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Item #: SCP-003-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-003-FR must be contained in a 5×3×2 meter metallic glass vivarium. The latter is located at the center of a 10m×10m×2m reinforced concrete cell. The vivarium is to be checked for cracks daily by a Class-D personnel member. The object must only be handled by Class-D. SCP-003-FR is to be fed part of a human (arm or leg) between 20 and 50 years old from a local morgue daily, and in case of a shortage, cadavers of Class-D personnel should be used. The vivarium must be permanently kept at 28°C, and is to be cleaned weekly. Any dialogue with SCP-003-FR must be approved by a Level-3 or higher personnel member. In case of a dialogue, the team interviewing SCP-003-FR must install a microphone in the vivarium, preferably close to the object. The interview must not exceed 30 minutes. In case of a containment breach, Recall Protocol ███-█ must be applied.

Note: Any questions about the containment measures for SCP-003-FR must be directed to the SCP-003-FR head of research.

Description: SCP-003-FR was found in 19██ by Agent ███████, after an anomaly was reported in a house. SCP-003-FR is a set of dentures which is believed to have belonged to the owner of the house. The owner was found [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-003-FR is attracted by everything that is human flesh. In order to kill its victim, SCP-003-FR takes the place of its jaw by [REDACTED] and takes control of the victim so that they devour themselves. The object is capable by opening and closing itself of locomotion by "jumping." The object is also able to "slide" on the ground when dragging a victim or an object. The subject is capable of shredding ███ kg of meat in 2 minutes. The shredded meat remains as chunks before turning into a slurry. The origin of this reaction is unknown, and when the shredded meat is touched by non-shredded meat, the "slurry" effect propagates, turning the other meat into a slurry as well (see Experiment 003-1). The subject is able to tell safe meat apart from poisoned meat, human meat from animal meat, [DATA EXPUNGED] (see Experiment 003-2). SCP-003-FR can communicate in French and claims to have learned the language when [REDACTED]. The object is extremely sensitive and aggressive. No questions about its composition must be asked (see Interview 003-1).

Recall Protocol ███-█: In case of an SCP-003-FR containment breach, three individuals must be prepared. The first subject must be placed inside SCP-003-FR's containment chamber. The other two must be placed inside the vivarium as bait. Once SCP-003-FR enters the vivarium, the vivarium's door will be closed. If the vivarium is more than 75% destroyed, the containment chamber must be filled with liquid nitrogen in order to prevent SCP-003-FR from escaping.

Addendum: Item reclassified as Euclid following Incident 003-1. Experiments on SCP-003-FR are forbidden following [DATA EXPUNGED].

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