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Item #: SCP-005-IT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-005-IT has no physical form, the Foundation's efforts to contain it must focus on identifying infected subjects. All individuals showing symptoms linked to a forced exit from SCP-005-IT must undergo a psychiatric evaluation; should the evaluation confirm a forced awakening from SCP-005-IT, infected subjects must undergo a regressive hypnosis session, in order to determine the stage during which the dream was interrupted. Depending on the stage, the following treatments must be applied:

Description: SCP-005-IT is a memetic agent manifesting a dream to individuals observing it. Said dream is divided into 4 maze-like stages, inhabited by hostile entities. All data related to these mazes and entities were acquired throughout several tests. The structure of SCP-005-IT is always identical for all dreamers, and depending on the subject's actions, one of the following scenarios will play out: if the subjects is able to find the exit, they will move on to the next maze, following the order C-H-T-R; once they reach the exit of SCP-005-IT, the subject wakes up with no harmful consequences and will forget the dream a few days later.

If the dreamer is awoken by an outside event, they will experience several mental disturbs from then onward. Said disturbs include lethargy, several hallucinations involving the entity from the stage where the subject was awoken and the maze itself; an unconscious tendency to replicate the memetic agent triggering the dream, even though the subject is unaware of how it works or how memetic agents are made. Additionally, SCP-005-IT will keep manifesting itself in the subject's dreams, restarting the C-H-T-R sequence, with increased difficulty.

If the dreamer is successfully caught by the entity inside the dream, they will undergo brain death in a few minutes. Before that, the subject will try every way they can to replicate the glyph responsible for the contagion, even at the cost of using [REDACTED].

The stages of SCP-005-IT differ between each other in terms of shape, appearance and the entity inhabiting them. Said stages are:

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