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Item #: SCP-004-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel within Site-16 of South Korea cannot stay within 3 metres from other personnel for over 30 minutes. Personnel experiencing SCP-004-KO symptoms of stage 2 or later must be reported to personnel over Level 3 Security Clearance or higher. The reported personnel is to go through psychoanalysis with three or more verification processes. When the reported is confirmed to have been exposed to SCP-004-KO, victims at stage 3 or lower may return to work after administration of Class-1 amnestics, but victims at stage 4 or higher are immediately excluded from all projects, have their records expunged, and enclosed in a 5 x 5 x 2.5 m sized containment chamber made of steel and concrete. Access near the containment facility is banned, and all contact must be done with an unmanned drone. No more than five people can be accommodated in the containment chamber. If space is needed, contained personnel are exterminated in order of the length of stay.

Description: SCP-004-KO refers to abnormal phenomena observed within a radius of 500m around the centre of the 16th base training ground. It is presumed to be a type of psycho-contagious entity that can infect people exposed to it for over 30 minutes. This "infection" before Level 4 can be suppressed by means that can block psycho-contagion. The infection is composed of the following seven stages:

Stage 1: The oldest memories become faint. The infected cannot recall past incidents and memories clearly but can rekindle them by showing records of the memories.
Stage 2: The infected cannot remember what is happening around them. For instance, the infected cannot remember what they were going to buy tonight, what job they were supposed to do today, and in extreme cases, what they were about to do after they stood up from a chair. When symptoms of Stage 2 infection are observed, the infected must undergo psychoanalysis with three or more verification processes.
Stage 3: The infected cannot recall recent memories and lose their sense of date. They cannot recall older memories, even if they see recordings of them. Level-1 amnestics can reverse SCP-004-KO's effects to this stage.
Stage 4: The infected cannot remember facts about themselves. They forget their personal information, such as their age, date of birth, and faces of friends and families. There is no known method of reversing the symptoms past Stage 4, and personnel are banned from approaching the infected of this stage and after.
Stage 5: The infected become unable to comprehend basic vocabulary and complex motor activity. Communication with them is impossible, as they have a very limited vocabulary. (Refer to Interview Log 004-KO-001). The infected can perform basic tasks such as running or walking but do not remember how to use eating utensils or write.
Stage 6: The infected loses sense of basic human morals and logic and resort to instincts only, resembling feral animals. Propositions to contain male and female infected of this stage has been rejected due to budget problems.
Stage 7: The infected cannot perform vital tasks, excluding breathing, and expires at least three days after entering this stage, as they cannot eat or drink.

The development of symptoms varies from individual to individual. It takes one to two weeks on average for the symptoms to progress, but there have been reports of this time ranging from one day to seven months.

The first observation of SCP-004-KO was on 20██/██/█. There were reports of mass amnesia among researchers of Lab 3 of Site-16 in Korea, and the personnel were sent to treat them. The Foundation designated this phenomenon as an SCP object and ordered extensive observation of all personnel of Site-16. Currently, there are no reports of SCP-004-KO happening outside of Site-16. Therefore the phenomena are deemed local. Considering the fact that SCP-004-KO is treatable in its early stages and is confined in an area around Site-16, SCP-004-KO is given the Containment Class Euclid.

Addendum 004-KO-1: Interview Log 004-KO-001

Recorder: Dr Failnote

Subject: D-2759

Summary: The subject has been confirmed to have been exposed to SCP-004-KO on 20██/██/█, and was after contained for showing symptoms past Stage 4. Dr Failnote attempted communicating with the subject via radio devices to research the effects of SCP-004-KO.

<Strat of Log, 23:45, 20██/██/█>

Dr. Failnote: Hello, there.

D-2759: Who are you? (Looks around)

Dr. Failnote: I'm Failnote. You can call me Fail for short. You're D-2759, am I right?

D-2759: Is that my name?

Dr. Failnote: Well, sort of. Anyways, tell me one thing that you can remember.

D-2759: What is 'remember'?

Dr. Failnote: The thing that comes up in your mind. Your lover's face, your birthday, that kind of stuff.

D-2750: What's a lover? What is a birthday? Before that, who are you?

Dr. Failnote: I told you. I'm Dr Failnote.

D-2759: Uh… Okay. Then, who am I? Why am I here?

Dr. Failnote: (To himself)…Fantastic.

D-2759: What is a fantastic?

<End of log, 00:15, 20██/██/█>

Conclusion: Dr Failnote terminated the conversation after commenting that "This is a waste of time". D-2759 stayed still for 30 seconds as if nothing had happened.

Addendum 004-KO-2: Incident Log 004-KO-044

On ██:██, 20██/█/█ ██, due to a mistake by the containment PIC, SCP-███-KO's containment was lifted. SCP-███-KO tried to escape Site-16 after breaching containment. At least █4 agents were injured or killed during suppression and re-containment. Researcher K████, the designated researcher for SCP-███-KO, was contaminated by SCP-004-KO but did not follow containment procedures, as the symptoms were thought to be caused by simple amnesia. The containment procedure for the SCP Object was not complicated; nevertheless, Researcher K████ seems to have forgotten it. Psychoanalysis of Researcher K████ revealed symptoms of SCP-004-KO between stages 3 and 4, after which Researcher K████ was removed and quarantined in a containment cell. Further analysis of individuals who came in contact with the researcher revealed ██ more were affected. Four of them showed symptoms past stage four and were quarantined appropriately. Other individuals were administered Level 1 Amnestics.

I hope this incident serves as a lesson. Containment procedures are there to be followed, and if they aren't, this happens. You should have already known this you [REDACTED] - Dr Failnote

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