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Item #: SCP-008-INT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-008-INT-1 is contained inside an equilateral 27m³ chamber with its walls reinforced by steel, and seamlessly covered in five (5) millimeters of polytetrafluoroethylene1. A ventilation system to filter the object's gaseous excretions is installed.

SCP-008-INT is to be fed with a minimum of two (2) kilograms of polymeric material daily2; additionally, a minimum of two hundred and fifty (250) kilograms of meat monthly.

While SCP-008-INT is normally passive or docile near humans, any contact (of passive or active nature) with the anomalous object or any object associated thereof, is strictly forbidden without approval from its HCML-supervisor, and suitable protective gear. A special-purpose container adapted to temporarily contain, and transport SCP-008-INT is available in conjunction with automated drones that are equipped to handle associated functions.

SCP-008-INT-B should not wear SCP-008-INT for longer than 24 hours, otherwise, it is upon removal to be presumed lost. Long-term experiments with SCP-008-INT may only be conducted in a sealed testing chamber suited for withstanding its destructive capabilities. At the end of the tests, SCP-008-INT-B is to be removed from SCP-008-INT via incineration. Before any of these tests start, the subject is to be equipped with a remotely controlled explosion collar.

The carcass of SCP-008-INT-2 is to be kept in cold storage for study.

Description: SCP-008-INT is a shouldermounted living intelligent weapon incorporating biotechnological elements that mimic biological life. It is comprised of a wormlike structure analogous in function to a head, measuring 1 meter of length per .3 meter of diameter; four thin tentacles with 1.5 meter of length per .03 meter of diameter protruding from the base of its head; a flat, cloth-like body with several microscopic proboscides on its bottom-most side. The object displays several cavities in its sides, functioning analogously to nostrils, to support secondary respiratory systems. Two other cavities function as secondary hearing organs. Furthermore, near those hearing organs, two extremely advanced compound eyes protrude from the body. SCP-008-INT weights ~4 kilograms, and is uniformly covered in an oily substance that does not intervene with the common rubberlike texture of its tissue.


SCP-008-INT's jaw.

SCP-008-INT's head possesses an articulated mouth with two rows of needle-like teeth, completely spanning over its diameter; the object's triangular jaw is capable of biting with forces of up to ~3500 Ncm-2; its throat is equipped with organs that function similarly to an assembled construct capable of synthesizing matter into different states. Twenty-four (24) photosensitive organs, resembling compound eyes from common dragonfly species, with diameters ranging from ~5 mm are arranged in a symmetrical fashion throughout its head, granting the object a 360º view of its surroundings.

SCP-008-INT consists of several elastomeric, and duroplastic materials, resembling different biological proteins forming biochemical materials that are analogous to biological cells in general function, comprising the tissues of the object's body. This property gives SCP-008-INT several remarkable abilities, such as:

  • Stretching any part of its body up to ~950% of its original length;
  • Biting substances highly resistant to applied force and mechanical stress without adverse effects;
  • Exhibiting capability for complete tissue regeneration;
  • Anchoring itself to surfaces and extremities;
  • Exerting enough strength to pull objects weighing up to 200 kilograms, provided SCP-008-INT is anchored
  • Hardening any part of its body in response to sudden external pressure, to withstand damage:
  • Resisting mechanical stress damage from specialized weaponry;

SCP-008-INT stores, in a cnidosac, ~3 liters of a colorless, odorless, clear liquid (hereafter referred to as SCP-008-INT-A) consisting of organic molecules with unprecedented molecular structures; the fluid is volatile at any material state and highly toxic3. SCP-008-INT-A acts like a corrosive acid substance, especially in contact with biologic materials.

Furthermore, SCP-008-INT doses -A with exemplary extent during combat through the usage of its bodily structures; its teeth are capable of delivering the toxin through biting; its tentacles are covered in cnidocytes4 that are, when ejected, capable of penetrating light clothing. Nevertheless, SCP-008-INT possesses the capability of disabling this ability temporary to restrain of targets without risking collateral damage, and for movement. Moreover, the synthesizing construct in its throat allows SCP-008-INT to expel -A in either liquid or gaseous form, to work as a corrosive fluid or poison gas respectively.

