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Item #: SCP-006-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-006-IT is housed inside a standard humanoid containment chamber, with minimal furniture, at Site Iride. Clearance Level 3 or higher is required to access the containment chamber. When a staff member enters the room, he must avoid touching any object or piece of furniture and, if that become for whatever reason necessary, an explicit and verbal “authorization” needs to be asked to SCP-006-IT himself. SCP-006-IT must be provided with thick leather gloves, created in a way that makes cutting them impossible and with a lock near the base of the wrist. They may be removed only during tests. If SCP-006-IT tries to have a conversation, personnel is advised to communicate with him, and patiently listen to what he has to say responding politely to him.

Description: SCP-006-IT was found on the ██/██/20██ a few meters away from the [REDACTED] Entrance of Site Plutone. SCP-006-IT appears to be an Italic male of age between 30 and 35 years. The subject is 1.70 m tall and weighs 75 kg, he has grey eyes and dark brown hair. From the physical point of view he does not possess any anomalous characteristic. SCP-006-IT speaks fluently a language which has been recognized by research to be Imperial Latin of the I/II century c.e., but is currently learning to speak in modern italian.

SCP-006-IT has the anomalous ability to make part of “His Empire” anything he directly touches with his hands. This ability only manifests in the external epithelial cells of his hands, while it’s absent in the rest of the body.; research on a possible genetic deformation of the aforementioned cells is ongoing. When SCP-006-IT touches an object, a building, or any material, the “Imperial Sigil” of SCP-006-IT (from now on denominated SCP-006-IT-1) will appear on the object which will become unmovable and impossible to ruin or destroy. If another human being gets in direct contact with the object without previously asking verbally and in latin (It is advised to personnel to use the pre-tested and defined formula O caesar, accedere mihi licet ad regnum tuum?) for the “authorization” to SCP-006-IT, the object will begin to heat until it reaches the temperature of ███ K making any type of contact impossible; in the meantime, SCP-006-IT will experience a rush of uncontrolled anger and will attack whoever has “invaded his Empire” and will physically hit him, if not interrupted, until he kills him. The effect impressed on the objects by SCP-006-IT has been shown to be permanent. SCP-006-IT does not retain any memory of what happened after the aggressions, even when ended by the death of the adversary (See Incident 006-██ of 26/03/2016).

In the event that SCP-006-IT touches a human being, SCP-006-IT-1 will appear as a tatoo on the body of the subject. In 90% of the cases, the sigil appeared under the right ear; in the remaining 10% the sigil manifested close to the ███████ ██████, as verified in the following autopsies. This alternation does not seem to follow a rational criteria.
The affected subject will enter into a catatonic state that can vary in length between 10 and 100 seconds to then recover, “pledge allegiance to the Emperor” and proclaim himself his servitor “until death comes”; in this stage the subject shows a perfect knowledge of Latin and will not express himself in any other language. From here on the subject will begin to follow SCP-006-IT wherever he goes to protect him and will refuse to separate from him, reacting violently in the event of forced separation. In certain instances, the subject even refused to eat if not ordered to him by SCP-006-IT and in some cases this resulted in death by starvation (See Incidents 006-██ and -██ of 05/11/2012). The effect of SCP-006-IT-1 on the affected subject is not permanent, as it has been shown to vanish at the moment the subjects falls asleep or experiences a loss of consciousness. The affected subject, after awakening, has shown in 100% of cases not to remember anything of what occurred.

SCP-006-IT addresses himself as Emperor ██████, however this designation doesn’t exist in any known register of Roman Emperors; he claims to be the successor of Nero and as such the date of his ascension to the throne would coincide with the year 68 c.e. (the current succession would put Emperor Galba on the throne that year). No temporal anomaly has been detected around SCP-006-IT, despite the Carbon-14 tests on his cloths at the moment of recovery indicating a timeframe oscillating between 65 and 75 c.e. SCP-006-IT has shown, besides a vast knowledge of latin literature and culture, a preference for texts by Seneca and Virgil, while he finds impossible that Cicero had such a success with his “mediocre capabilities”.

Since first being contained, SCP-006-IT has shown a mild temper and has never tried to breach containment. His good conduct has led the Italian Branch of the Foundation to approve most of the requests made by SCP-006-IT over the years, such requests include:

  • Lessons of Italian (Approved. The informations SCP-006-IT has been able to provide have proven valuable for the SCP community)
  • The following books:
      • De brevitate vitae by Seneca (Approved)
      • De otium by Seneca (Approved)
      • Eneide by Virgil (Approved)
      • Bucoliche by Virgile (Approved)
      • Bellum Civile by Caesar (Approved)
      • Satyrikon by Petronius (Approved) SCP-006-IT, after receiving the text including the fragments of the work currently preserved, laughed calling those passages “the least interesting part” and then he has been able to provide an accurate description of the 20 lost books.
      • A text called Bellum ███████ by ████████ (Rejected, no correspondences with the text have been found)
  • A toga of linen (Approved)

Note by Dr. H████: We still are not able to say with confidence what the origin of SCP-006-IT is, however the amount of informations he has been able to provide about roman culture and history of the I/II century c.e. is incredible. The philological section of the Foundation has found a gold mine. To date we uncovered the existence of 4 different authors and the fact that the famous poet ██████ is nothing more than an invention of a medieval forger.

SCP-006-IT is conscious of his anomalous capabilities, and he has claimed he obtained them during a military campaign in Illyria by an hooded man who he has described as a “servant of a foreigner deity”. SCP-006-IT told that, once he understood the true nature of his anomaly, his soldiers (presumably under the effect of SCP-006-IT-1) acclaimed him emperor. SCP-006-IT often points out that his anomaly is a curse, and that he was loved by his people because of the fact that he never used his power on public buildings and objects.

Extract from Interview 006-1:

Addendum 006-A: Taking into account the informations provided by SCP-006-IT, the Foundation is currently active in the search for a relation between the appearance of SCP-006-IT and SCP-003-IT, which would imply a confirmation to that what Dr. H████ defined as “Theory of the Parallel Dimension”.

Final Note by Dr. H████: As responsible of project 006-S, i conducted research on the ‘Solis Custodi’ nominated by SCP-006-IT and found a close affinity with unofficial reports of events occuring in different eras. For example, in 12██ a group of men is responsible of [REDACTED] in the Tyrrhenian sea; witnesses report “impossible weapons”. In 17██ in France [REDACTED] was witnessed, which culminated in the end of the French Revolution; reports confirm the presence of “religious men, but of an Impossible God”. In 19██, during the incident denominated Paganini-V, was confirmed the presence of [REDACTED] men and of an impossible [REDACTED]; the following events will conclude with the end of the Second World War.

Addendum 006-B: In date ██/██/2010, the S5 Superintendence has ordered SIR-IAureæ Notitiæ” to conduct research on the possible existence of the group indicated by SCP-006-IT and its possible pertinence with primary historical events.

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