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SCP-009-UA in Dr. Vovk's hand.

Item #: SCP-009-UA

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-009-UA doesn't threaten to human life. Due to the specific properties of the object, access to it is granted with the permission of at least one scientist with 3 access level. SCP-009-UA should be stored in a basic container of 10 × 10 × 5 centimeters, at the storage for Safe objects of Site UA-80. SCP-009-UA should be stored in a container of 10 × 10 × 5 centimeters, at the storage facility for Euclid objects of Site UA-80. In addition, only Class D personnel is allowed to contact with the object.

Description: SCP-009-UA looks like a GOLD-type bank card, that most banks issue to their VIP customers. SCP-009-UA was discovered during financial audits conducted at ███ Bank, and subsequently attracted the attention of the SFS of Ukraine1, where the Foundation agent worked undercover. During the investigation, SCP-009-UA was discovered and taken on containment. The anomalous properties of SCP-009-UA is that it can be used for cashless payments wherever there are appropriate technical specifications. SCP-009-UA is linked to a bank account at ███ Bank, onward SCP-009-1-UA. The account balance is always 0, but despite this, banking systems perform transaction successfully. After some time in banks' information systems appears information, that before transaction applies there were funds transfer on SCP-009-1-UA. Such transfers are always carried out from an unknown source. All Foundation attempts to track this source failed.

Addendum to description based on experiments: Further experiments with SCP-009-UA revealed a number of features. If a certain subject uses the object for a long time, the subject develops early symptoms of the oniomania2. The subject will tries to purchase as often as possible a variety of goods/services, even if there is no need for him. In addition, if subject constantly use SCP-009-UA for contactless payment, the technical equipment which is often used for this procedure will crash more often than usual.

Addendum: Description of Incident 1/1.

In accordance with results of an official investigation into the unauthorized access to the storage for Safe objects of Site UA-80, Dr. Vovk and assistant Pavlenko was conducted █ unauthorized experiments with SCP-009-UA from ██ to ██ and carried out with object help around ██████ transactions to pay for various goods/services. An internal investigation was initiated by security officer █████████, who noticed an attempt of unauthorized access to the storage for Safe objects of Site UA-80. As part of the investigation, it was found that the perpetrators of the incident could not explain the reasons for their act, the supervision of experiments on SCP-009-UA was transferred to Dr. Kovalenko. Based on further experiments, the object was reclassified as Euclid.

Addendum: SCP-009-UA Experiment Log.

Goal: Use SCP-009-UA to pay at the vending machine located in the corridor of Site UA-80.
Personnel involved: Dr. Vovk; assistant Pavlenko.
Result: Successfully.
Note: Great, you can pay your utility fee in this way… — assistant Pavlenko
Very funny, Pavlenko. Come on, we need to enter the results into the log. — Dr. Vovk

Goal: Perform online payment for assistant Pavlenko's utility fee using SCP-009-UA.
Personnel involved: Dr. Vovk; assistant Pavlenko.
Result: Successfully.
Note: I can't believe that he persuaded me to do this. — Dr. Vovk

Goal: To pay for purchases made at the ███████████████ online store using SCP-009-UA.
Personnel involved: Dr. Kuzmuk.
Result: Successfully.
Note: Hmm… I will check my theory next time. — Dr. Kuzmuk

Goal: Transfer funds from SCP-009-UA to agent account ██████.
Personnel involved: Dr. Kuzmuk; agent ██████
Result: Successfully.
Note: So, now we have a universal payment tool/way, a good catch for the Foundation. — Dr. Kuzmuk

#5 (This and subsequent experiments were carried out after Incident 1/1)
Goal: Identify negative properties and confirm theory of Dr. Kovalenko.
Personnel involved: Dr. Kovalenko; D-██.
Progress: During the week, D-██ used object to pay for various goods/services. The results were that D-██ developed first symptoms of the oniomania and the breakdown of the payment terminal.
Note: Hmm, it looks like the device also suffers card's influence. We need to check this. — Dr. Kovalenko

Goal: Confirm the negative impact of SCP-009-UA on technical payment systems.
Personnel involved: Dr. Kovalenko; D-233.
Progress: During the week, D-233 used the object to pay for various goods/services using various technical payment systems. The results were that D-233 developed the first symptoms of oniomania and that most of the payment systems broke down.
Note: So, I was right. — Dr. Kovalenko

Based on these experiences, the containment procedures were revised and the object class was reclassified.

Addendum #1: Decision of Site UA-80's Director.

By decision of Site UA-80's Director, access to the object is allowed only with the permission of at least one scientist with 3 access level.

Addendum #2: O5 Council Decision.

Considering the relative safety of the object and its useful properties, the O5 Council decided on the possible use the SCP-009-UA in case the Foundation urgently will need money. In this case, everyone must follow the T009-defaultX-ua protocol, the details of which are available only to the personnel with 4/009-UA access level and higher.

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