Item#: 006-PIG
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-006-PIG-1 instances lack of desire to leave SCP-006-PIG, only some personnel are required to keep all SCP-006-PIG-1 instances contained. Foundation webcrawlers are to discredit all images and videos of SCP-006-PIG-1 as humorous edited videos.

Food supplies and materials requested are to be delivered and transported to SCP-006-PIG.

Any civilians approaching SCP-006-PIG are to be interrogated and given amnestics.

Description: SCP-006-PIG is a civilization of intelligent entities that closely resemble domesticated pigs (Sus domesticus) located in North America. These entities, henceforth referred to as SCP-006-PIG-1, travel and communicate with small vehicles piloted by SCP-006-PIG-1 instances, henceforth referred to as SCP-006-PIG-2.

SCP-006-PIG-2 instances differ wildly in appearance based on the job of the corresponding SCP-006-PIG-1 and what upgrades SCP-006-PIG-1 chooses to buy. Generally, SCP-006-PIG-2 have an appearance similar to that of a lectern with wheels, with a led screen attached to the front with 16 LED lights placed in a 4x4 grid that light up when SCP-006-PIG-2 is being used to communicate.

SCP-006-PIG consists of a major capitol city and several much smaller villages that seem to be recently settled. SCP-006-PIG has existed for seemingly more than 600 years. Their capitol houses approximately 2000 SCP-006-PIG-1, with each village having between 10 and 250 SCP-006-PIG-1. SCP-006-PIG has an economy and farms, where they grow modified grapes and pumpkins. They also cultivate what appear to be modified versions of cows (Bos taurus) for their meat and sheep (Ovis aries) for their wool. SCP-006-PIG has a government with a reigning dynasty and a set of laws. Criminals are separated from their SCP-006-PIG-2 and attached to a tag to keep track of who is who during their sentence. After the sentence is completed the SCP-006-PIG-1 and SCP-006-PIG-2 instance are reunited. Personnel who wish to learn more should consult Document 006-PIG-D.

SCP-006-PIG is referred to as the Kingdom of Swinedom by SCP-006-PIG-1 and also has a standing army, albeit only consisting of approximately 300 SCP-006-PIG-1 instances. SCP-006-PIG-1 refers to themselves as the Oinks

Addendum 1: Discovery of SCP-006-PIG

SCP-006-PIG was discovered when a local farmer reported seeing a "driving pig" moving towards ▇▇▇▇. Foundation agents embedded in local law enforcement then amnestized all witnesses and began an investigation.

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: 6/21/2005

Subject: SCP-006-PIG

Team Members: Field Agent Smith, Field Agent Madden, Field Agent Hart, Field Agent Whitlock


The team drives through the countryside towards the location described by the farmer. After driving for 30 minutes the team approaches a large castle guarded by SCP-006-PIG-1

Smith: Woah, he really wasn't kidding. That really is a pig.

Hart: I don't know why you're surprised, you see stranger things every day.

Smith: Well, yeah, but those are strange. This is just a pig driving some kind of machine.

As the car slows down near the entrance of the castle, one of the SCP-006-PIG-1 instances approaches the vehicle

SCP-006-PIG-1-1: The instance drives up to the driver's side window and begins hitting buttons on its SCP-006-PIG-2. As it "speaks", various LED lights light up on SCP-006-PIG-2-1. Hello. What brings you here?

Whitlock: Uhh, hello. I'm surprised you speak Pig Latin. You seem friendly.

SCP-006-PIG-1-1: Haha. It is the smartest way to approach a potential ally. If you would like to learn more, please come with me.

SCP-006-PIG-1-1 backs up and drives towards the castle gate, which then opens and it drives through.

Smith: Well, any objections?

The rest of the team shrug and shake their heads

Smith: Let's go then

The team exit the vehicle and move into the castle, but after they enter the gate closes and a wall in front of them moves upwards, blocking them in

Hart: What is this? Explain yourselves!

SCP-006-PIG-1-1: This is a standard decontamination procedure. We cannot have you bringing in diseases we are not immune to.

Hart: Ah, I suppose that's fair.

After approximately a minute, the wall in front of the team descends and the tour commences. They walk throughout the town. The buildings do not match any known architectural style. They pass what appears to be a shopping center with cafes and small stores. There is a very large library with many SCP-006-PIG-1 entering and leaving. Their schools also appear to have similar traffic. It appears that this society greatly admires intelligence. After approximately an hour, the team are sent on their way


When questioned further, however, the team couldn't recall any details of their time within SCP-006-PIG. It seems that their decontamination process includes an amnestic that causes anyone who enters to forget about it afterwards.

Researcher's Note: This seems to explains how SCP-006-PIG has remained hidden despite their permanent settlement.

Addendum 2 History of SCP-006-PIG

Using mnestics, another team enters SCP-006-PIG to access the library to learn more about SCP-006-PIG. Attached are excerpts from various historical books:

Excerpt from A Beginner's Handbook To The History Of Swinedon

1SCP-006-PIG use their own calendar system. BE stands for "Before Enlightenment". Their years are as long as the Gregorian calendar's years are and is equivalent to approximately 800 AD.
2The Caws, hereafter referred to as SCP-006-PIG-3-1, were a bird species with claws and fast flight.

Excerpt from Animal Farm1: A Pigstory

1The Baas, hereafter referred to as SCP-006-PIG-3-2, are a sheep species domesticated by SCP-006-PIG. Their wool is naturally resistant and is a good material for armor.
2The Bleaters, hereafter referred to as SCP-006-PIG-3-3, are a goat species that are very endangered due to a war between them and SCP-006-PIG.
3Waddles appears to be the main god that SCP-006-PIG worships

Excerpt from The Tragedy That We Caused And How We Can Help Those We Hurt

1 The Neighs, hereafter referred to as SCP-006-PIG-3-4, are a horse species that are very endangered due to a war between them and SCP-006-PIG
2 Flying Day seems to be the remembrance day for the genocide against SCP-006-PIG-3-1

Addendum 3:

After several history and science books of SCP-006-PIG were read and after they discovered that the Foundation knows how to bypass their amnestics, their leadership contacted several Foundation members and a deal was reached. In exchange for keeping SCP-006-PIG secret and bringing them supplies, SCP-006-PIG- is to help aid Foundation scientists in general research

Researcher's Note: SCP-006-PIG clearly has substantial military ability and has the technology to create amnestics, as well as who knows what else. I suggest we reclassify it as Keter and Yellow, as if they wanted to they could cause substancial damage.

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