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Item #: SCP-006-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-006-JP is to be placed 2 m away from the center of the 8 m x 9.5 m x 5 m concrete-type containment chamber in the direction that its back side faces when it stands upright. The area within a radius of 23 m around SCP-006-JP is designated as Special Restricted Area. Due to the activation interval of SCP-006-JP, entry into the Special Restricted Area must be made within 26 minutes from the end of the most recent activation event. Once 26 minutes have elapsed, entry into the Special Restricted Area is prohibited.

At least 16 human remains, all within 9 days of death, are to be placed in the containment chamber at all times. If a body is subjected to progressive decomposition, or is damaged by physical contact with other bodies during the SCP-006-JP activation event, it is to be replaced with a backup body as soon as possible. In the event that no backup body is available, D-class personnel are to be stationed in the containment chamber instead until the bodies can be restocked; they are to be instructed to participate in the suppression during the activation event.

Description: SCP-006-JP is a single door that appears to be made of wood. It has no physical irregularities other than the fact that the biological species of the tree used as material cannot be identified. SCP-006-JP was recovered from an abandoned building of unknown purpose in [REDACTED] when an agent on routine patrol happened to be in the vicinity of an SCP-006-JP activation event and found it standing upright on the site. At the time of discovery, SCP-006-JP was buried under ███ human remains.

SCP-006-JP enters the active state at random intervals. Upon activation, SCP-006-JP automatically stands upright to be vertical to the ground or floor, regardless of its previous position. Simultaneously, it begins to generate a series of sounds similar to knocking. The sound propagation caused by SCP-006-JP can be heard by all humans within a radius of 23 m, and is not impeded by any kind of obstruction, soundproofing, or disturbance. While the sound emanates from the front side of SCP-006-JP, no unusual activity can be detected on its back side to date.

When the knocking sound is initiated, any human remains present within a 23 m radius of SCP-006-JP become animated. The revived bodies move with speed and physical strength depending on the degree of their respective damage, and crowd onto the front side of SCP-006-JP press themselves against it. The bodies do not react to any communication or interference.

Over the next 7 to 16 minutes after SCP-006-JP is activated, the interval between repeated knocking becomes shorter. The sound eventually changes from knocking to violently pounding on the door, with SCP-006-JP beginning to vibrate with each sound. Living humans within the 23 m radius experience intense feelings of fear and anxiety, although what behaviors are triggered by them may vary between individuals. In many cases, these feelings cause either immediate fainting, escape, or participation in suppression of SCP-006-JP.

The sound of the door being pounded gradually intensifies over a period of approximately 30 minutes and begins to be mixed with the noise of wood creaking and splintering. With each sound, SCP-006-JP is temporarily warped, and the bodies pressing against SCP-006-JP are pushed backward if they are few in number. During this phase, several bodies intermittently emit grunting noises.

After approximately 7 to 12 minutes, SCP-006-JP deactivates with an abrupt cessation of the sound generated; its upright state is canceled, and the bodies suppressing SCP-006-JP return to ordinary corpses as the reanimation phenomenon subsides. While the activation of SCP-006-JP occurs irregularly, once the active state ends, it is not expected to activate again for 26 minutes.

Addendum: An experiment was conducted to observe the activation event in the absence of human bodies and personnel within the 23 m radius area from outside using cameras and audio analysis equipment. The sound generated by SCP-006-JP proceeded as usual, and its physical reactions such as vibrations and warping due to escalation were also normally observed. However, the active state of SCP-006-JP continued past the time period when it was supposed to end, and its sound and physical reactions further intensified. Despite the fact that no physical damage was observed on SCP-006-JP, the sounds were distinctly mixed with the noises of wood being destroyed.

After 28 seconds, the experiment was declared abandoned as the area affected by the sound gradually increased from 23 m and began to affect the personnel; an attempt to suppress SCP-006-JP was immediately performed by the bodies and the D-class personnel who transported them. By this time, SCP-006-JP was capable of bouncing all 28 bodies and 11 D-class personnel to the walls of the containment chamber every time it emitted a sound.

After 2 minutes, mobilization of 3 Mobile Task Forces was approved, and SCP-006-JP was deactivated 52 minutes later. It is estimated that the area affected by the sound from SCP-006-JP eventually extended to a radius of 73 m. The subsequent activation event confirmed that the affected area reverted to 23 m.

This incident resulted in the deaths of 3 D-class personnel. This is believed to have been caused by the internal collision of pressure from behind and repulsion by SCP-006-JP as they collectively attempted to suppress SCP-006-JP, as well as damage from being slammed into other personnel and the walls of the containment chamber when they were repelled. Additionally, ██ other personnel affected by the sound of SCP-006-JP were terminated or placed in isolation treatment, as they suffered from severe fear and stress to the point that they were unable to continue their duties and did not improve with the administration of amnestics.
We've had human remains in the chamber at all times for experiments, and it's now specified in the Special Containment Procedures. But is that what we should do? I really hope I'm overthinking this, but when the dead crowd around SCP-006-JP with their meager muscles, it looks to me like they're not trying to suppress it, but rather desperately clinging to it for something… - Agent ████

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