it…"

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