Item #: SCP-006-PT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-006-PT must be contained in a room of 3m for each dimension. The room must have a common metal door with a latch, the key of which must be kept by the director of Site PT77 or stored by them in one of the locker corridors of sector ██ for Safe objects.


Photograph of SCP-006-PT from the Historiographic Archive of the Lusophone Foundation "JS Photography".

Description: SCP-006-PT consists of a common double box bed. The bed has a height of 0.40m and is composed of a box, with seven (7) feet made of plastic and reflective material, a double mattress of ██████ brand, a white bib that hides the lower portion of the structure, white cotton sheet of ████ brand, two goose feather pillows of ███████ brand and a blue blanket made of non-allergenic material of ██████ brand and produced in 197█.

Upon lying in bed, in a matter of seconds (tests stablishing an average of approximately 3 to ███ seconds) the occupant will fall asleep, entering a REM state faster than the average. From then on, the occupant starts having a variety of dreams. Studies performed to analyze electrical impulses and search for similar themes among dreams experienced by D Class personnel who slept on the mattress revealed that most dreams resulting from a night spent in the bed are unrelated to each other, although the theme ███████ and the attempt to ████████ among women aged 15 to 33 years who took part in the experiments were extremely recurrent.

When five (5) to seven (7) hours pass from the start of the sleep activity, four (4) things may happen to the occupant:

a) The occupant feels a distinct sensation of being pulled by the foot, and wakes up. If not manually removed from bed before falling asleep again (which happens in the same time average as first observed), the occupant will re-enter a deep sleep state and one of the possibilities below will come true, even if later removed from bed;

b) The occupant begins to dream that they are falling from a great height or effectively jumping off a building, which will cause them to feel a physical fall sensation so strong and realistic that the individual will wake up quickly, and visibly frightened. In these cases, the occupant has the ability to get up and out of the bed. In most of the tests, the occupants woke up completely rested and satisfied, reporting a lot of comfort and pleasant dreams. Less than 7% of D-Class personnel who had this experience remember a dream in which they were falling, despite the electronic readings unmistakably reporting that the theme was part of the dreams that woke them up, and even with visual records showing the individuals waking up in a state of panic;

c) The occupant begins to dream that they are falling from a great height or effectively jumping off a building. If they are stimulated with shocks or other alternatives that would make them wake up, the examinee will wake up in a catatonic state, unable to formulate words or respond to interviews. Of the ███ D-Class personnel left in this state, 57 died within 3 days, 20 within 5 days, 38 within 6 days, and ███ within 9 days. Only █ personnel were able to interact again, of whom █ committed suicide shortly after forming their first understandable vocalizations. One (1) D-Class remains under study, as per interview 006REG-278LP49;

d) The occupant begins to dream that they are falling from a great height or effectively jumping off a building. If it is a great height, the examinee will continue to dream that they are falling forever, with no signs that the dream is ending or that they will wake up. The occupant will dream of this drop until stress and panic levels cause cardiorespiratory arrest, or until the body withers to the point where it cannot keep vital functions active. Currently, the Foundation has one (1) D-Class, designated D-98491, in an assisted coma, dreaming of a fall since 02/05/200█. Occupants who dream that they are jumping off a building in this variation of SCP-006-PT will "wake up" within the stipulated sleep time while sleepwalking, and will try to jump from high places in any way. Attempts to wake up sleepwalking former occupants or stop them from trying to jump from high places were unsuccessful. Former occupants physically prevented from jumping from high places ceased movement and waited for a passage to jump from a high place, wasting away in case of lack of alternative.

Discovery: SCP-006-PT was found in an empty apartment of a house in Bom Jesus, ██, and belonged to Isabela ████████, who committed suicide by jumping from the ███ ██ █████ waterfall on the 05th of November of 200█. The object was purchased by the girl's mother at a mattress store in the nearby town of ███ ██████. The blanket belonged to the grandmother and, according to the family, she never showed any anomalous behavior. Class B amnestics were administered to the interviewed family members before they were released. In attempts to remove the separable items from SCP-006-PT, in cases of relocation, about nine (9) hours later they reappeared as they were before being removed, and in cases of destruction, the time was of seventeen (17) hours. The anomaly continues to exist regardless of whether all separable items are available or not.

Note: new tests with D-Class personnel are indefinitely suspended. We've already spent too many people on something that seems perfectly described to me, and I don't intend to run this place with the same level of rampant sadism as the former director █████████. It is not possible to emulate or extract this anomaly. - ████ ██████, director of Site PT77.

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