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SCP-009-TH's model

Item #: SCP-009-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Edited version ██/██/2018: after ██/██/2017

SCP-009-TH still resides in the 12x12 meters of standard containment chamber in Site-29. There will be no mobilized even though the object will be changed. Equipment which used to have in the containment chamber were moved out, only the object in the room. SCP-009-TH will be contained in the glass room which is 6x6 meters which are located at the center of that room, and there is strictly no permission for any person to enter into the room. Any communication with SCP-009-TH will be conducted by communication device only. Reaching or experimentation with SCP-009-TH will be operated by Class-D personnel.

Description: SCP-009-TH is a male, full body anatomy model which in front of the body of the object is exposed to show the model of the internal organ which are similar to the human’s internal organ. In the normal stage, SCP-009-TH will be only ordinary anatomy model.

When there is any human who is nearby it for 5 meters, that person will feel hurt and feel tortured in the body immediately until he or she fell down. 5 minutes after that, SCP-009-TH will start to move its head and every organs and even speaking out. The person who is being in this effect, his or her internal organ will be changed to be those model and will be dead after that. Internal organ of SCP-009-TH will be changed to be the actual internal organ which is moving and operating similar to those actual organs.

Including the solid, dry, crispy skin will be changed to be actual skin which has blood and muscle [even though victim’s skin will not be changed], these occurred things will stay approximately for 4 hours before SCP-009-TH will return to its original form. While SCP-009-TH is becoming a(n) (actual) human, others are able to be nearby the object without being affected. However, if SCP-009-TH is in the anatomy model stage, everybody who is in the radius(not only one person) will be affected.

Discovery: SCP-009-TH was found in ██████████ University after 4 corpses of students who had mysteriously died in a room were found. The last witness told the police officer by saying that there was a horrible thing in a room and killed his 4 friends. Agent █████ who lived in the area, entered to investigate and saw some anomaly things in a room, which he was reported that “It is similar to a human which is walking and dragging the thing which is similar to the organ which came out from its abdomen which is on the floor, and it seems confused.” After that, the disposal team came to capture SCP-009-TH and brought corpses out from a room. The autopsy found that all of their internal organs are artificial, which was an impossible story.

Addendum-1: According to the test, it is found that SCP-009-TH is able to communicate with the personnel as if it were human. It has feelings and an IQ of 124, which allows him to be able to answer expert mathematics and physics questions, including ones that need knowledge of the modern world.

Addendum-2: The feeding human food experiment is used to conduct with SCP-009-TH when it has the effect. It is found that SCP-009-TH is able to consume the food as usual and is digesting it in their digestion system. After the █th experimentation, SCP-009-TH [DATA EXPUNGED] on the floor by the colon which is at the abdomen, which caused the next test to be canceled and there is the conclusion that SCP-009-TH does not have to consume anymore.

Addendum-3: After ██/██/2017 from the incident [REDACTED], the effect which was caused by SCP-001-TH caused the object SCP-009-TH to be changed from the original even though the effect is still the same one. Currently, there is the order to catch up the changed which will happen in the future, and immediately report if there are abnormal from the current one even it changes by little only.

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