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SCP-010-JP lighting up

Item #: SCP-010-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-010-JP is strictly contained in a vault in a testing chamber at Site-81██. The testing chamber is outfitted with security cameras, and personnel entering and leaving the room are to confirm that SCP-010-JP is safely within the vault. Personnel who retrieve and use SCP-010-JP without special reason will be punished severely. Experiments on SCP-010-JP are to take place on a physically isolated computer system, and care should be taken to prevent affecting the exterior. Programs to be run on SCP-010-JP must be vetted by the SCP-010-JP review team.

Description: SCP-010-JP appears to be a type of USB flash drive. The primary difference between SCP-010-JP and ordinary USB flash drives is the object's ability to read and execute external programs. As such, SCP-010-JP is thought to be a small-scale computer rather than an ordinary USB flash drive, with its USB connector being a data transfer interface between SCP-010-JP and external devices. In addition, SCP-010-JP is also distinctly different from ordinary computers in that it possesses the capability to "take input from the future" that no current computer possesses. Using this capability will cause various phenomena to occur; please see Experiment Log 010-JP for more details.

When SCP-010-JP is connected to an ordinary computer's USB port, the section of the object that appears to be made of glass will light up in blue. Following several data transfers using an unknown protocol, SCP-010-JP will be recognized as a valid USB device using USB 3.0 or any earlier protocol. The storage capacity of the object depends on the connected computer's device or OS limitations on the maximum capacity it can support; while storage capacities up to 16 EB have been recorded, it is thought that the actual capacity exceeds this amount.

When SCP-010-JP is connected to a computer, a program will invariably execute on the host computer. In most cases, this is a command line program, typically known as Command Prompt or Terminal. This program is the interface for using SCP-010-JP. In additional to several standard commands, it is known to support a command for loading external programs and running them on SCP-010-JP.

SCP-010-JP has one partition, which has a root directory containing one folder and one file. The folder is named "Sample", and the file is named "Readme.txt". In the "Sample" directory, four C-like programs numbered "sample01.mra" through "sample04.mra" can be found. "Readme.txt" is a text file containing a simple description of how to use SCP-010-JP, and has been kept on record as Document 010-a. All files are stored in a standard text format. Files, including the four sample programs and "Readme.txt", can be moved into, out of, and within SCP-010-JP freely, and can be deleted freely.

Document 010-a: The following is the contents of the text file named "Readme.txt".

Thank your for purchasing MiraiFuture PC.

Mirai PC is a computer for the future.
Mirai PC can predict and calculate the future.
The future world is in your hands.

○ How to use Mirai PC
1. First, try running some of the sample programs in the Sample folder. Just type "run sample01.mra" into the window that opened when you plugged in Mirai PC and hit Enter.
2. Think about how the sample programs work. Read the comments in each program file and try to understand it.
3. Write some programs and try running them.
※If you don't understand, try searching it up on the internet. Starting from Mirai PC Project's official site, you should be able to find various tutorials.

Do you want to help develop Mirai PC?
Anyone can join in on Mirai PC development!
For more information, please visit [REDACTED].
(c) Mirai PC Project

No usable information on "Mirai PC Project" could be found.

Discovery: SCP-010-JP was discovered by Dr. Kuwana before his employment at the Foundation in a scrap dealer in ██████ Ward, Tokyo on ████/██/██. He purchased the object due to its strange appearance. Following this, Dr. Kuwana became aware of SCP-010-JP's effects and used it to [REDACTED], and was located by the Foundation. As a result of [REDACTED], Dr. Kuwana was recruited by the Foundation. While no other copies of SCP-010-JP have been found, the Foundation is still searching for any extant instances.
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