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Item#: SCP-007-INT
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-007-INT instances are currently contained in Site Vittoria, and Site PT4. Studies are being conducted by a liaison group of researchers from the Italophone, and Lusophone branches of the Foundation, presently headed by Dr. Pietra Ferreira.


Instance of SCP-007-INT inert inside the vacuum flask within its container.

SCP-007-INT instances are contained within stainless steel vacuum cylinders adapted with seals in order to maintain the anomaly within an environment absent of oxygen. The vacuum cylinders are kept within standard welded airtight special-purposes containers specifically for the transportation, and containment of SCP-007-INT instances.

The containers are secured inside a protected vault with a resistance grade rated VI1, under intermittent electronic audiovisual surveillance. Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) suits, equipped with self-contained breathing apparatuses, adapted as NIJ Level II body armours2 rated level 2 in knife resistance and spike protection3, and electroshock weaponry, are available for the rapid response containment teams.

The vacuum cylinders, and the containers are equipped with safety mechanisms accessible only to personnel with Clearance Level 3/007-INT. A minimum of one (1) individual capable of controlling the specific instance of SCP-007-INT must be present intermittently throughout testing periods. Deployment of SCP-007-INT may only occur inside the particular testing course developed for the object or in extraordinary circumstances of field use sanctioned by the Lusophone Board of Directors or the Superintendence of the Italian Branch.

Additionally, in the case of containment failure, and if no eligible Operators are available to restrain the object inside its cylinder, instances of SCP-007-INT may be forced into its training course which may be turned into a temporary vacuum chamber.

Description: SCP-007-INT designates an intelligent, highly adaptable, translucent, perpetually congealed substance that exhibits extraordinary plastic malleability. The object exists in the form of four (4) individual instances (α (4.5 kilograms), β (8.5 kilograms), γ (6.5 kilograms), and δ (15.5 kilograms) completely comprised thereof. These constructs are capable of complex movement, and can reach speeds of ~25 kilometres per hour4. Additionally, the object acts as a superacid5 when interacting with animal matter. While inert in an environment without the presence of oxygen SCP-007-INT will enter a state analogous to hibernation. The longevity of SCP-007-INT instances is currently unknown given their self-renewal mechanisms.

Instances of SCP-007-INT lack nuclei, and tissue components, presenting themselves as amorphous amalgams centred around imaginary cores. The object possesses an idiosyncratic physical model, with ordinary fluid mechanics (such as characteristics of a Newtonian fluid, and a gel) in conjunction with anomalous environmental interactions (such as the capability of levitating upwards to two (2) metres from its initial position despite being heavier than the air).


An instance of SCP-007-INT constructing itself as a sphere.

Consequently, SCP-007-INT may be manipulated through hydraulic pressure into different shapes, and sizes (by expanding or compressing itself) with variable physical characteristics (peculiarities such as viscosity, and sharpness), ranging from known ideal, and abstract objects/shapes/geometrical formats to additional appendages such as pseudopods.

SCP-007-INT possesses a specific strength ten (10) times higher than that of stainless steel6; is resilient to a number of physical hazards, including resistance to temperatures (between 80 ºC to -80 ºC), kinetic, and stress damage. SCP-007-INT is exceptionally weak to electrical damage, attaining only temporary resistance7 to electricity-based stress after being subjected to the hazard.

During direct physical interactions between SCP-007-INT, and organisms pertaining to the Metazoa biological kingdom, including its several phyla, and some species of Fungi, the object demonstrates properties similar to that of a superacidic digestive fluid.

The process synthesises matter into a temporary mass in addition to an instance's original structure; exceeding mass decays at a rate of ~.5 kilograms per hour without creating detritus or byproducts. Instances are capable of reparting the exceeding mass into ephemeral copies of themselves (though these copies possess inferior material qualities). Additionally, instances of SCP-007-INT can reproduce asexually through a process similar to mitosis by using the additional synthesized mass; the circumstances associated with such an event are under scrutiny8.

SCP-007-INT displays a degree of consciousness, sentience, and sapience. It is capable of exhibiting reactions to stimuli associated with visual, olfactory, and auditory systems (these pseudo-systems are homogeneously distributed throughout SCP-007-INT's physical form); memorising, and learning (through habituation, observational, and social means). The object employs a process of Heuristics to rationalise solutions. Different instances display different peculiarities, such as a fondness for certain objects of affection thereof9.

Moreover, instances of SCP-007-INT are capable of forming relationships with certain individuals through a tacit contractual connection. Once this specific form of relationship is established, the respective instance of SCP-007-INT will rescind from its ordinary behaviour, and adapt to psychophysical inputs of the selected individual designated an "Operator".

Operators are capable of instructing the object omnidirectionally even without a line of sight with SCP-007-INT instances as long as the respective instance of SCP-007-INT they have established a connection to remains within a 40-metre range of the controller. Only one (1) Operator per instance may take active control thereof but several may exist at a time. Control can be transferred to another eligible Operator.

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    SITE PT4



    Several security breaches occurred in multiple storehouses, and special vaults during the night of 25/12/1972 through a period of two hours. We are still calculating how many assets were subtracted, and conducting investigations to allude to the events.

    The group of six rogue individuals responsible for the assault in the special vault containing the assets referring to the experiments conducted by Project Mel was rapidly dispatched by the responsible rapid-response security teams.

    Obstant to their success in safe-keeping, related assets were stolen from vaults of the Medical Department by a group led by the former department-head, including several prototype prosthetics, and documents associated with Project Oneiric.

    The involvement of personnel associated with the Academy was not a singular case; several captured, and downed rogue elements were also students, professors, and scientists employed in our facilities. It is unclear whether these individuals were sleeper agents, given their history in the organization, or were coerced by a third party.

    The captured individuals that underwent interrogation expired during the procedures. One captive survived, though they are currently under animated suspension through thaumaturgic means.

    New security measures are being devised while the current measures are being revised.

    — Captain Alberto Oliveira

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