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Item #: SCP-004-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-004-IT is to be kept in the Safe Objects Storing Department at Site-55, inside its own case. Whomever would like to use SCP-004-IT for tests or recreational purposes has to submit a pre-compiled module, one week in advance.

Description: SCP-004-IT is a Fender Telecaster Thinline '72 semi-acoustic guitar, dated 1980, wooden. The object is in pristine condition and, when not in use, is to be stored in its own black leather case. It possesses the complete set of size 0.12-50 strings for its six chords. These possess the seemingly anomalous property of never needing to be replaced, as they appear immune to wear and tear, capable of maintaining a standard tuning of 432hz. However, the chords can be removed from and reattached to the instrument, as has been demonstrated several times during materials testing. Any and all tests will show these strings to be composed of common steel. SCP-004-IT, if mistuned or lacking one or more of its chord(s), will remain as such until returned to and locked inside its case; there, in a process yet unknown, any missing chord or component will be replaced and retuned to perfection for the next user to handle.

The other anomalous ability displayed by SCP-004-IT is to render the user a capable guitarist, regardless of the subject's previous technical or musical skills. When a subject is holding SCP-004-IT, they will feel a "deep trust in their own skills" and will "wanna rock some", as numerous people declared during tests. Subjects will then enter a trance state, during which they will skilfully play and sing the following songs: "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Nothing Else Matters", "Can't Stop", "Sultans of Swing" and an unknown song, whose title appears to be ██ ██████ ██ ████. Once finished, subjects will invariably collapse and reawaken in about three (3) minutes. Subjects will then declare feeling "very happy and fully satisfied with the experience", as well as repeatedly expressing their gratitude towards an individual only referred to as "Doc". If questioned, they will not provide any further information, forgetting the name shortly after. Any and all attempts to communicate with the subject whilst playing are futile. However, SCP-004-IT does not seem to enhance the subject's singing skills.

Note: Given the extremely safe nature of SCP-004-IT, and the almost total absence of any kind of risk, as of 12/03/████, the O5 Council deliberated on the possibility of using SCP-004-IT for recreational purposes.

Addendum 004-1, Recovery: SCP-004-IT was bought in a musical shop in ████, █████ by Agent Lestrade, who was off-duty at the time, as a gift for his nephew. Once home, Agent Lestrade decided to test the guitar, so as to check if it needed any kind of further care before packaging. Never having played a guitar, the Agent soon became aware of the object's anomalous properties, and sent it to Site-55 for analysis. The musical shop was searched, but no further anomalous evidence has been found on other instruments.

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