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Item #: SCP-010-EL

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The gas station where the tanks are located has been purchased by the Foundation for reasons for security and elimination of competition, as it's in the sights of Groups of Interest.

The surrounding area must be inspected and guarded on a 24-hour basis by members of MTF Delta-1, who will be disguised as private security guards. Other members of the unit are to be disguised as the Greek police and can rush to help at any time. Armed personnel are located at elevated points around the perimeter of the gas station. The personnel located inside its store should only be Class D personnel and may be replaced at the discretion of security personnel. At any time of the day, two (2) people must work in the store at the same time. The store is open 24 hours a day as there is no shortage of staff. The local manager and his department undertake every maintenance expense of the store, while the company from which the gas station was purchased is obliged to cover upgrade costs.

Due to the specific nature of the object, any state control is strictly prohibited. Inspection is done only by specialized staff of the Foundation.

Description: SCP-010-EL is a gas station which belongs to ██████ ███ Inc and is located in the city of T███████████. What makes the gas station special are its fuel tanks which do not seem to run out of fuel. It has four tanks with a capacity of 8,100 liters each for the following fuels: Unleaded 95, Diesel, Biodiesel Automotive, Diesel██████ and Heating Oil. The pumps are normal and do not have anything strange on them, which is confirmed by the reports of the engineers of the Foundation who carried out an inspection. It is still unknown that the fuel will never run out as further underground checks showed that there is no source of continuous refueling of the tanks. Other tests performed by chemists of the Foundation confirmed that the fuel is normal, all the chemicals that are in their composition are also found in the fuel of other gas stations.

The SCP-010-EL was discovered in July 2017 when an accident occurred while refueling, causing 6,000 liters of gasoline to fall on the road. The police, the Fire Brigade, the Customs and the director of the refineries were immediately called to the scene to investigate the case. When it turned out that the tanks were full, the Foundation's undercover agents realized that they were dealing with an SCP. Reports and data from the gas station showed that without delivering fuel, a tank gave over 8,100 liters of fuel.

The Foundation took action and confiscated all documents and reports while providing amnestics to those involved in the case to keep the nature of SCP-010-EL secret. The service station was purchased by the Foundation and the staff was replaced by D-class personnel. The GRC reported to Board O5 on the reasons why he decided to take over SCP-010-EL.

Addendum 010-EL-1: On ██ / ██ / 201█ the first inspection was carried out by a ladder of the Foundation that was housed in ██████████. The three chemists took samples from all four tanks in order to see if there was any difference in the fuel composition of the service station.
"We divided each sample into smaller samples in order to do some tests. In all the tests we had the same results. For example, Biodiesel Automotive Diesel had a ratio of 80% diesel and 20% Biodiesel. In Diesel ██████ "We did not find anything other than reduced Biodiesel and the presence of additional chemicals for better oil performance." -Dr. R███████

Addendum 010-EL-2: According to what the store papers show us so far, the last fuel collection took place on ██ / ██ / 201█. From the day of the accident (██ / ██ / 201█), only the tank containing Unleaded 95 yielded 11,000 liters, which is purely unrealistic when the tank capacity is 8,100 liters. The balances show that on average he gave 1,000 liters daily, so he would need refueling after a few days. The indications in the system are normal, i.e., when the fuel reaches ██%, it shows the indication low alarm. But we cannot find that the tanks are filled without a tanker coming. -Dr. Ι████████

SCP-010-EL is classified as Safe because its properties do not endanger citizens or public safety. Staff with a Level 2 or higher Security License may view the following documents relating to experiments, reports and events.

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