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Item #: SCP-008-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-008-IT is to be interdicted via perpetual surveillance around its perimeter. All its blinds are to remain shut and its entrances locked down. Any individual caught inside SCP-008-IT's perimeter must be immediately removed, with the use of force if necessary, and subjected to clinical trials.

Description: SCP-008-IT is a building two kilometers south of ███████, in eastern ███████ in a relatively unpopulated zone. The building is in state of abandonment, and some of its locals shows signs consistent with fire damage.

The inside of SCP-008-IT appears as a normal hotel environment with a hall, a reception desk and several rooms at the second floor. As the outside, the inside of the building shows the same signs of decay. However, after a period of time varying from 2 to ██ minutes, any subject standing inside SCP-008-IT will experience some hallucinations and will perceive the surrounding environment in a different fashion. The interiors will, in fact, not show any sign of decay, and it will furthermore be possible to see several people, presumably members of the hotel's staff and clients, moving freely around and performing normal actions, such as chatting, carrying around suitcases and entering and exiting their own rooms. Any attempt to interact with these persons will yield no results.

After about 3 minutes since the beginning of the hallucination, the visions will show the hotel while sustaining several violent tremors, similar to an earthquake; the people inside will being to fall to the ground and running away in panic. It will be in this moment that the sequence will begin in the exact moment in which it began, playing again as in a loop.

Staying inside SCP-008-IT after the beginning of the hallucinations for any span of time longer than ██ minutes will provoke a series of symptoms to appear, such as:

  • migraines
  • nausea
  • convulsions

Prolonging the staying of the subject will result in its death by mean of cerebral aneurysm.

Addendum 1: As of ██/██/████ a test was carried out with the purpose to ascertain if SCP-008-IT's effect would have appeared in the same way upon electrical equipment. A remote controlled drone equipped with a camera was introduced inside SCP-008-IT. After ██ minutes and no apparent change, the test was concluded with negative results.

Addendum 2: As of ██/██/████ a test was carried out with the purpose to ascertain if SCP-008-IT's effect would have appeared in the same way upon other animals. A cross-breed, 2 years old dog (hereby referred to as D-008) was introduced in the building, using a chicken as bait. █ minutes after having shown a relatively calm demeanor, D-008 begins to visibly get nervous and bark. ██ minutes later, D-008 returns to a calmer state, followed by convulsions. ██ minutes after the beginning of the test, D-008's vital signs are absent. A subsequent autopsy reveals that death happened by cerebral aneurysm.

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