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Item #: SCP-010-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-010-DE is contained in an all-white room in Site-DE14 measuring 4 x 3 x 2.5 m. In addition, the main room is equipped with one (1) bed, an additional white room measuring 2 x 2 x 2 m contains all the necessary utensils and devices for maintaining the hygiene of SCP-010-DE, including a shower, a toilet and a sink. All walls of the chambers must be soundproof. The room, as well as the adjoining room, must be illuminated with several white tub lights. These are powered by a generator installed specifically for the room and must not be switched off under any circumstances1. In order not to put SCP-010-DE into a stressful state, all utensils must be white in color. The room is monitored 24 hours a day using a camera installed in an upper corner of the room. A microphone is attached to the ceiling of the room, allowing the recording of SCP-010-DE’s "self-talk". If SCP-010-DE enters a stressful state, security personnel must immediately report this to a responsible researcher.

Personnel assigned to maintain SCP-010-DE's hygiene must wear all-white clothing, gloves, shoes, and face masks. The staff is not allowed to take jewelry into the room of SCP-010-DE. The staff must also communicate with each other in lowered voices. Vital substances are transported into the body of SCP-010-DE using an infusion or an infusion bag.

In the event of a stressful state, the staff must treat SCP-010-DE with tranquilising sedatives; the use of amnestics and/or other sedatives is prohibited. All foreign objects, such as personal items, must be kept away from SCP-010-DE and the room. If the aforementioned security measures are breached, disciplinary steps must be taken. For further information regarding the affected staff member, please refer to staff protocol P/1-010-DE.

If SCP-010-DE states that it "hears a dull bell," SCP-010-DE will immediately be injected with a tranquilising sedative.

Description: SCP-010-DE describes a 32-year-old, 1.76 m tall male named ████ ███████, born on ██.██ in 1985 in ███ ████, Germany. The weight of SCP-010-DE is 72 kg. SCP-010-DE suffers from an unknown, previously undocumented genetic disease that causes depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms, panic and anxiety attacks, and dream-sleep behavior disorders and appears to have a particularly strong presence as a foreign body in the form of unknown bacterial species in the cerebellum and frontal cortex. The disease results from the anomalous properties of SCP-010-DE, whether it is genetically hereditary or infectious is not yet exactly known (see "Addendum A2"). SCP-010-DE is unable to move its limbs in a controlled manner, instead, during a panic attack, they move independently without any pattern. SCP-010-DE spends most of its time lying on the bed in its designated room and looking at the ceiling. SCP-010-DE suffers from sleep deprivation as it appears to keep itself from falling asleep by talking. However, when SCP-010-DE enters REM sleep, it sleeps around four to five hours on average. SCP-010-DE always seems to experience nightmares while sleeping and enters a state of stress upon each awakening. SCP-010-DE possesses the anomalous property that appears to give SCP-010-DE the ability to communicate with an anomalous being and briefly predict the "future".

When trying to get SCP-010-DE to communicate, it always has a panic attack,it also reacts very negatively to colored objects. Meaning that it has a panic attack and apparently tries to cover its eyes with its hands, which ultimately ends in its arms flailing around. The IQ of SCP-010-DE has not yet been determined, but is estimated to be around 70-75. SCP-010-DE always seems to check whether someone is behind its back or above it by looking in that direction. SCP-010-DE performs this procedure several times an hour, the frequency varies from 10 to 20 times, which suggests the anomaly's similarity to obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is unknown how SCP-010-DE will react if it detects a person behind or above it, However, the most likely result is another panic attack2. SCP-010-DE enters a state of stress when exposed to loud and "unexpected" noises.

Amnestics have no effect on SCP-010-DE. The only effect on SCP-010-DE of amnestics appears to be inducing panic attacks.

SCP-010-DE has shown negative reactions in the absence of light in the room (see "010-DE/Protocol-██"). On Incident 010-DE/2, power to the room was briefly disconnected due to a calibration of the site's main system. SCP-010-DE then had a severe panic attack and began screaming for the light to be turned on again3 and thrashed its limbs. After the lights came back on, the staff went into the room and injected SCP-010-DE with a tranquilizing sedative. Since then, an external generator has provided the electrical energy for the room.

