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Item #: SCP-009-INT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-009-INT is to be kept in a standard containment chamber in Site-PT3, with the dimensions of 7 m x 6 m x 4 m. Materials used for testing are to be approved beforehand by the HMCL-Supervisor; generated cereal bars must be documented.

Scheduled maintenance/cleaning of SCP-009-INT is to be performed by an engineering team with adequate knowledge of the object's intricacies; digital blueprints with the required technical information are available for the execution of these services.

At this time, SCP-009-INT is not to be used to provide foodstuffs for Site PT3. However, this may be subject to change.


SCP-009-INT in containment.

Description: SCP-009-INT is an industrial machine made of stainless steel, measuring approximately 4 m x 3 m x 3 m. Amongst its several components, tanks and pipes comprehend the majority of its structure; However, the sheer amount of components makes the process of nomination and identification extremely complicated.

SCP-009-INT, appears to require no energy to function. Engineers have found close similarities between SCP-009-INT and designs from Group of Interest Beyond Entropy. These correlations are currently undergoing research, which may improve containment procedures in the future.

The apparent purpose of SCP-009-INT is the conversion of industrial waste and other matter into edible cereal bars. SCP-009-INT is capable of storing up to 100 liters of raw material, producing between 50 to 500 cereal bars when fully loaded. The packaging of the byproduct is included. The number of the produced bars is dependent on the density of the used materials, their chemical composition, and the requested dimensions of the bar.

SCP-009-INT possesses a funnel intended for the addition of raw material at one end, and a small opening with a catch funnel on the other. Additionally, the device is equipped with two touchscreen panels on one of its sides, allowing an operator to control the processes through the use of simple software connected to the machinery. Among its other functions, the software can be used to edit the dimensions, the package design, and nutritional values of the cereal bars. An USB port is present in both of these panels.

The cereal bars produced by SCP-009-INT are usually of extremely high-quality nutritionally-wise, occasionally exhibiting anomalous effects when certain raw materials are used.On the other hand, altering the flavor of the cereal bars depends on the basic materials, and flavoring added. All bars tested up to this date consisted, or currently consist, of ordinary corn, chocolate, nuts, milk-creme, and fruit, fresh or dried. The chemicals used for the cohesion of these elements displayed similarities with substances employed by the Groups of Interest Humanist Gentlemen and the IMBW for the improvement of the human mind and body (see Report 009-INT D for more information). Nevertheless, the cereal bars were congruently and homogeneously edible.

The existence of Hive operations (as SCP-009-INT was unbeknownst at the time) came to the Foundation's attention when its products started circulating at extremely low prices in a town near Cubatrão, in an industrial region of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, in conjunction with other food items with similar remarkable features.

Consumers that were inquired about the products stated that they purchased these goods "In this new supermarket that appeared over the night.". The characteristics of the location were consistent amongst witness reports, but despite the directions given, Foundation agents were unable to locate said retail business.

However, research teams managed to pinpoint the place of production of the goods via forensic analysis, located in a dedicated industrial park in the region. The Task-Force sent to investigate the place found an abandoned industrial complex with all machinery except SCP-009-INT removed.

A note was placed on one of the consoles, reading as the following:

Dear Foundation,

Hello! Our meetings are becoming so common nowadays that we fear that the novelty of our relationship will end.

We apologize for not cleaning up this place properly, but we had a little accident when removing the machinery and therefore fell behind schedule. Because of that, we had to leave this here. It works fine with industrial garbage. Please, don't put any actual corn in it. You'll only clog the whole thing up. We recommend drain cleaner if that happens, good luck.

Rest assured that we've already set up production elsewhere. Somewhere nice where you won't find us so easily like this time, though running from you has been very productive for us.

Take this amazing apparatus as a tribute for all your contributions to our cause. We are genuinely glad.

Now, back to endings and relationships. We believe it is time to break the status quo. Leave us alone to do our damn business in peace. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

— The Hive

SCP-009-INT was subsequently disassembled and transported to Site PT3, where it was reassembled and tested.

Addendum 009-INT-1: Products equal to those created by SCP-009-INT in conjunction with other products already observed in Brazil, started circulating in underdeveloped areas in Africa and Asia. Despite Foundation and GOC intervention these products spread to rural and urban areas due to their particularly low price in comparison to their outstanding quality, in most cases, outcompeting non-anomalous brands sold in the areas.

The locations selling and distributing these products, apparently similar in function and design to supermarkets, could not be accessed or located, supposedly due to antimemetic properties protecting the relevant buildings.

While this might simply look like the laws of the market at work, as usual, we cannot discard the possibility that there are underlying strategies of the Hive using aspects of normalcy to achieve their objectives in the scenery of the anomalous.

SCP-005-INT has already shown that they can, apparently, produce everything from anything, meaning that after the initial cost of setting up production, they have no expenses with specialized ingredients and raw materials because they use refuse and scrap which is produced naturally by our industrial activity.

I predict that, whatever the Hive's initial business is called, will certainly grow and expand to other fields, superseding other companies, including ours. I believe that the underlying goal is the starvation of possible adversaries whilst simultaneously raising their own funds.

Everybody who has eaten such cereal bars will agree with me when I say that The Hive certainly knows how to please their consumers; those with knowledge of their operations will concur that they are definitely on their way to something much more devious.

— [REDACTED], Specialist in the Hive

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