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SCP-003-ID before purchased by Wira Budianto

Item #: SCP-003-ID

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-003-ID is stored in Site-65's Low High-Security Containment Room. Testing of SCP-003-ID requires authorisation from Head Researcher of SCP-003-ID (currently Dr. Arizal Purnama). SCP-003-ID users are to be apprehended by the Foundation. The search and apprehension of Wira Budianto and any users of SCP-003-ID whom has not yet been detained is being attempted.

Description: SCP-003-ID is a Thymatron electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) device produced in the year 20██. SCP-003-ID has a physical form much like any common ECT device, with modifications including a Bondwell B200 laptop computer fitted on top of SCP-003-ID's frame. The laptop can be used to input commands and data that will alter the effects of SCP-003-ID (see Usage Guidelines for SCP-003-ID).

When the laptop is turned off, SCP-003-ID functions as any other ECT device. However, its anomalous effects will manifest when certain commands and data are entered using the laptop. The use of SCP-003-ID through the input of desired commands and data will manifest SCP-003-A-ID. SCP-003-A-ID are humanoid entities with outward appearances that resemble Japanese-style animated characters. The forms of SCP-003-A-ID entities are based on the commands entered into SCP-003-ID. SCP-003-A-ID are able to communicate verbally with SCP-003-ID users. It is theorized that SCP-003-A-ID is a form of tulpa. SCP-003-A-ID can only be seen by the users of SCP-003-ID, with the exception of certain circumstances (see the Addendum to the SCP-003-ID Testing Log). SCP-003-ID effects are permanent.

Discovery: SCP-003-ID is found during the raid on Wira Budianto's residence in South Jakarta on 1 September 2021. Wile the raid was underway, Wira Budianto escaped, leaving 5 persons in his residence. The aforementioned persons were found to be interacting with SCP-003-A-ID entities and are unresponsive to orders from Foundation employees.

All persons found during the raid on Wira Budianto's residence, including Wira Budianto himself, are members of the Committee on Marriage Affairs with Anime Characters (henceforth COMAAC, originally Komite Urusan Pernikahan dengan Karakter Anime). COMAAC is an unofficial branch of the group of interest (GoI) PAMWAC1 based in Japan. Similar to PAMWAC, COMAAC aims to marry fictional characters, especially ones from Japanese pop culture, and has been proven to use paratech2 and anomalies to reach said aim.

SCP-003-ID was obtained by Wira Budianto from Andreas Cahyo, a supplier of used paratech operating in the SEBD3. When interviewed, Andreas Cahyo divulged that SCP-003-ID came from the United States of America and was imported as used surplus from the UIU.

Attachment 003.1: SCP-003-ID Testing

Record of Test 003-11

Description: Subject is injected with Class X mnestics4. Afterwards, subject is ordered to look at D-003-35 through a two-way mirror.
Subject: D-1067.


Dr. Arizal: What are you feeling, D-1067?

D-1067: A little sick, Sire, but it's alright.

Dr. Arizal: Okay. Now, beside you, there's a two-way mirror. Please observe what you are seeing through the mirror.

D-1067: Alright, Sir. Hmm, I think I'm seeing a guy sitting and speaking to- ALMIGHTY GOD, IS THAT CARTOON REAL?!

Dr. Arizal: D-1067, are you alright? What have you just seen?

D-1067: (inhales and exhales) N-nothing, Sir, I was merely shocked. A cartoon character seemed to suddenly appear next to the guy, and now they're talking to each other.

Dr. Arizal: D-1067, please describe the appearance of the "cartoon character" you have just seen.

D-1067: I'm seeing a teen girl that looks very similar to a zombie. Her skin colour's grey with lots of stitches. Her hair seems to be put into a pair of buns or something, it's grey and red and there's a sword sticking into her head from the side. Also, she's wearing a torn-up dress and a bow on her chest.

Dr. Arizal: Thank you, D-1067.

D-1067: Is the test done, Sir? I can hear the zombie girl laughing and I'd rather go back to my cell ASAP.


