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Item #: SCP-002-PT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Covered agents of the Foundation shall inspect chart and bank remittance records for any SCP-002-PT reissue sign. Seized copies should be arranged as detailed in Protocol OBJ-002-PT-0. Currently 40 polypropylene sealed copies should be retained in File 66-002 of Storage Site-66, which should be inspected daily to verify that all 40 copies in stock have not been tampered with or removed. Tests covering SCP-002-PT, SCP-PT-A or SCP-PT-B must be approved by three employees of Level 3 or higher.

Uncontained subjects affected by SCP-002-PT-A should undergo psychological evaluation and moved to standard humanoid cells at the Humanoid Containment Site-22. Psychological follow-up and treatment should be performed in accordance with Protocol 002-PT-AB-VS, and individual cases should be reassessed on a monthly basis, which should be detailed in a report submitted for evaluation by the current Lead Researcher of SCP-002. Based on such reports, subjects with improved mental and cooperative health should be transferred to Site-26 (officially registered as "Retiro São Carvalho da Penha") for permanent community stay.

Description: SCP-002-PT are editions of February 4, 2014 of the Brazilian fashion and teen lifestyle magazine titled Capricious, composed of 80 pages in offset paper colors with 20,2cm x 26,6 cm, with cover illustrated by the face of actress and Brazilian model Bruna Linzmeyer. This cover features Beauty Guide: How to Improve Your Look?, Copy the Divas, 10 back-to-school relationship tests! among others. A complete list of materials contained in the edition can be found in Document 002-PT-1. With the exception of the cover photo, all photos and illustrations present in the edition are redistributed images with authorship originating from third parties, but none of the published material appears in other past or future editions of the magazine (as the official edition later published on April 22 2014). Despite efforts by the Foundation, none of the listed editors, reviewers, or columnists have been identified, and are assumed to be pseudonyms; Ms. Linzmeyer denies any involvement with the cover photo and Editor ████ states that it has no records of such publication being published.

Matters published in SCP-002-PT contain content with themes of fashion, beauty, daily life and platonic relationship, loving and sexual, directed at the adolescent and adult female audience, all containing gross and inappropriate comments and advice, from repeated references to negative characteristics of possible readers even inciting extreme self-mutilation and suicide.

SCP-002-PT has no recognized anomalous properties unless the contents of its pages are read by a sentient human being who can understand the Portuguese culture standard; subjects who read at least 40% of the content of SCP-002-PT1 are affected by a cognitive risk disorder of direct action, which induces them to conceive themselves, as well as others, as humanoid creatures with varying levels of body transfiguration (classified as SCP-002-A and -B). Such condition often induces symptoms of bodily inadequacy and personal satisfaction, with subjects reporting defects such as "hair/very porous/ oily skin" and "deformed face", which makes them rapidly develop various mental disorders related to their appearances2. Such effects are not induced by reading textual, visual, auditory or reflexive reproductions of the object content, or when exposed to subjects without understanding the Portuguese language. Until now. none of the individuals affected by SCP-002-PT-A was observed physically exhibiting the reported characteristics.

SCP-002-PT also appears to have amnestic or memory-affecting properties; after exposure to SCP-002-PT-A, subjects report that they have always conceived of themselves as well as other individuals with such characteristics, although tests show that subjects have normal cognition and personal conception (for individuals of similar age) exposure to the object. Application of amnestics did not succeed in reverting subjects to their mental states pre-exposure to SCP-002-PT, but behavioral therapies (CBT, TCD) and regulated doses of SSRIs in conjunction with group therapy were successful in influencing affected by SCP-002-PT-A to be perceived with the same characteristics present in SCP-002-PT-B, which significantly reduces mental disorders previously present. Studies on effective treatments for complete cancellation of cognitive disorders have not been successful but are in progress.

SCP-002-PT was discovered in May 2014 after a considerable increase in suicide rate and diagnoses of psychosis and schizophrenia in adolescents from metropolitan areas of dense population, mainly ████ █████████-██ and █████ ██ ██████-██. When subjects admitted to hospitals and psychiatric ward (without previous history of diagnosed symptoms) were asked about the reason for such sudden behavior, they said they were afflicted by a strong feeling of inadequacy, related to the presence of specific transfigurations in their bodies (now classified as SCP-002-PT-A) compared to characteristics considered normal and desirable (classified SCP-002-PT-B). When questioned about what led to the brutal methods of self-mutilation frequently observed, some subjects mentioned reading about such in a magazine aimed at the young female audience, although they did not recall specific details. Investigations in the residence of one of the subjects3 led to the discovery of SCP-002-PT (later confirmed as the journal mentioned by the respondents, and in past or present possession of other subjects affected by SCP-002-PT-A), which was suspected and subsequently confirmed to have potential risk cognitive, based on observations of its disturbing content. 40 instances of the object are stored in File 66-002 of Storage-66, intended for possible future experiments.

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