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Item #: SCP-005-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-005-KO should be planted in fertile soil, and is therefore contained in a facility that mimics an arboreal environment. Its door should not be opened without permission, except for testing and retrieval purposes.

Description: SCP-005-KO is a network of mycelium approximately 10 x 10 x 3 metres in size. It resembles a house in the shape of a fly amanita, with two windows, one wooden door and a chimney. There is a sign on the door with the number '107' on it, and it is presumed that there are be at least six more instances of SCP-005-KO. The mushroom is not fixed to the ground, and therefore can be lifted and moved. However, if it is detached from the ground for more than two days, it starts to experience malnutrition.

SCP-005-KO is found in a forest in ███, Europe, by foundation personnel during the pursuit of SCP-███. Inside the it was a [DATA EXPUNGED] with a mushroom growing from its body, which was later retrieved by the Foundation. No such other instances were found in the forest.

When the mushroom is empty, the interior is invisible through the window. However, once the door is opened, the interior transforms into a structure that resembles the form of the typical home that is most comfortable to whoever will enter. Household appliances and electronics that appear inside the mushroom are identical to their normal counterparts, and the manifestation mechanism of such appliances is yet unknown. Regardless of who opens the door, it rearranges itself according to whoever will enter. If more than two organisms enter, it changes in a form that both of them are satisfied. A stove connected to the chimney, a table, chairs, a bed and a refrigerator were commonly seen in the interior. Depending on the exposed individual, a computer, a phone, a bathtub, or a TV periodically appeared. All appliances functioned normally without electricity, including communication devices such as phones and computers, which were off the grid.

SCP-005-KO becomes active when an organism enters. When active, the door cannot be opened from the inside but can be opened outside. SCP-005-KO starts spraying its spores as soon as the individual enters its interior. These spores cause them to feel invigorated and satisfied with their life in the interior.

When an exposed individual stays in SCP-005-KO for longer than three days, it turns into a mushroom. The inhaled spores start to root inside them, rendering them noticeably more sluggish. After seven days from this phenomenon, the exposed individual completely morphs into a mushroom. The said mushroom contains abundant nutrition, is not harmful to the human body, and can heal several diseases when consumed. When the fungal remains are retrieved, SCP-005-KO shuts its door and becomes inactive. When the fungal remains are not retrieved, the SCP-005-KO absorbs them and enters inactivity.

Most of the mushrooms that grow on the exposed individual are unknown. However all the mushrooms are non-toxic and possess medical properties when consumed. Therefore, the Foundation has used these properties to transform pigs and cows, and harvest the fungi growing on the animals to be added to personnel's diet once a month.

Addendum 1: Interview Log

Interviewee: D-2810

Interviewer: Dr. M.K

Introduction: The interview was conducted via telephone three days after D-2810's entry.

<Start of Log>

D-2810: Hello? Doc?

Dr. MKMK: This is he. How are you feeling?

D-2810: Outstanding! I don't feel tired at all, the fridge is filled with food, and the bed is so comfortable! I can't think of a house better than this!

Dr. MKMK: Is that so… Do you feel unwell in any way?

D-2810: Unwell? I don't think so… I feel a bit sluggish, but I don't think that's something to worry about.

Dr. MKMK: I see. Let me know when anything happens.

D-2810: Sure.

<End of Log>

Conclusion: D-2810 reported by phone that he feels pain in several parts of his body but refused to exit the subject. No other conversation followed. Three days later, D-2810 was seen to slow down and fall. Four days after the incident, D-2810 was found in the form of a human mushroom.

Addendum 2: Experiment Log 005-KO

This is an experiment to observe the restructuring of 005-KO's interiors depending on the subject.

Experiment 005-KO-1

Test Subject: D-2810
Restructuring: A personal computer, a phone and a mobile gaming device appeared, including the basic furniture.
Result: The subject completely turned into a mushroom ten days later. Parts of the retrieved body were used for dissection and further testing. The rest was incinerated.

Experiment 005-KO-2

Test Subject: D-1921, D-9812
Restructuring: One more bed appeared, along with two computers and a phone, a plasma screen TVTV and a bathtub.
Result: The subjects were dragged out of the subject before three days passed. Parts of D-1921's body changed into a mushroom. D-9812 suffered slight discomfort in the abdomen but later recovered completely.
Addendum: Mushrooms were found in D-9812's stomach 1 hour after the test, but disappeared after five hours, curing the stomachache.

Experiment 005-KO-3

Test Subject: One Siberian Huskey
Restructuring: Instead of a table, a bed and a fridge, a dog's bowl, a comfortable cushion and a food dispenser appeared. No chairs appeared. A football and three pieces of dog chew appeared.
Result: On the 9th night, approximately six hours before ten days passed, the subject completely became a mushroom.
Addendum: The subject's active movement and respiration may have accelerated the morphing process.

Experiment 005-KO-4

Test Subject: One domestic pig and a bull
Restructuring: A trough, a stack of hay, and a stover shack appeared instead of a table, a bed and a fridge. A small patch of mud and some fences appeared. Notably, the grass was covering the floor.
Result: The subjects transformed completely after ten days.
Addendum: SCP-005-KO seems to change its flooring when needed.

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