SCP-008-INT consumes polymers and meat as part of its dietary habits, presumably to generate energy and resources for the continued function of its systems, just as other organisms. Waste is excreted in the form of N2, CO2 and water via micropores in its skin; acting as a protective, flame-retardant micro-atmosphere. Experiments led to the estimation that SCP-008-INT can generate ~50 liters of the combined substances in ~10 minutes by consuming ~1 kilogram of matter associated with its diet.

Regarding SCP-008-INT's capacity to anchor itself onto surfaces, the object is designed to be mounted, similarly to an epaulette, on the shoulder of an eligible human individual (hereafter referred as SCP-008-INT-B). How exactly SCP-008-INT chooses a suitable individual to be its wearer possesses a certain degree of arbitrarity on account of its sapience; it is currently theorized that the object seeks individuals with qualities such as physical fitness, and perceived characteristics such as martial ability, heuristic problem solving skills, and other identity elements mostly related to character strengths and virtues. Despite its usual passive behavior, SCP-008-INT displays aggression when an individual deemed unsuitable attempts to equip it, promptly assaulting them with the intent to kill.

Once equipped, the object shapes its physical body to perfectly accommodate the wearer, completely covering the thorax and the back of the subject by stretching a portion of itself, and grafting with available tissue; furthermore, SCP-008-INT is capable of completely covering the head of SCP-008-INT-B via a similar process.

To complete the association process, SCP-008-INT will extend microscopic appendages to connect itself to SCP-008-INT-B's nervous system in a type of mutualistically symbiotic relationship. In this process, its secondary sensory organs, now located on SCP-008-INT-B's face, link with its brain to compensate for the loss its own sensory functions. Subjects reported their hearing and sight to be vastly improved, with the ability to perceive sound and light in a wider frequency range and also an improved ability to tell apart colors, similar to tetrachromats. SCP-008-INT is also capable of sharing sensory input with -B and manipulating the biochemical reactions pertaining to -B's systemic functions such as hormones and neurotransmitters, virtually becoming an extension of its wearer.

After a variable period of adaptation from the process5 SCP-008-INT achieves the capability of using basic speech to communicate with SCP-008-INT-B regarding matters such as threat and condition assessments, and basic necessities, usually in the form of simple and primitive sentences. Once equipped, SCP-008-INT displays extreme loyalty towards SCP-SCP-008-INT-B and attempts to preserve SCP-008-INT-B's psychophysical state from any possible harm.

While worn, SCP-008-INT can be taken off, but the longer it is worn, the more it will resist removal. This resistance is thus proportional to the time worn, is cumulative for every human wearing it, and does not decrease over time. If removal is attempted after wearing it for several days, it will try to root itself in its wearer's body with its tendrils, resulting in internal bleeding if attempts to remove it persist. This often kills the wearer in the process. Interestingly, it readily uproots itself partially when its wearer wants to eat or wash. For long-term experiments, see Addendum 008-INT-A.

    • _

    Biopsies revealed that SCP-008-INT possesses paratechnological components developed by organizations associated with the anomalous scene worldwide. The lack of intel introspective to the group known as "The Hive" amongst our researchers isn't precluding but it certainly is making our research progress more difficult.

    [REDACTED], expert on The Hive.

    Preliminary research revealed that the key component that confers SCP-008-INT its plasticity is the same anomalous substance once used by the Scientific Academy of the Anomalous for the creation of highly-adaptable prosthetics.

    This plastic material was engineered after an asset produced by the Royal Institute of Italian Anomalies. The base object exhibited similar plastic malleability, and a capability to create mutualistic relationships with individuals through adaptation.

    We may infer that its decreased adaptability is a consequence of its destined use as a weapon. Though far more invasive, the implantation of SCP-008-INT allows for an almost instinctive use of the object. The necessity for a host also ensures a higher degree of cooperation.

    — Dr. Nathaniela Pontes, expert on The Scientific Academy of the Anomalous.

    The artificial tissue comprising SCP-008-INT appears to have been modified to be susceptible to the process of Hemomancy, commonly referred to "Fleshcrafting", that is employed by adepts of the Sarkic Cults; it is a dangerous but spectacular form of thaumaturgy.

    Such a modification allows SCP-008-INT to easily reconstruct itself via the consumption of tissue. Moreover, an individual that is capable of employing the mentioned thaumaturgic abilities may be able to strengthen the object even further.

