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Item #: SCP-004-INT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-004-INT is kept inside a standard case for Safe objects, customized to secure jewellery items, locked inside its own steel-reinforced special purpose container at the designated areas inside the Sites PT-9, and DE4 whilst under constant audiovisual surveillance. The nature of the container allows for easy transportation between locations due to the joint initiative promoted in lieu of the object's historical background. The exchange is done on-site, and transportation is performed by a small task force comprised of agents from the two relevant branches.

SCP-004-INT is to receive specific treatment for the maintenance of jewels on a biweekly basis. The object may be operated manually without complications as long as the operator is unaware of its anomalous characteristics1; if the operator is aware of 004-INT's anomalous characteristics, then the individual must not wear the equipment 004-INT is embedded into. In any case, SCP-004-INT must not be used by individuals without sanctioned approval from the Site Director responsible for the current site hosting SCP-004-INT.

Sanctioned individuals carrying SCP-004-INT for research purposes, or field use should not activate the object for more than five (5) minutes in between 6-hour intervals without proper replenishment of biological energy reserves outside of designated Ley Areas2; individuals sanctioned for use must undergo the protocoled theoretical and practical training annexed in the document SCP-004-INT: Psychokinesis for Dummies. A standard equipment piece fit to preserve 004-INT will be made available in those events.

In the case of a containment breach, it is strongly advised that any rogue individual wearing SCP-004-INT must be taken into custody or terminated through means that avoid blood loss from the subject; nevertheless, the preferred methodology to deal with this scenario may differ given the circumstance.

Description: SCP-004-INT is a pear-cut Phosphophyllite gemstone measuring 3.5 x 2.5 x 2 cm that despite irradiating a pale luminescence, its geological characteristics do not differ from its common counterparts. 004-INT may be bejewelled into any piece of equipment fit for its shape but it must be visible3 for its anomalous effects to be manifested. The object will present a sanguine-red colour when its effects are activated outside of a Ley Area.

When activated, SCP-004-INT will grant to its wearer pseudo-thaumaturgical abilities in the form of minor psychokinetic capabilities, allowing the subject control over objects independent of their matter's physical state4 within their line of sight; objects can be manoeuvred, moved, and suspended amidst air5 in order to launch them like projectiles, create leverages, alter their position, or even as means of airborne transportation with force, strength, and speed determined by the subject.6

Albeit manifested, the skill is not inherently comprehended by the subject, who requires proper knowledge of the capabilities of the object, and training to control the pseudo-thaumaturgical abilities adroitly. SCP-004-INT requires an input of the user's physical energy in order to be activated, and maintained, similar to the physical effort required to perform a task7. A common threshold of ~five (5) minutes could be established throughout all subjects before they started to experience acute physical fatigue. Once the threshold is reached, the negative psychophysical effects will increase gradually8, until the subject reaches a state of Syncope; after reanimation, they will not be able to activate 004-INT's anomalous capabilities during a variable period of time.

As a collateral effect, the blood of subjects that have activated and maintained SCP-004-INT for at least two (2) minutes will display a pale luminescence similar to 004-INT's own when the substance is removed from their bodies. The substance is capable of producing up to four times the energy content of a TNT-equivalent9; it can be remotely detonated by individuals controlling SCP-004-INT, or through standard demolition procedures like common explosives. The anomalous properties of the blood will expire after ~40 days if it is removed from the subject's body, or, after an equally long period, due to the physiological processes responsible for the maintenance of blood, that will have filtered it if the subject did not make any use of 004-INT during that interim. Studies do not show any chemical alteration in the components of the blood cells.

Ley Areas: These zones comprise several geographical locations in regions with relevant influence from German culture and folklore. They are virtually imaginary boundaries that do not match current geopolitical borders, and designated areas present in modern political maps, comprising both urban and agricultural areas. The area and shape of these zones vary but seem to be connected with the presence of cultural, and folkloric elements in the region, ranging from, but not exclusively, habits, aesthetics, landmarks, and especially historical value.

Whilst maintained inside the imaginary boundaries of a Ley Area, SCP-004-INT will release faint golden motes to swarm around its silhouette; the motes strengthen in number, and luminosity as the object approaches the imaginary centre of the boundary10. Additionally, individuals using 004-INT will not require to spend their physical energy in order to activate, and maintain the object's anomalous properties, nor will they suffer any psychophysical drawback while using SCP-004-INT inside the designated Ley Area.

Recovery: SCP-004-INT was retrieved amidst several common items from a collection of recovered belongings of a deceased German immigrant in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The object was stored inside a simple case, accompanied by dossiers pertaining to an organisation named "Sonderkommando für Paranormales"11, associated with the German war effort in the development, and study of "paranormal" phenomena during the Second World War. These documents include a diary pertaining to an individual named "Friedrich Altergott", a former SS scientist; a comprehensive map containing the known Ley Areas present in Germany (and its annexed territories dating from the period of the Second World War); several reports pertaining to the historical background of the item, and documents regarding the research performed by the competent organisation.

Annexed documents: Through the investigation of information gathered from related historical, and scientific documents12, a comprehensive amount of contextual information has been found about the group, namely "Die Kristallhexen", a cult of unknown origin comprised exclusively of women. A commentary by Dr. Irma Bauer, a specialist in matters regarding the SKP has been annexed to allude questions.

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