Attachemnt 003.2: A List of SCP-003-A-ID Manifestations

Below is a list of SCP-003-A-ID manifestations henceforth designated as 003-A-[NUMBER IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE]-ID. For a more complete list, please contact either Site-65's Department of Administration or SHINE.


Appearance: Asuka Langley Soryu
Origin: A character from the Japanese animated series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” produced by Studio GAINAX.
Description: Appearance and personality of 003-A-1-ID is consistent with the original media of the character.


Appearance: Hatsune Miku
Origin: A virtual personification of a voice synthesizer software series produced by the Yamaha Corporation.
Description: Appearance and personality of 003-A-2-ID seems to change every 12 hours. 21 versions of 003-A-2-ID have been noted.

Note: This change seems to be caused by how SCP-003-ID receives information of the entity it's forming. Our hypothesis has preliminary concluded that SCP-003-ID receives information about Hatsune Miku through the many music videos showing different personality and appearances of Hatsune Miku. - Dr. Arizal Purnama


Appearance: Kureiji Ollie
Origin: A virtual character played by a talent associated with the virtual YouTuber talent agency Hololive Productions
Description: Appearance is consistent with reality, but its personality has been slightly altered.

Note: This case is extremely unique, as the Kureiji Ollie in real life is basically played by a real person, not a fictional character. From our observations, 003-A-3-ID only possesses memories related to Kureiji Ollie's activity as a virtual YouTuber. The difference between 003-A-3-ID's and Kureiji Ollie's personality is suspected to have stemmed from D-003-3 desire that they wish to "have a more cultured waifu." - Dr. Arizal Purnama

Attachment 003.3: Research Notes Dr. Arizal Purnama

Below are the various notes written by Dr. Arizal Purnama as Head Researcher of SCP-003-ID on SCP-003-ID. These notes have been authorised by the SHINE to be incorporated into the SCP-003-ID document.

What can SCP-003-A-ID do? Anything. In a test, D-003-6 was ordered to request 003-A-66 to show its powers. What does the entity do? Pyromancy. We used the safest testing room in Site-65, but its futile. Why? Despite seeing such a beautiful fire ball, nothing happened when said fire ball was thrown at the wall. Are the abilities of SCP-003-A-ID entities illusions, then? Yes, and no. While the abilities of SCP-003-A-ID do not impact the physical world, their wits and instincts remain.

Why can we use mnestics to see SCP-003-A-ID entities? This is admittedly still a mystery. The most viable theory is that there is some form of "filter" produced by SCP-003-A-IDs that do not affect users of SCP-003-ID, as they can see other SCP-003-A-ID entities other than ones they create. These are clearly not antimemes since we do not need to be administered mnestics routinely to research SCP-003-ID. I had received a dose of mnestic during our first testing with mnestics and I ended up seeing a zombie girls chatting happily with a young man. If I may say one word, it's surreal.

How do SCP-003-A-ID interact with SCP-003-ID users? SCP-003-A-ID are not slaves nor enslavers. There is some kind of dynamic that is similar to proper lovers. Although, SCP-003-A-ID and its "creator" can be close, and do so quickly. Is there an exception? To answer that, we can observe 003-A-47's relationship with D-003-4. Both 003-A-4's personality and D-003-4's desires result in 003-A-4 dominating D-003-4 in their relationship. However, D-003-4 still has control over 003-A-4. It seems that Wira Budianto designed SCP-003-ID in order to equalise the relationship of an SCP-003-A-ID entity and its "creator".

I get many questions from a lot of people; can someone have sex with SCP-003-A-ID? Yes, I've seen it, and yes, this is why SCP-003-ID is being heavily guarded, because Foundation employees are humans and we don't want inane incidents such as 1004-Dale to repeat.

Attachment 003.4: Information on SCP-003-ID User

Below is a screenshot from a chatroom in the online chatting platform Discord that D-003-3 was a member of. All individuals that have interacted with D-003-3 admit to not know of the existence of SCP-003-ID or the COMAAC.

wassup all
i just visited a friends house
and married my waifu
shes very shy when i asked for a selfie with her
cute right?
The hell's wrong with you?
keep hallucinating

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