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SCP-003-KO at time of discovery.

Item #: SCP-003-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Undercover agents guard the coniferous forest surrounding SCP-003-KO to deter unauthorised entry. A 3 m high wired fence surrounds a 2 km radius around the subject, with attached sensors that notify the agents of any damage to the fence or attempt to climb over it. As the subject is visually insignificant, trespassers found in the restricted zone are interrogated and escorted out. However, if they are confirmed to have approached within 10 metres of the subject, they are treated with Class-A amnestics. Aircraft that can land inside the restricted zone, such as light aircraft, are banned from flying over the area. Trespassers who entered the area using such methods are treated with Class B amnestics and then handed over to the local authority.

The area is open to all staff with level 2 security clearance or higher, except for the second floor, which is open to staff with level 3 or higher. However, memetic properties of the subject are known to cause unexpected actions to anyone with knowledge of any children's tale, so four or more researchers must accompany those who enter. Especially, entry of female adolescents under 16 require approval of agents with level 3 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-003-KO is an abandoned farm located in ██████ ██ forest of northwestern Russia. A 2 story building stands in front of heavily damaged remains of an interconnected chicken coup and stable. The building is unique in that the foundation is not attached to the ground; rather, the lower side of the pillars that would otherwise support the building is unevenly ripped off. The building is confirmed to predate the fence surrounding it. Crumpled pieces of paper have been continuously reported to roll around in the wasteland covering a kilometre radius from the structure. Notably, attempts to bring in objects made of paper have failed, with some exceptions.

SCP-003-KO sparks irrational fear in its observers. Inside it was various objects related to children's tales, such as those of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. When used, those objects seem to assimilate the user's mind with that of the protagonist from the related table. However, users that are unfamiliar with the tale do not trigger such effects. For more details, refer to the experiment logs in the addendum.

SCP-003-KO-2 refers to the unidentified organism found on the bed on the second floor. It appears humanoid, but the exuberant dress and a sleeping cap covering it hide its exact form. The subject appears to be sleeping, presumed from its breathing patterns. Attempts to awaken it have failed. Using the aforementioned tale-related objects inside the structure triggers a hostile reaction from the subject while sleeping. Experiments related to the subject is currently postponed due to possible hazards relating to the hostile reaction.


Following Dr. Lupin's bold claim that the subject is closely related to children's tales and paper, cross-experiments with related Safe-Class SCP objects has been authorised.

-Dr. █████ ██

Excerpt from interview 37-12

Dr. █████ ██ : So you mean it's a sort of jumble of fairy tales, is it?

Dr. Lupin: It is. There's the Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, and even The Wizard of Oz in the last scene from that book from the fifth experiment. Losing their voice: The Little Mermaid. Piece of bread: Hansel and Gretel. An angry princess that turned into a wolf when someone touched her stuff… That would be The Beauty and The Beast.

Dr. █████ ██: You must be pulling my leg. That's not how The Beauty and The Beast goes. It's more like 'The Beauty is The Beast' or the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Excerpt from interview 51-1: Level 5 Security Clearance required.

Dr. █████ ██: What do you mean? Is it a metaphor?

Dr. Lupin : Absolutely not! She actually ██████ ████. My god… A miracle that grants E-Class agents Level 5 Clearance from nowhere - I can't believe it!

Dr. █████ ██ : I can't either. That requires jumping through dimensions…

Dr. Lupin: I tell you, it's true.

Dr. █████ ██: So, how was it?

Dr. Lupin: Well, at least I know how tall Cathy is.

Addendum: Further investigation of the building revealed government documents about it. Most information about it is recorded as unknown, but it is confirmed to have existed since 19██. Interestingly, the owner is named 'Grimm'.

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