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SCP-009-TH's model

Item #: SCP-009-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Edited version ██/██/2018: after ██/██/2017

SCP-009-TH is to be contained in the center of a 12*12*3 meter containment chamber. Under no circumstances are any personnel allowed in the containment chamber. All equipment is to be removed from the room. SCP-009-TH will be contained a 6*6 meter glass room located in the center of the containment chamber. Any communication with SCP-009-TH will be conducted remotely. Experimentation is to be conducted by Class-D personnel.

Description: SCP-009-TH is a male, full body anatomy model where the front is exposed to show a model of the internal organs, which are similar to other models. Normally, SCP-009-TH displays no anomalous properties.

When a human (hereafter “subject”) goes within 5 meters of SCP-009-TH, the subject will immediately go into pain until s/he falls down. After 5 minutes, SCP-009-TH will start to mobilize and speak. The subject under SCP-009-TH’s influence will have his/her internal organs replaced with those in the model, resulting in immediate death. The organs of the subject will then replace those of SCP-009-TH, and will proceed to operate as normal.

SCP-009-TH will then take on the physique and skin color of the subject. The subject retains his/her skin and muscles, despite this. After the transformation is complete, SCP-009-TH will remain in this animate “mimic” form for up to 4 hours before returning to previous form. While SCP-009-TH is animate, others are able to be near SCP-009-TH with no ill effects. However, if SCP-009-TH reverts after 4 hours, all subjects within range (not one person) will be affected.

Discovery: SCP-009-TH was found in ██████████ University after the discovery of 4 corpses in a room. A witness told the police officer that there was a “horrible thing” in the room that had killed his 4 friends. Agent █████, who lived in the area, was sent to investigate and discovered SCP-009-TH, where he reported that “It looks like a human walking, dragging an organ that fell out of its abdomen… it seems confused.” After that, MTF-Beta-7(“Haz Matters”) came to contain SCP-009-TH, and removed the corpses from the site. An autopsy found all their internal organs were artificial, confirming anomalous properties.

Addendum-1: Testing has found that SCP-009-TH is able to communicate with the personnel as if it were human. It is sentient, and intelligent, with an IQ of 124, and can answer complex mathematics and physics questions, including ones that need knowledge of the modern world.

Addendum-2: SCP-009-Th was instructed to ingest food. SCP-009-TH has been found to be able to consume and digest food normally. After the █th experiment, SCP-009-TH [DATA EXPUNGED] on the floor, Causing the next test to be canceled. It is presumed that while SCP-009-TH can consume and digest food, they have no need to.

Addendum-3: After incident [REDACTED] on ██/██/2017, SCP-001-TH caused SCP-009-TH to change appearance. Attempts to prevent such events are ongoing. Personnel are advised to report any suspicious activity.

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