Example of an instance of SCP-006-INT, Mediterranean Sea.

Item #: SCP-006-INT

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Areas where SCP-006-INT occurs have been declared a nature reserve. Any unauthorized individual entering these areas must be severely disincentivized from continuing their activities. Surveillance posts have been set up in Corsica (France), Alicante (Spain), Sicily (Italy) and Crete (Greece) to monitor the Mediterranean Sea.

Each SCP-006-INT instance must be destroyed 100 days after the date of its formation.

The current management of SCP-006-INT depends on the French, Spanish, Italian and Greek speaking branches.

Description: SCP-006-INT is the designation of a group of structures resulting from an anomalous restructuring phenomenon. This phenomenon affects soil on the sea floor at different points of the Mediterranean Sea. At irregular intervals, the ground changes shape to take the form of buildings of Islamic architecture. The level of detail of each building differs; in some cases, elements that are not part of the ground, such as anemones or remains of wrecks, are present on the structures as decoration.

Many species of fish, especially carnivorous, have taken up residence in the instances of SCP-006-INT.

Research into the nature of SCP-006-INT and a potential link to historical data is ongoing.

Addendum 006-INT.1: Hypothesis

Various theories have been advanced within the French, Spanish, Italian and Greek speaking branches regarding the nature of SCP-006-INT. Among the theories advanced, those presented below are the most accepted within their respective branches.

Hypothesis SCP-006-INT-FR

Submitted by Dr. Macro

Before trying to understand why buildings appear at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, it is necessary to know what Magonia is.

Magonia is a region of the world hidden in the clouds by means of various anomalous stratagems. It was highlighted by Agobard of Lyon in 815 in his treatise De grandine et tonitruis, which objected to its existence. However, its existence was proven by Napoleon's Singular Imperial Academy, centuries later. The SIA also discovered that Magonia was no longer located over France, but over the Mediterranean Sea.

Now abandoned, under the effect of global warming, the clouds that made up Magonia are gradually disappearing, letting its buildings fall into the sea. This phenomenon would generate a mist that overhangs the surface of the sea, which hinders the sight of the buildings falling.

Hypothesis SCP-006-INT-ES

Submitted by Dr. Díaz

I consider that the Tartessians would be the most suitable civilization for the western segment of SCP-006-INT, if not the entire Mediterranean. Although their territory covered southern Spain, it is known that they were influenced by the Phoenicians and Greeks, both highly influential civilizations. However, hardly any sources of their reign and beliefs are preserved, the latter being attributed to pagan gods such as Baal, Astarte or Melkart.

However, we must stick to the facts, which is the border of SCP-006-INT. The most distant remains are in the Strait of Gibraltar. This would not be remarkable if it were not for another important piece of Greek mythology, namely the Twelve Labors of Hercules.

The tenth of them was the defeat of Geryon and the return of his cattle to Mycenae. According to the texts associated to the legend, it was located in the disappeared archipelago of the Gadeiras, place of the current Cadiz. This location as well as the discovery of one of the columns in the Rock of Gibraltar gives rise to the influence of the erection of the columns and a rise of the sea level in the Mediterranean due to anomalous causes.

The Mediterranean Sea would be like a cemetery where periodically, the memory of the people who perished on what are now the seabed manifest themselves trying to reshape the ground to reform the villages they lived.

Hypothesis SCP-006-INT-IT

Submitted by Dr. Italo

In the Roman culture as in the Greek one, there were more deities connected to the sea or more simply to the water, which may have originated from a contact occurred during the initial expansion of the Greek peoples and later of Rome in the Mediterranean, especially in the area of Magna Graecia.

The aforementioned deities may have been created as a result of explaining the inhuman abilities of a marine population found in the Mediterranean Sea.

It cannot be excluded that the Romans like the Greeks may have undertaken, following a first conflict, a peaceful relationship with this population, allowing them to make technological and military progress.

It cannot be ruled out that Rome, in order to expand its hegemony, slowly fought them until their population was reduced to a small number.

The last survivors would have settled inside a complex of caves under the level of the sea near the coasts of Sicily. Nowadays, an anomalous/geological event could have caused the subsidence of some parts of the cave. This phenomenon would lead to the gradual unveiling at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea of the cities that these individuals inhabited. A kind of Atlantis that we are only discovering today.

Hypothesis SCP-006-INT-EL

Submitted by Dr. Spiropoulos

Although Dr. Italo's sort of Atlantis theory is compelling, another answer is possible. At the end of the Bronze Age, Egypt was attacked by an unknown tribe of sea warriors, the Sea Peoples, who possessed strength and power unmatched at the time. No one really knows where they came from or how advanced they were. We can only speculate. However, we know that their archipelagos contained many anomalous cloaking technologies, allowing them to make their islands invisible and to avoid wars.

Perhaps their island sank and the survivors turned to piracy and eventually to conquest, before disappearing and never being heard from again. In the event that these islands were sunk, it is possible that their anomalous cloaking devices were still active. Nowadays, these devices would have expired, making them reveal again. Perhaps this new discovery will shed light on their origins and give us answers to this age-old mystery.

Addendum 006-INT.2: Recent Discovery

It has been observed that at regular intervals, several objects floating on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, above sites with instances of SCP-006-INT, are being swept to the bottom. Most of these objects are contained in glass bottles:

  • Flowers
  • North African pastries
  • Various papers on which messages are written

All the messages found in the bottles are of the same nature. Below is one of them, which was contained with a bouquet of flowers.

بالنسبة لإيناس وزوجتي وأمير ابني ، غرقا في بحر المحنة هذا

آمل أن تشعر وكأنك في المنزل بغض النظر عن مكان وجودك

For Ines, my wife, and Amir my son, both drowned in this sea of misfortune

I hope you feel at home wherever you are

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