Item#: 002-PIG
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SCP-002-PIG instance in containment

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-002-PIG are to be kept in the aquatic animal research wing of Site Meow when not in testing. Male and female instances must be kept in separate tanks to prevent breeding. These tanks are to be large containers made of reinforced glass and a removable top. Under no circumstances is unauthorized testing to be allowed. Personnel may request to test SCP-002-PIG through their site supervisors. Testing is suspended until further notice.

SCP-002-PIG instances in Foundation control are to be fed twice a week using the carcass of an animal put in the tanks by D-Class personnel. No non-biological substance is to be used to feed SCP-002-PIG.

SCP-002-PIG's tanks are to have their water changed twice a week. During this period, the instances are to be stored in a smaller, temporary cell until the completion of the water change. The strength of the glass is also to be inspected and replaced if necessary.

There are to be no open drains inside of SCP-002-PIG containment rooms. All water spilled during a containment breach is to be manually removed and inspected to ensure that there are no SCP-002-PIG instances inside before removal.

In the event of a containment breach all water outlets and pipes are to be closed off and drained.

All wild instances found are to be captured and contained.

Description SCP-002-PIG are a predatory species of fish that appear as red zebra cichlids. Through harnessing EVE energy, they are able to transform their entire body into any marine animal, known and unknown, that will better suit their current situation. Male SCP-002-PIG in their default form are bigger than female SCP-002-PIG.

When there are no threats nearby SCP-002-PIG remain in their default form, but in the event of an attack from a predator they will either change into a larger marine animal capable of defending themselves or a smaller, quicker marine animal if escape will better help them survive. SCP-002-PIG will also transform to help them consume food quicker. SCP-002-PIG has never transformed into a marine animal that consists of multiple organisms1 and always transform back into their default form within 10 minutes of the threat/food disappearing, dying, or being consumed.

Discovery: After intercepting a call to the police about transforming fish, embedded Foundation agents in the local police force investigated. They attempted to capture as many instances of SCP-002-PIG as possible, but around one-third of them escaped. Due to their ability to survive in any condition there is an unknown amount of SCP-002-PIG in the wild. All civilians involved with the incident were administered amnestics.

Experiment Log:

SCP-002-PIG Test 3
Subject 2 SCP-002-PIG, 2 piranhas
Protocol 2 SCP-002-PIG instances and 2 piranhas were placed into the same tank.
Results The SCP-002-PIG transformed into Bala sharks and swam throughout the tank, using the vegetation and decorations to outswim the piranhas until they were pulled out.
SCP-002-PIG Test 7
Subject 1 SCP-002-PIG, 5 barracudas
Protocol 1 SCP-002-PIG instance and 5 adolescent barracudas were placed into the same tank.
Results The SCP-002-PIG instance transformed into an atlantic goliath grouper and charged at a barracuda, eating them one by one.
SCP-002-PIG Test 14
Subject 1 SCP-002-PIG, 1 shark
Protocol 1 SCP-002-PIG instance and 1 shark were placed into the same tank.

The SCP-002-PIG instance transformed into a humanoid dolphin and proceeded to call it several insults in English. It then attempted to punch its way out of the tank but was subdued by guards.

Researchers Note: It appears that this entity was a part of the "Shark Punching Center". Further testing with sharks is forbidden

SCP-002-PIG Test 23
Subject 3 SCP-002-PIG, 1 pound of plastic
Protocol 3 SCP-002-PIG instances and 1 pound of plastic were placed into the same tank.

The SCP-002-PIG instances transformed into SCP-187-KO and started consuming the plastic at a rapid rate. Somehow during the transformation, the SCP-002-PIG instances changed sex causing there to be a mix of male and female instances combined with the rapid growth of SCP-187-KO caused the instances to reach fertility and mate, causing an explosion of SCP-187-KO population in the tank. The test was quickly aborted and all SCP-002-PIG and SCP-187-KO inside the tank were terminated.

Researchers Note: Following this development, no more tests are to be conducted. We have to focus more efforts on finding and capturing wild instances because if only a few of them decide that SCP-187-KO is the best way to survive, the ocean's ecosystems are going to die within a matter of days.

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