    — Dr. Christopher Jones, expert on Sarkicism.

    The toxin denominated SCP-008-INT-A appears to be based on a poison used by the Group of Interest known as Division XXV, which dubbed it "Schlummertrunk"6. The substance was employed by assassins for its high lethality and tracelessness, complicating its verification. It is difficult to store, and transport safely, limiting its use significantly.

    The downside is its volatility: its fumes exhibit unprecedented lethal effects when inhaled and works as a corrosive when in contact with biological materials in a liquid state. It seems that at least three unplanned deaths of members of the GoI have occurred due to the accidental misadministration of this poison.

    Though weaker than the substance in question, SCP-008-INT-A possesses the same volatility, although it is safely stored inside SCP-008-INT; in conjunction to SCP-008-INT's capabilities, and the insulation from danger it provides to SCP-008-INT-B, it has become a most-efficient weapon.

    — Dr. Hoffmann, head of Research Team 25.

Discovery: SCP-008-INT was discovered during a joint operation between MTF PT2-Φ "Castle Crashers" from the Lusophone branch and a part of MTF DE6-𝔇 "Das Aufgebot"7 from the German branch with several units leased from MTF DE4-𝔙 "Die Verteidiger"8.

Originally, MTF PT6-Θ "I'm Following You" was supposed to carry out an interception of a convoy of the Hive. However, the operation was disrupted by an attack of the GOC, causing the convoy to disperse. Thanks to an installed transponder, several vehicles could be tracked to a storage facility near Geneva, causing MTF PT2-Φ to call for assistance from the local Foundation Branch.

The members of the Hive, upon becoming aware of the attack, displayed unusual discipline, weapons proficiency, and coordination in an effort to defend themselves, almost overpowering the Foundation assets. The following is the account of agent Montes, who was part of the operation. The full report is available upon request.

    • _

    It was certainly the strangest day of my life, yeah. I remember the events very clearly: highly-trained militiamen armed with Lovecraftian horrors, and Germans in power armors; something about mind-control, and psionics, too.

    It's recording already? Oh, my sincere apologies. My apologies are on tape now, too? Right. Well. My name is Leonardo Montes, Sargeant. I'm the Squad Leader of the Lusophone Mobile Task-Force "Castle Crashers". I prefer the term "tactical breacher", you know. Invading a place without breaking everything is a fine art; given all the smoke grenades, and the chaos that ensues.

    Yes, we were briefed on the operation but it went awry anyway, as you may know. Our Intelligence received a lead from those… gifted individuals that were captured with that builder submarine. A lead about the transportation of a very important asset, now in retrospect, apparently connected to the whole "shared consciousness" gimmick.

    They were moving it from Spain to somewhere else. So a team was designed to tail the convoy, and greenlight when or where we could hijack it most-efficiently. Should be easy, right? Yeah, no. We didn't know that our friends in the UN also obtained that information somehow. The Guardia Civil, basically the Spanish Gendarmerie, stormed the convoy. Out of nowhere.

    In the midst of conflict, a few vehicles managed to get away and take different routes. The scouts pursued some of them to where-so-ever; some vehicles just vanished, or something, but luckily, they tracked a few trucks to this storehouse in Switzerland. Neat, right? Neat, it was very fun.

    So we were briefed about what happened and sent our merry way to that storehouse with the utmost haste. We also had been told that we'd meet some German task-force in there to support us. It is always nice to have an exchange program, especially if the guys come packed in POWER ARMOR, right?

    Yeah, we rendezvoused near the location and went over a few details of the planned attack that we deliberated about during the trip. So, the storehouse was this neat thing: neat lot, neat two-stories, neat few windows, lots of movement inside, armed goons, scientists, carriers, all the things you'd find in a James Bond movie.

    We prepared to breach in with the support of our sharpshooters, and the guys in power armor. Blasted right through the front door with a dense smokescreen. We managed to disable some hostiles with ease at first, yeah. Something weird happened, though; some guys that were just aimlessly scurrying about suddenly activated their "professional mode", you know?

    A meek girl grabbed one of the rifles and started shooting at us with the accuracy of a trained soldier, out of nowhere. At the time we weren't aware of the whole psionic connection that the hostiles shared. They caught us off-guard but we continued the assault with some degree of success after the whole collateral damage parameter was suspended.

