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SCP-003-INT-P-7, -8 and -12

Item #: SCP-003-INT

Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-003-INT is stored inside a standard secure cell in the Section C1b at the International Site-DE20. SCP-003-INT is placed immediately in the middle of the room, on a table, under a glass bell, with a camera positioned over the object whilst inside its case, recording the movements of SCP-003-INT-A and -B.

Personnel is only allowed entrance to the containment cell with the approval of O4-8, protocoled through a formal request that must be relayed at least one (1) week before performing an experiment or interview. Non-complying personnel will be arrested, and properly disciplined.

Description: SCP-003-INT is a package of filled chocolates. The words "Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderland chocolate bank of true sweetness™" are written in cursive font on the package. A star in the upper right corner bears the seal: "Made with Ms Mirabilis© original recipe!".

The back of the package contains the following inscription:

Ingredients: Truly high-quality brown chocolate (sugar, and cacao), Queen Bee Nectar™ honey, lactose-free butter and milk from happy cows, gluten-free flour from yours truly Uncle Miller, sweet n' sour fruit food preservatives (raspberry, strawberry, mango, orange, hazelnuts- without going nuts!), Dr. Wondertainment's Sweeter-Than-Allowed-Powder®, Dr. Wondertainment's Glitter Party Poppers®, Thoroughly Intense Vanilla™, Cotton Candy, Caramel Colada™, Marvelous Marshmallow Mania™ and the new and improved Ms Mirabilis “Wonder Vitamin”©!

May contain traces of joy©, fun©, and happiness©.

SCP-003-INT can be opened by sliding the internal case containing the pralines off the side of the package. Most of the time — in ~90% of the tests — the candy box is empty; in these events, a smooth, androgynous voice can be heard saying: "It's not the time for sweet daydreams yet, my child!".

SCP-003-INT may contain from eight (8) to twelve (12) pralines. When the case contains the indicated sweets, a "Sugar Fairy" Event is starts; the event is initiated when someone is wishful or when SCP-003-INT-A and/or SCP-003-INT-B want to offer something or make a deal with an individual.

"Sugar Fairy" Event
SCP-003-INT-P seem to have the property of being able to bend reality so far that an object or situation manifests itself. For the person who ate the instance, this event is perceived as if their innermost wish were fulfilled.

These pralines are referred to as SCP-003-INT-P, from P-1 to P-12, counting from the left to the right through the four rows containing the sweets. Following is the summary of all documented SCP-003-INT-P instances:

Product Name Date
Unnamed 01.02.20██
Dr. Wondertainment's True Swiss Heidi Chocolate 02.08.20██
Dr. Wondertainment's Fantastique Madeleine de la Lune 04.06.20██
Bartleby‘s Ginger Snap 18.02.20██
Dr. Wondertainment's Wonderbaaren Wafels 08.10.20██
Unnamed 19.07.20██
Alice's "Eat Me" Cupcake 13.03.20██
Dr. Wondertainment's Sparkling Glitter Popcorn® 12.05.20██
Crunchable™'s Cinnamon Stars 05.11.20██
Dr. Wondertainment's Succulente Chocolatine du Paradis 03.07.20██
夕暮れのかわいいお餅2 07.10.20██
L████ L█████ Milk Chocolate 16.08.20██
Dr. Wondertainment's Mayesthetic Marmalade Macarons 13.04.20██
Unnamed 20.10.20██
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Brigadeiro Treat 15.04.20██
Cookies von Doom™ Cookie Flavored Delicacies 12.09.20██

In addition to the product's name, two young women are shown on the front cover of the packaging, namely SCP-003-INT-A, and -B. The figures seem to move slightly when they are not observed directly, as per comparison between their initial positions and those assumed by the entities; this ability has been observed through the use of a camera that produced a series of individual photographs all 5 seconds. Information about the figures’ movements, and goals has been collected through extensive testing; new instances of figures appearing are to be reported as SCP-003-INT-C-#; exceptionally, SCP-003-INT-C-1 is a figure that is commonly seen.

Addendum from 20/05/20██ Since the conclusion of experiment 003-INT-3, SCP-003-INT-A and -B have been able to move in real-time, facilitating communication. The connection between Dr. Lazare's experience in SCP-003-INT pocket universe and the acceleration of SCP-003-INT-A and -B is not yet clear. The theory is that by "breaking the fourth wall" the anomaly tried to correct itself, it is expected that research will show what the trigger really was.

SCP-003-INT-A, and -B show playful demeanours. SCP-003-INT-A is the taller of the two, has short curly hair and wears a traditional knee-long skirt; SCP-003-INT-B is the smaller one, often wears a little top hat with a “W” on it together with a medical doctor costume. According to the entities, they are caricatures of their creators — but have no connection, other than a similar appearance, with their real-life counterparts. They can see and notice the third dimension despite being two-dimensional. They seem to be able to modify elements of the packaging, creating figures of objects such as miscellanea and furniture at will, tamper with objects close enough to SCP-003-INT, and even move around the package's surface.

Observed activities performed by 003-INT-A, and -B:

  • Dancing (twenty known artistic styles, and five seemingly free-form styles);
  • Playing with the letters on the packaging;
  • Conversing with each other;
  • Eating whilst sat at a table;
  • Sleeping in hammocks;
  • Painting, and writing on the surface of the packaging;
  • Advertising other Dr. Wondertainment products not exclusively related to edibles;
  • Playing with a corgi named "Jeremy"3; referred to as SCP-003-INT-C-1;
  • Pushing instances of 003-INT-P out of SCP-003-INT's case (See Experiment 003-INT-3);
  • Changing the package and its contents to suit various holidays or special occasions;4

Addendum 1 — Testing Logs

Addendum 2 — Crosstesting

Addendum from 09/10/2015 Another instance of SCP-003-INT was found. Located above the product name of the second instance the are the words: "The BETTER Alternative!"; additionally, a black man with a colourful suit and a tophat is replacing SCP-003-INT-B, and SCP-003-INT-A wears a trouser suit. Crosstesting between the first, and second instances of SCP-003-INT are being considered.
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