In rare cases, SCP-010-DE may utter words or sentences. Most of the time these contain no meaning, but others indicate anomalous activity. So it sometimes speaks of a “monster” or a “figure” that it observes and “says things to”. It can be assumed that the "awarded things" are predictive statements that predict a smaller event or occurrence, but this thesis has not yet been confirmed at the moment (see "010-DE/Language Protocol"). Likewise, SCP-010-DE sometimes engages in "self-talk" in which it appears to be attempting to communicate. The staff has not yet been able to have a conversation or interview with SCP-010-DE.

SCP-010-DE's DNA has altered segments. Investigations have shown that the transcription of the RNA in SCP-010-DE changes in a certain way4 after SCP-010-DE "predicted" something. This suggests that SCP-010-DE's anomalous property affects SCP-010-DE's DNA.

Among other things, SCP-010-DE sometimes talks about hearing "a dull bell ringing." After stating this, SCP-010-DE always falls into a state of stress and is difficult to calm down with strong sedatives. The following log contains the first time SCP-010-DE entered such a state.

Discovery: SCP-010-DE was brought to Site-DE14 after its anomalous ability was discovered in a home for the severely disabled in ███████, Germany by SCP-010-DE predicting a terrorist attack[[ footnote]] The terrorist attack was prevented by the local police. [[/footnote]], several more criminal activities in the area and a total of four deaths in the nearby hospital and the home. An agent disguised as a doctor alerted the nearest outpost of the German branch of the Foundation, and shortly afterwards SCP-010-DE was removed from the home in an ambulance. During transport, SCP-010-DE was constantly in a stressed state; after an examination, SCP-010-DE was anesthetized. In the meantime the room was made ready for occupancy. SCP-010-DE was brought into the room after preparations were completed. However, after it woke up,it went back into a state of stress and experienced a panic attack. After this incident, the use of anesthetics is prohibited.

When interviewed, the home's staff stated that SCP-010-DE was brought in after collapsing in a cemetery in ██████, Germany, waking up shortly afterwards and having a panic attack. A passer-by called the ambulance, SCP-010-DE was taken to a hospital, from which it was then delivered to the home for the severely disabled. Investigations revealed that SCP-010-DE had no family or children of its own, and its last family member passed away days before SCP-010-DE's collapse. SCP-010-DE apparently visited the grave of its mother5, the family member who died 2 days earlier.

SCP-010-DE's house, located in ██████, was investigated and a note was subsequently recovered after a possible connection to SCP-010-DE's anomalous ability was determined.

Furthermore, it was determined that SCP-010-DE made a telephone call over the Internet in its house on the day of its mother's death, which may be related to SCP-010-DE. SCP-010-DE was talking to a man with the nickname "R", the voice of "R" could not be attributed to any citizen of the city in which SCP-010-DE lived (you can see a detailed analysis in [ DATA DELETED]. Further investigation into the call revealed that SCP-010-DE and "R" had been in contact for some time, and that "R" responded to SCP-010-DE first.

Addendum A1: Following the discovery of the previously undocumented illness that SCP-010-DE suffers from, a more detailed investigation was initiated to analyze it and record its description and characteristics. To the surprise of the assigned researchers, the investigation failed and produced no conclusive results. SCP-010-DE's illness, when attempting to analyze it biologically, appeared to change its overall structure to some extent, although not the effects on SCP-010-DE. Further analysis is forthcoming.

Addendum A2: Several public incidents have been recorded in which subjects appeared to have an anomalous trait similar to that of SCP-010-DE, but all died after initial stress conditions. The remains of the affected subjects were recovered and examined. Analyzes revealed that all subjects suffered from the same unknown illness as SCP-010-DE.

"It's strange in itself that the disease can change, but it seems to have some kind of "normal state" that allows us to recognize it from the "outside", and that is biologically almost impossible. At least if we leave out the variables in this science that are still unknown to us. All test subjects suffered from the same, strange illness. All test subjects could see the future. Only SCP-010-DE was able to withstand the panic attacks. The illness seems to be much more important If this disease is infectious, or can be or is already being spread through some other route, and is somehow related to the anomaly, it can lead to catastrophic consequences. I request immediate and precise investigation in this direction." — Dr. Rom

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