    There's always a catch, though; it's one of the rules of being a soldier, if you're winning then there's something wrong. Out of nowhere, several guys wearing a thing straight out of a Lovecraftian novel came running towards us. Looked like a pustulent mess of tentacles. They trashed over half of our team, and if it wouldn't have been for the guys in power armor, we would have gotten wiped out.

    Those things were IMMUNE TO PROJECTILES. That is bullshit, I'll tell you. One grenadier managed to blast one of the Eldritch-wearing guys lower body to tiny bits, and guess what? The thing used its tentacles to SHAMBLE AROUND as the guy it possessed bled to death, or whatever. That was messed up to the extreme. The thing ended up in the outer side of the compound, the Containment team played rock-paper-scissors to decide who was going to get it from the body, if I recall correctly. The armored ones at some point simply resorted to crushing the heads of those things in their hands. Wasn't pretty to look at either.

    Anyways, not only that but the guys with the things were even more prepared than the suddenly crazy-prepared scientists we had to take down. I'm talking about military-grade equipment, and tactics. They almost managed to overpower the guys in power armor with the stuff they suddenly threw at us.

    Worse yet, the place became a chemical battlefield, so close to Geneva, mind you. We buggered off there when we noticed what the gas the Eldritch things expelled did to the troops; poor fellas committed by that. Melted some corpses, too, it was worse than that scene in Breaking Bad, you know?

    We didn't get the asset we were looking for but we secured a few individuals of interest and a few of those Lovecraftian things. Pretty much the same deal as those other guys under custody; they kept acting calmly and with an odd similarity. Terrifying.

    Yeah, it's all written down in the official reports, and memos. Thanks to whom-so-ever managed to come up with those power armors, definitely saved our asses there. Makes me wish I had one, seems like the real deal. Although the guys wearing them were somewhat creepy with their "ultra professionalism". Germans, right?

The following documents have been linked to the creation of SCP-008-INT. They are here displayed in excerpts. The whole folder is provided upon request.

    • _

    Erfurt, the 07/ 18/ 1972

    Ministry for State Security

    Division XXV

    Emergency Report 178/009

    Yesterday night, at 23:56, Magister Strauch broke into a high-security vault in Warehouse 122 and removed a canister with 500 ml Schlummertrunk compound stored inside it. Afterwards, he fled using a crystal charged with astral energy and seemingly vanished on the spot. Our other Magisters at the scene agreed unanimously, that Magister Strauch could have had no way of knowing such a complicated technique, given that his area of expertise was supernatural chemistry, which raises further questions. His whereabouts are currently unknown. An investigation is in progress.

    Berlin, the 07/ 19/ 1972

    Ministry for State Security

    Division XXV

    Liquidation Order Herman Zeitz

    Given the events regarding Magister Strauch’s departure, it is to be assumed, that he defected to another organisation, possibly one hostile to the GDR and its citizens. Given the sensitive information he holds, he is to be liquidated as soon as possible and his body collected for interrogation via forced seance.

    Signed: Officer Konstantin Mader

    Berlin, the 10/ 28/ 1976

    Ministry for State Security

    Division XXV

    Liquidation Report 178/009

    Agent X managed to track down Magister Strauch to his hideout in Zurich, Switzerland and liquidated the target by poisoning his breakfast milk and retrieved his body. The stolen goods were nowhere to be found. Several notes point towards an organization called the Hive. An investigation is in progress.

    Berlin, the 11/ 17/ 1976

    Ministry for State Security

    Division XXV

    Interrogation Report 18/367

    Through the use of enhanced interrogation methods during the seance, Magister Strauch divulged information sufficient to assess the threat posed by the organization called the Hive. Information on the organization's structure and supernatural capabilities are compiled in the attached Report 665 C9. Countermeasures consist of the screening of all employees for abnormal psionic activities, starting with the personnel that will be assigned to carry out this task. The first step will be conducted by Magister Krone. The next step will entail the shielding of vital and secret facilities against psionic transmissions.

    As laid out in Report 665 C, secrecy has become impossible, as well as most means of counterintelligence. However, it is possible to put a geas on captured members that will keep them from revealing the existence of Division XXV to the public. Thanks to the nature of their psionic activity, this geas will automatically affect all members of the Hive. However, they will try to lift said geas as soon as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to assign several Magisters to change the structure of the geas at least twice weekly to prevent a successful dispelling.

