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Item #: SCP-010-KO

Object Class: Keter (Pending reclassification after complete understanding of occurrence pattern)

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation proxy company Sprint Communications Provider's Korean branch manages SCP-010-KO phone numbers and related tasks. The tasks include management of existing numbers and the search for new instances. The company should collect as many scam call records as possible for potential new instances for this task.

Cell phones assigned with the number are put in containment cells with attached recording devices, accompanied by a D-Class and at least three researchers. The phones have location tracking devices attached in case of the scammer noticing the number's anomaly. MTF unit Epsilon-3 ("Scambusters") administer B class amnestics to the scammers after each call.

To prevent the creation of new instances, D-class individuals should answer the call. When no D-Class is present, the lowest ranking individual should take the scam call. The phones are connected to Epsilon-3's radio system for immediate response to prevent missed calls.

Personnel should practise extreme caution to prevent information leakage, as it may cause problems ranging from simple theft to XK-Class End-Of-The-World scenarios.

Description: SCP-010-KO is a set of South Korean mobile phone numbers. Three instances exist; 010-████-████, 010-████-████, and 010-████-████. Mobile phones with the number (SCP-010-KO-1) is identical to a non-anomalous cell phone, except when it receives a scam call, which makes the scammer's claim real. The scammers were confirmed to be non-anomalous criminals. Changing the SIM card or the mobile device itself does not stop the anomaly from happening. From these facts, the Foundation concluded that the phone number is anomalous.

Why SCP-010-KO appears is unknown. Nevertheless, when an SCP-010-KO-1 misses a scam call, a random new number becomes another SCP-010-KO instance. This happens not only when the call is deliberately ignored but also when accidentally missed in situations like a dead phone or poor reception. Therefore, one should always answer the scam calls to prevent new instances from appearing. Despite this, the latest retrieved instance did not have any related records before [REDACTED]. Research is underway to determine whether instances can appear with no apparent reason.

SCP-010-KO was first reported at █/█/201█ when Chinese scammers abducted a five-year-old child living in Gwangju-Si, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Twenty minutes before the abduction, the child was witnessed in her nursery but disappeared when her parents answered the call. She was later found in an abandoned warehouse in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, China. The scammers denied abduction. Later, Foundation investigation uncovered the anomaly's existence. Involved civilians were treated with B-class amnestics, and the press releases were manipulated to depict the incident as a fake urban legend amongst the public.

How the instance distinguishes scam calls with regular calls is yet unknown. However, the anomaly is more likely to manifest if the scammer tries to earn monetary gain through the scam.

The instance can presumably cause unrealistic events. For instance, a group of interest with knowledge of the Foundation calling the number can cause loss of SCP instances, and a sapient Keter class object's call may result in an XK-Class End-Of-The-World Scenario. Therefore, the creation of new instances must be blocked, and personnel should practise particular caution to prevent information leakage about existing ones.

Addendum 010-KO-A: Experiment Log

Experiment Log 010-KO-A-a

Scam target: D-0821

Description: Two researchers and D-0821 were in the cell when the scammer called. D-0821 was pregnant with a girl. She did not have any other children.

<Start of Log>

D-0821: Hello?

Voice: We have your daughter. Send us 100 million won to [REDACTED] in thirty minutes, or your kid's gone.

D-0821: What? (Blocking the mic end of the phone) What's happening?

Voice: You'd better hurry.

D-0821: (Suddenly claims abdominal pain)

Voice: What the… (Noise) … AAAAH!!

<End of Log>

Result: Ultrasonic photography after the call showed the foetus missing. The money was sent before 30 minutes. The foetus then returned to its place, which was born naturally after █ months. The scammer was administered B-Class amnestics, and current containment protocols were established.

Experiment log 010-KO-A-b

Target: Senior researcher Jaytt

Description: While Researcher ██████ ████ and the D-Class left, Researcher Jaytt, the only person in the room received the call as per the containment protocol.

<Start of log>

Jaytt: Hello?

Voice: Good afternoon, sir! You just won a free family trip from our company, ███ travel agencies!

Jaytt: (In frustration) Oh… Uh, so what should I do?

Voice: First we need you to send us the tax and utility charges of [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], and we'll do the rest for you!

Jaytt: (Brief silence) I see. All right.

<End of log>

Result: After █ days the money was sent, a travel ticket was mailed to Researcher Jaytt's home. He was allowed to use the ticket for further research and holiday. This experiment proved the instances could cause positive reality changes.

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