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Item #: SCP-004-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-004-PT must be contained in a reinforced 10 m x 10 m x 10 m room with a 50 cm thick amalgam of strong anti-nuclear material, accessible only via a maximum security steel door. Six (6) guards must rotate shifts at all times in turns of two (2) on each side of the access door. For entrance, there are five (5) keys to unlock the passage, each held by a Level 4 Agent from each of the following relevant countries: United States, Brazil, ██████, Russia, █████). Only those assigned one of the keys may enter to retrieve SCP-004-PT, and all keys must be present. The building where SCP-004-PT is contained can only be accessed by Level 3 and higher personnel only. There must be three different reinforced steel doors in the hallway leading to the containment room, each with randomly generated unlock passwords that will change once every irregular interval between 0300 AM to 0800 AM. If a guard or part of the SCP-004-PT staff gets reassigned, a Class B amnestic must be administered to them before they leave the management duties related to SCP-004-PT. SCP-004-PT-1 may use all of the common installations of the building, as the cafeteria, lounge rooms, locker rooms, but is given no access to any secure area or other contained items, arms, or the reception. SCP-004-PT-1 may work as a guard to SCP-004-PT in any shift they want, and may receive a stipend to buy something they want when the Foundation doesn't provide it.

Note: since 09/06/199█ the object class was upgraded from "Safe" to "Euclid" in order to guarantee a bigger security procedure for SCP-004-PT. For all intents and purposes, SCP-004-PT-1 should still be treated as a safe object.

Description: SCP-004-PT is a copy of the Russian nuclear missile Satan II with an inscription that informs it was/is/will be developed by the Brazilian Army in 2107. Upon further inspection, it has been noted there are some pieces used in the weapon that seem more advanced and potent than those in the original missile. Some parts aren't yet understood. Measurements indicate the bomb could be three (3) times stronger than the original RS-28 Satan II, currently under development by the Russian government. During tests, researchers noticed the radiation emitted by the missile behaves anomalously, reducing the vision of those close to SCP-004-PT to black and white. The effect filters out some receptors in the eye, and some light perception is reduced. Those who came closer than 5 meters to the bomb took from 70 to ███ hours to recover their vision completely. Studies so far provide no further information about the origin of this effect.

SCP-004-PT-1 is what appears to be a Caucasian 20-year old male dressed as a soldier. In the uniform he was found wearing, camouflage pattern suggests SCP-004-PT-1 is a Brazilian soldier from the year 194█, as he says during the interview accessible through file 001REG-7LP9. SCP-004-PT-1 was located shaving a coconut inside a doorless hut located 300 m from the area where SCP-004-PT-1 was located and dug out. SCP-004-PT-1 has so far been amicable and productive, speaks fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and some German, and identifies himself as an aspiring Engineer in his home country at the time he was sent to fight in World War II.

Attemps to move SCP-004-PT-1 further than 500 meters from SCP-004-PT have proven infertile, as if there is an invisible dome within that radius. Attempts to harm SCP-004-PT-1 with knives, gunshot, drowning and fire have all failed, with SCP-004-PT-1 warping out of the way of the damage when harmed with weapons, and becoming a diffuse mass of amorphic gas when attacked with submersion. Samples of the gas have been impossible to obtain so far, as SCP-004-PT-1's body almost instantly reintegrates after the attack has ceased. After sensing to be safe, SCP-004-PT-1 returns to its natural form smiling, without any memory of the attack, except for when Dr. ██████ ████████ pinched him, in which case SCP-004-PT-1 voiced "Ow!" before punching Dr. ██████ in the face.

After testing, it was discovered that SCP-004-PT-1's vision is permanently damaged; subject can only see in black and white. More information on interview log file 003REG-7LP5.

Addendum 004-PT-1-1: Dr. Krchovsk requests for 004-PT-1 to be classified as Euclid, as he has some abilities he hasn't yet disclosed fully to the Foundation. — Request denied. Doctor, he's chill. Deal with your dirty laundry at home. - Site Director ████

Addendum 004-PT-1-2: New interviews to be conducted by foreign researcher Dr. Cole ██████. Dr. Krchovsk is to be administered amnestics and released to a different site for new instructions.

Addendum SCP-004-PT-1-3: New interviews with SCP-004-PT-1 have proven fruitless. Now all he does is play videogames with personnel and take long looks at our attractive officers' butts. We can't really get rid of him, and he doesn't even want to guard SCP-004-PT anymore, so I guess all we can do is let him stick around. Not like we can torture him… Right? — Dr. Cole

Note found in Dr. Krchovsk's quarters during clean-up:

Dear Lucas,

I know we can't be in relationships with SCPs, but for me you're as human as human gets. Well, aside from your age. And the fact that you're stuck at your 20-year-old self, so beautiful, so strong… I knew I couldn't just keep on conducting these interviews and ignoring the attraction we have for each other.

But from what I found, and the way you talk, I know he means way more to you. I don't think I can take this. I'll ask for a reassignment soon, and just wanted to leave you this goodbye.

Just remember, he's seen it all. If he wanted you and used his abilities to seduce you, you'd never know he manipulated you.

My sincerest sayonara,


Note: I would like for this letter ot be digitalized and then shredded. SCP-004-PT-1 is not to be shown this message until there's consensus on whether it's necessary for his current mental state to remain stable, or until the parameters for psycho-mental torture and withdrawal of the object's privileges are defined. Strength and resistance thresholds are also to be defined before we can conclude if a rogue SCP-004-PT-1 could be prejudicial or dangerous to the Foundation, as well as how much it would cost to contain it if that's the path followed. The dossier on the multiple times referenced Agent Moro is being prepared as project WWAM/004-1/FTXK. — O5 █

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