    • _

    Department of Archives
    Archived Reports: The Oneiric-Mel Incident

    Several security breaches occurred in multiple storehouses and special vaults during the night of 25/12/1972 through a period of two hours. We are still calculating how many assets were subtracted, and conducting investigations to allude the events.

    The group of six rogue individuals responsible for the assault in the special vault containing the assets referring to the experiments conducted by Project Mel was rapidly dispatched by the responsible rapid-response security teams.

    Obstant to their success in safe-keeping, related assets were stolen from vaults of the Medical Department by a group led by the former department-head, including several prototype prosthetics, and documents associated with Project Oneiric.

    The involvement of personnel associated with the Academy was not a singular case; several captured, and downed rogue elements were also students, professors, and scientists employed in our facilities. It is unclear whether these individuals were sleeper agents, given their history in the organization, or were coerced by a third-party.

    The captured individuals that underwent interrogation expired during the procedures. One captive survived, though they are currently under animated suspension through thaumaturgic means.

    New security measures are being devised while the current measures are being revised.

    — Captain Alberto Oliveira

    Preliminary autopsies revealed that the interrogated subjects suffered from the failure of multiple organs in an unprecedented manner. It is as if the subjects' brains spontaneously ceased all the vital functions; barely any information could be extracted in that manner.

    The experimental procedures for memory extraction conducted by my team revealed that the subjects' temporal lobes had been completely wiped. No traces of chemical substances or devices capable of performing that were found during the studies.

    Doctor Rosabela, from the Department of Thaumaturgy, who accompanied the surgical procedures, noted the presence of psionic energy exuded by the subjects' frontal lobe, indicating the involvement of a being capable of manipulating the world through extrasensory input.

    It was an assumption proven correctly once we noticed that the surviving individual was no other than the former head of the Department of Thaumaturgy.

    The unique surviving subject is currently in stasis, in a vegetative state; the biopsy could not be completed given the subjects' state of suspended animation. It seems that the subject has shielded their brain thaumaturgically after wiping the memories of the pawns.

    — Doctor Miranda Leal

    The few traces of psionic energy we managed to extract indicate the existence of a complex system for the collection, and diversion of information through several subjects, that, too, emit a continuous replicant signal.

    The single subject that managed to survive interrogation procedures displays an extraordinary capacity for the manipulation of psionic energy. I wonder whether this subject really is the administrator of this most-interesting network.

    I cannot deny that looking at my predecessor in such a state is surprising. The subject was indeed involved with the study of psionic networks. I could not have guessed that the reasons behind such research were so dreary.

    As per recommendation, my predecessor's former associates, and the assets of associated projects are under a scrutinous investigation.

    — Professor Cinthia Rosabela

    • _

    To strengthen our forces, new weapons will be needed. Possible options are:
    assault rifles, tanks, mortars, gas, missiles, bioweapons, armor

    The technological route is not an option, 1970 is the wrong year for such sophisticated tech.

    Thaumaturgical or magical approaches are not feasible. Mass production would be impossible.

    Biological options sound promising. The problem is the weight to protection ratio.

    Our guys at the Scientific Academy of the Anomalous made an astounding discovery. A synthetic material is being researched that mimics living flesh. With some tweaking, it could become an outer shell. Someone to investigate has been sent.

    Our Nälkä buddies mentioned that they could give the armor a consciousness. Means of automated attacks come to mind. Need some sort of weapon.

    Bullets missiles grenades Gas

    Didn’t even know the Stasi dwells into those things, but we got a foot in the so-called Division XXV. Have some sort of multi-purpose poison. Sounds interesting. Also for the Nälkä guys, they like teeth and claws on things.

    Procurement complete. Let’s start.

    This synthetic material is indeed susceptible to fleshcrafting. But even with the knowledge of the Nälkä, I can’t force it to change its tissue type. Some of our spies in the Academy will need to keep an eye open. At least got rid of this acid property.

    Managed to make a tissue that hardens when pressure is applied. If enhanced, the armor could be worn like clothing. I even managed to purge that weakness to electricity.

    With sentience come sensory organs, forgot about those…

    Idea from our Academy guys: This stuff is used for a prostheses, so why not use it to link user and armor?

    Found a good head shape.

