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Item #: SCP-006-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-006-FR is to be contained within SCP-006-01-FR under the supervision of Site Aleph. Three (3) D-class personal must remain inside of SCP-006-01-FR at all times and ensure that the metal shutter, located at the entrance of SCP-006-01-FR, stays open. Six (6) armed guards must be present at all times outside of SCP-006-01-FR. All personnel who wish to interact with SCP-006-FR or enter SCP-006-01-FR must be vegetarian.

Description: SCP-006-FR appears to be typical male human butcher of Eurasian descent with a height of 1.87 meters and weight of 112kg. The subject only speaks Russian.
SCP-006-FR wears a bloodstained cooking apron, butcher's fut hat, checkered shirt and beige pants. 98% of the time it has on a belt which holds many miscellaneous kitchen utensils, such as knives and choppers. SCP-006-FR is not normally aggressive, but it has the physical strength and resistance equal to five (5) times that of a normal human of the same weight and height. In addition, it can also instantly teleport to SCP-006-01-FR as well as teleport any butcher utensil present inside SCP-006-01-FR into his possession.

SCP-006-01-FR is a common oblong-shaped butcher's shop with dimensions of 5mx10mx2.75m. There are two rooms on the inside of SCP-006-01-FR. The first room, which is located directly after the entrance, is 5m in length and 7m in width and includes a normal counter, expected of a butcher shop, as well as an entrance to the second room, located behind the counter. The second room is a freezer which is 5mx3m.

After teleporting, SCP-006-01-FR will appear in either of the two rooms. The choices of locations to which it teleports seems random, but it has been noted each locale's population is of similar density. SCP-006-FR can only teleport if the metal shutter on the entrance of SCP-006-01-FR is closed. The greatest recorded distance for a SCP-006-01-FR teleportation is █████km.

The first reported occurrence of SCP-006-01-FR was in the 1940's, but it was not contained until 1996 when it localized before SCP-006-FR could teleport it. A recovery unit was dispatched, and successfully destroyed all buildings around SCP-006-01-FR before towing the exceptionally heavy building back to Site Aleph.

SCP-006-FR only appears outside SCP-006-01-FR if he's attacked inside SCP-006-01-FR. If this occurs, then it will proceed to follow the aggressors until they are either dead or outside of the 150m radius around SCP-006-01-FR. When the entity finishes hunting, or can no longer hunt the aggressor, it will warp itself into the freezer of SCP-006-01-FR.

If SCP-006-FR is wounded heavily enough by the aggressors, then it will stop hunting immediately and teleport itself into the freezer where he will stay for one day. This seems to be a recovery mechanism, as it allows SCP-006-FR to heal all wounds which it may have sustained. SCP-006-FR is unable to perform any other activity while it is recovering; even a potential non-vegetarian customer will not cause it to move from the freezer.

Normally, the entity will stay in the freezer and keep its door closed. If a vegetarian enters into SCP-006-01-FR then the entity will stay passive and nothing will happen.
When a non-vegetarian human enters SCP-006-01-FR, however, it will enter an "active phase" where it will get out of the reserve and treat the subject in SCP-006-01-FR as a customer.

The subject will always ask SCP-006-FR to give him his favorite piece of meat. The entity will then enter the freezer and come back with a package.
The package will contain the subject's favorite piece of meat but, while he's in the reserve, SCP-006-FR will somehow take meat of a similar cut from the subject. Despite this, the subject will stay alive and attempt to go home with the package, even if the piece SCP-006-FR took would usually cause a fatal or immobilizing wound (one instance includes a D-class personnel who started crawling back to its cell after it ordered "pig feet")
After reaching its destination the subject will start to consume the uncooked packaged meat and then immediately expire upon finishing it.

The research team led by Dr. Grym is studying if SCP-006-FR uses specific waves to control the subject, or if this faculty is purely psychic.

Electroencephalograms made on subjects while they were under the influence of SCP-006-FR showed that the part of the brain responsible for decision making was heavily damaged, sometimes to the point where it resembled a lobotomy.

The first theory is difficult to demonstrate, as applying an electroencephalogram onto the entity would be probably impossible, but the idea has not been discarded.

All attempts to force open the freezers door or damage it using vegetarian personnel have failed. All attempts to enter the reserve using vegetarian personnel while SCP-006-FR was in an active state have not only failed, but have also enraged SCP-006-FR further.

In-depth research has found documents from the battle of Stalingrad which show the dead body of a person who looks similar to that of SCP-006-FR and reports from the Russian high command. See Addenda 01-006.

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