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Item #: SCP-004-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Objet Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-004-FR is currently contained in a liquid state, compressed and reduced to 2/3 of its original volume in a 10,000L capacity pressure tank. The tank is stored at the Containment Site-004-FR. It must be inspected every month. The least deterioration must be reported and an assessment of the risk of explosion established. Depending on the risk, the tank can be changed at the site itself, which will always have a tank ahead of time and the necessary equipment for the transfer of the SCP.

Description: SCP-004-FR is a cloud with a cumulus-like appearance. A study of its absorption spectrum indicates that it normally consists of condensed water and particles suspended in the atmosphere. It has a constant volume of 15m3, because the usual exchanges with the atmospheric medium do not occur. It seems that this cloud does not necessarily follow the direction of the wind and can move punctually in a different direction; it also tends to remain isolated. Natural fluctuations in pressure and temperature do not seem to have as great an effect on SCP-004-FR as on other clouds.

SCP-004-FR s'est déplacé autour du globe pendant une période indéterminée, mais a pu être suivi un mois par images satellite jusqu'à son confinement le ██-██-████.

Direct observation of SCP-004-FR randomly produces hypnotic hallucinations in some subjects. No correlation could be established among all affected and unaffected observers. Only 0.33% of the exposed subjects are affected by the effects of SCP-004-FR. It seems that an unaffected subject keeps this status all his or her life and can never be a victim of hallucinations if he or she did not suffer from them during the first exposure. The scope of the SCP is proportional to its visibility and the subject's field of vision.
Hallucinations vary from subject to subject and can be highly variable in nature, intensity and duration. Victims who have been observed appear mostly amorphous or obnubilated, staring at the cloud. If the duration of the hypnosis is long and the cloud moves away, the victims start to walk after the cloud in order not to lose sight of it. If the sight is cut off during a hypnosis, the victim will find himself deeply disoriented physically, but especially psychically. This disorientation will last until the death of the subject who will feel lost throughout his life.
Before its discovery, it is very possible that SCP-004-FR caused many accidents to unexpectedly hypnotized vehicle drivers.

Many of the subjects came out fundamentally changed and affected by a post-traumatic delirium, being able to feel invested with a mission or detached from their body envelopes. Most of them have no memory of their experiences and suddenly come back into contact with the real world. They then very quickly make changes in their lives, suddenly seeming more interested in their personal development. Those who have retained memories of their hallucinations have all spoken of the choices they have made in their lives and those they will have to make. The veracity of the predictions is not verifiable since they concern the choices the subjects would have had to make if they had not lived this experience. It is therefore impossible to know whether the SCP-004-FR effects are visions of external origin or hallucinations generated by the subject's imagination.
No treatment has been found. According to the studies conducted on the victims' brains the effects are irreversible. All the victims were placed in psychiatric hospitals. The psychiatric institution, not paying much attention to the kind of speeches they may make, is the best place to accommodate the victims without the risk of media exposure.
The effects of SCP-004-FR probably inspired characters who had [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-004-FR was discovered by Agent ██████ █████. A report was circulating about individuals worshipping a cloud and walking in procession after it. The agent found about 20 people matching the description at ███████████ in Transylvania. The cloud was located by satellite and tracked. The believers in the cloud were in fact following a leader who had been affected by SCP-004-FR. Using mystical words, he had persuaded the people he met along the way that the cloud would open "The Gates of Spiritual Elevation" when the cloud chose them.

Addendum: Five months after the beginning of the containment, similar incidents to those reported about SCP-004-FR were reported. It is therefore possible that this cloud is not the only one. However, Prof. ███████ wishes to proceed with the decontainment of SCP-004-FR to verify if its effects are still effective. Prof.'s hypothesis is that the properties of the SCP are not from the cloud, but [DATA EXPUNGED].

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