    Fate has a terrible sense of humor. Today Henry died thanks to this "Schlummertrunk" substance and Strauch just choked on his milk. Probably gone bad. Need to check the fridge.

    And, of course, we came up with tentacles…

    Nature has nasty ways of applying poison. So much inspiration…

    Forgot that the wearer must be able to breathe, good thinking from the Hive.

    And its done. Mass production can be conducted using simple plastic trash. Eco-friendly solution. Let’s see what else I can do with this.

After completing the analysis of the gathered material, we can, with our findings at this junction, from SCP-005-INT, draw a rough picture of this group. It is all but certain that they have in-depth knowledge of anomalous phenomena. It is also safe to assume that this group likes to use objects and know-how devised by other known Groups of Interest for their own gain. They obtain these assets by way of infiltrators, including some amongst our own personnel. As for their goals, I can only guess, but if we take SCP-005-INT as a basis, my assumption would be that they try to establish their own communities using anomalous technology, possibly worldwide.

We have often encountered individuals and organizations making use of assets from different paranormal institutions, but this here is a special case. "Why is that", you ask? If we take our own observations as well as the data from the Scientific Academy of the Anomalous and Division XXV, it is safe to assume that the members possess some form of psychic link with each other. It is only my theory but if they manage to get new members into this network, the members gain all the knowledge of the newly introduced subject and vice versa. A gestalt-intelligence is thus created, a hive mind with a democracy behind it.

Now imagine this. A group with intense knowledge of the anomalous, including technology presumed to be in the hands of select organizations, scattered on the entire world, at all times in contact with its members wherever they might be.

I am very afraid…

- [REDACTED], expert on The Hive.

Addendum 008-INT-A: On 08/09/2016, the Germanophone O4-Council cleared a test to study the long-term effects of exposure to SCP-008-INT. At this time, the Foundation had two specimens in containment.

D-02649 was equipped with one of the specimens and placed in a chamber consistent with SCP-008-INTs Special Containment Procedures and additional sanitary installations for personal hygiene. The object let itself be equipped without incident.

The subject initially displayed irritation and confusion because of the new sensory input but was able to adapt within two hours. It remained calm in its containment cell and occasionally asked for appropriate means of recreational activities, which were mostly granted.

After five days, D-02649 reported that SCP-008-INT had initiated communication via telepathy, using crude sentences and demanding sustenance. 250 kg of meat as well as 2 kg of plastic trash were provided, which SCP-008-INT devoured.

After two weeks D-02649 started one-sided conversations with SCP-008-INT, having dubbed it "Buddy". Based on D-02649’s reactions, it is assumed that the entity responded via telepathy. Conversations centered mostly around food and exchanges of past experiences. SCP-008-INT, however, refused to let itself be interviewed during this time and even in his conversations with SCP-008-INT-B did not divulge usable information.

After a month, D-02649 became less and less talkative and became completely passive at some point, only reacting to bodily needs. After two months without notable developments, the end of the experiment was signaled. Because it was not mandatory at this point for SCP-008-INT-B to wear an explosion collar, and also did not succumb to several toxins mixed into its food, an instance of SCP-150-DE, a Beowulf model, was sent to terminate the subject. But while still opening the door to its cell, SCP-008-INT-B suddenly jumped towards the opening door and pried it open with bare hands, breaching containment. SCP-008-INT attacked all unprotected personnel encountered while simultaneously searching for an exit from the facility. Agent Hopf, the assigned user of the SCP-150-DE instance, initially allowed SCP-008-INT-B escape due to its superior agility, but got in pursuit only seconds later, shooting at the target's legs with a carried submachine gun. After several hits, SCP-008-INT-B apparently became unable to support its own weight and collapsed. It let out distressed vocalizations before being terminated by Agent Hopf, who then also had to neutralize the instance of SCP-008-INT, which remained aggressive and started to fill the entire corridor with its toxic mist.

Analysis of obtained audiovisual footage shows an inhuman gait to SCP-008-INT-B’s movements, paired with the assumed context of the vocalizations, suggests an incomplete takeover by SCP-008-INT. An autopsy revealed that SCP-008-INT had integrated itself into several areas of the subjects' brain, virtually hijacking the body of the wearer, and controlling it through artificial stimuli. Documents associated with the conducted autopsy are available upon request.

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