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First SCP-002-VN event recorded, 1937.

Item #: SCP-002-VN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Because Graveyard 26 belongs to the Foundation, containment measures are not necessary.

An audio recorder has been installed near SCP-002-VN-1 to record audio regarding SCP-002-VN.

Description: SCP-002-VN is a paranormal event that happens annually on August 19 in Graveyard 261.

SCP-002-VN-1 is the tomb of Darwin Hardwick, a Level 1 personnel who passed away on 19/8/1936. Darwin Hardwick was in charge of Graveyard 26, and he received generally good reviews when doing the job.


Darwin Hardwick, in the 1930s.

SCP-002-VN-2 refers to the number of entities that appear in SCP-002-VN. SCP-002-VN-2 instances have no physical body, as their body is semi-transparent. They do not know living beings in the area.

All SCP-002-VN-2 instances look like deceased Foundation personnel that have been buried before the Blindfold Protocol was installed2. The number of SCP-002-VN-2 instances that appear in the area is around 13-21, consisting of High and Low Priority Level Foundation personnel. All SCP-002-VN-2 instances wear dark-coloured clothes that resemble funeral clothes and have an umbrella if it is raining during SCP-002-VN.

Below is a list of activities that happen during an SCP-002-VN event:

0700 The area around SCP-002-VN-1 becomes misty. View length is drastically decreased.
0705 The mist becomes thinner as SCP-002-VN-2 instances start to appear and surround SCP-002-VN-1. SCP-002-VN-1 is then dug up and placed near SCP-002-VN-1.3
0705-0740 All SCP-002-VN-2 instances kneel near the coffin and show their gratefulness to Darwin. The speech that happens during the event is different for each SCP-002-VN event, but the general meaning between the speeches have stayed the same.
0740-0750 Some SCP-002-VN-2 instances put the coffin back into the grave. They take the shovels from their coats and start to bury them.
0750-0755 Every instance of SCP-002-VN-2 steps to their own grave and put a white rose on it. They then return to Darwin's tomb and put a flower on his tomb.
0755 The ambience in the area becomes misty again, and surrounds the SCP-002-VN-2 instances and SCP-002-VN-1.
0800 The mist begins to disappear, and SCP-002-VN-2 instances are now gone. The SCP-002-VN event has ended.

Addendum 002-01: Proposal to move the corpse from Graveyard 26 to special storage and reconstruct Graveyard 26 is now pending.

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