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Item #: SCP-004-TH

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-004-TH is kept in Locker-██-16. It is equipped with low-level security encryption requiring a 12 character pass code from Agents ████████ and ████████████ to open it.

Description: SCP-004-TH is a white 130 cc pill bottle with no labels. It is half full with a clear, sticky white liquid that is found to contain 99% water and 1% preservative. No abnormal components were detected.

The liquid from SCP-004-TH affects food only. When SCP-004-TH is placed on any meal, the liquid will rapidly absorb into it. Soon after, the food will grow larger by 30%, and can be eaten without harm or other effects. The process that causes the growth remains unknown. Applying more drops of the liquid on the item does not cause further effects.

SCP-004-TH was created by Dr. Yanohashi. He had spent 2 years creating anomalous objects extracted from SCP-████ and SCP-████. On ██/██/████, Dr. Yanohashi disappeared from his laboratory, leaving behind SCP-004-TH. The nature of his disappearance remains unsolved.

Addendum: ██/██20██ - Order by O5 Command

Personnel are prohibited from using SCP-004-TH for personal gain. The item is now being kept behind higher security. Psychological evaluation is also mandatory to those that have eaten a meal affected by SCP-004-TH.

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