Artistic representation of SCP-010-PT-1.

Item #: SCP-010-PT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the anomalous nature of the reproduction methods of SCP-010-PT, its complete containment is impossible. Containment efforts should be conducted by MTF PT9-Epsilon ("Carochinhas"). Task Force agents should infiltrate rural communities suspected of being located near SCP-010-PT, in addition to tracking the means of communication for keywords listed in Document 010-PT-5451. Such mentions should be defamed as urban legends and individuals involved in sightings should be administered Class-C or B amnestics, depending on the individual's conviction. For statistical and research means, all recognized instances of SCP-010-PT must be registered in Document 010-PT-Y451.

Agents are instructed to propagate information that discourages retention of SCP-010-PT-1. Event 010-PT-2-Alpha Observers should be administered Class-A amnestics if necessary. Individuals directly involved in the Event are not recoverable and must be considered missing indefinitely.

SCP-010-PT, as well as SCP-010-PT-1 and SCP-010-PT-2 are not considered threats at the moment and neutralizing the instances is not recommended, due to the benefits offered to the flora covered by their effects. In the event that SCP-010-PT-2 becomes hostile, personnel must report such change in behavior immediately to the Containment Team 010 for emergency development of new containment procedures.

After tests carried out on 09/02/20██, future efforts in communication and direct interaction with SCP-010-PT-1 and SCP-010-PT-2 can only be made by D-Class personnel.

Description: SCP-010-PT is an arboreal species similar to gameleiras1 (Ficus insipida) of size and foliage with characteristics typically found in non-anomalous specimens. Unlike non-anomalous specimens, SCP-010-PT has a great abundance of woody vines, covering at least 70% of its branches and trunks, in addition to the capability fruit generation (designated SCP-010-PT-1) that generate humanoid entities (SCP-010-PT-2), in addition to serving to this species as 'gateways' to a large 'hive' interconnected to every existing specimen of SCP-010-PT, referred to as SCP-010-PT-3.

Specimens of SCP-010-PT do not appear to regenerate when damaged or be affected by weather fluctuations. Removal of any part of SCP-010-PT causes that part to evaporate into a cloud of dense, toxic smoke composed of varying levels of CO, H2O and SO2 whitin a 1 m³ radius, causing temporary amnesia in sapient subjects who inhale the gas. Attempts to access SCP-010-PT-3 by known means (such as probes, drilling or cutting) were unsuccessful, and show the interior of SCP-010-PT as a non-anomalous tree trunk. The reproduction of SCP-010-PT appears to be random, affecting any gameleira specimen appearing in the wild; reproduction of SCP-010-PT in gameleiras cultivated indoors was unsuccessful.

SCP-010-PT-1 is a spherical-cylindrical fruit, with a concave bottom and an exterior similar to a Cuban pepper (Capsicum annum) of the red variety.2 When opened, it expels an SCP-010-PT-2 specimen through its opening, affixed to the object by a thin, colorless structure of viscous organic material, similar to the clitellum present in annelids; such structure does not prevent SCP-010-PT-1 from being detachable from SCP-010-PT-2, an act that causes great distress in the entity. Removal of SCP-010-PT by its stem results in smoke evaporation and does not generate SCP-010-PT-2, regardless of fruit development.

SCP-010-PT-2 are dark brown, sapient and sentient humanoid beings, measuring approximately 1.38 cm in height, with an anatomy similar to that of an adult between 20 and 50 years old. SCP-010-PT-2 has no solid lower limbs, having instead an appendage composed of a gaseous mass of black smoke of changeable radius and density, which the entity uses to move through a rectilinear centrifugal process at a speed reaching up to 30 km/h. Its skin appears to be composed of organic material similar to burnt tree bark and its face is reminiscent of a human with African features, except for its eyes and teeth, which have a reddish color, distinguishable even in areas with little exposure to light (-0.002 lux). SCP-010-PT-2 does not have any objects or apparel in their possession other than SCP-010-PT-1 on its head, and further testing reveals that any material affixed to the entity ‘goes through’ its body. As shown in the Exploration Log, objects affixed to the internal part of SCP-010-PT-1 can be transported together with the entity when it inserts itself into SCP-010-PT-3 and retrieved upon it leaving.

Discovery: Agent ██████, during their annual visit to their relatives, owners and residents of a farm in █████████-SP, reported seeing a "great black mass" moving moments after their relatives expressing frustration upon observing local disorder (presumably caused by SCP-010-PT-2). Agent ██████ reported the incident to their superiors, which led to in-depth investigations by the Foundation. After chasing several instances of SCP-010-PT-2, SCP-010-PT was discovered, as well as SCP-010-PT-1. SCP-010-PT-3 was confirmed as a proper location after the exploration performed on 09/02/20██. The possibility and methods of capturing SCP-010-PT-1, as well as ‘deals’ offered in exchange for SCP-010-PT-2 have been discovered by studies of popular superstition and urban legends, confirmed as partially true.

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