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Item #: SCP-011-IT

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The two instances of SCP-011-IT currently known are contained in the Area-011-1 and Area-011-2, structures which are protected by reinforced concrete walls with a thickness of sixty centimetres and three meters of height. Two CCTV cameras are to be positioned inside the structures and at least three guards must be present at their entrance at all times to prevent the entry of civilians. Any manifestation of the most dangerous effects of SCP-011-IT must be immediately reported to the head of containment and to the directorate of the Asclepius Site. Specimens of SCP-011-IT-1 must be terminated of on sight, given their aggressive and hostile behavior.

Given the effects of SCP-011-IT on humans, access to SCP-011-IT's areas of effect is allowed only to Class D personnel, drones and robots.

Description: SCP-011-IT is the collective denomination for two areas (indicated with the suffixes –A and –B) possessing different anomalous effects, some of which in common between the two. Although several experiments have been carried out, the true nature of SCP-011-IT is still unknown; It is theorized that SCP-011-IT was created due to a fracture of the [REDACTED], which led research personnel to hypothesize its space-time-related nature.

SCP-011-IT-A is an area of ​​about 19 m2 located in ██████, Lombardy, under a suburban house now closed to the public. The basement is the only part of the house where the effects of SCP-011-IT manifest themselves.

SCP-011-IT-B is an area of ​​about 12 m2, located about two hundred meters away from SCP-011-IT-A. Although SCP-011-IT-B is also located in the basement of a two-family house, it also occurs in the bathrooms of the aforementioneb building and in its attic and with an additional anomalous effect if compared to SCP-011-IT-A.

Instances of SCP-011-IT cause a number of anomalous effects following entry into the premises. They seem to affect only humans: animals and robots used in the experiments come out unscathed. The effects of SCP-011-IT, which usually occur individually, are indicated below.

Sudden disappearance.
Subjects introduced into SCP-011-IT will disappear without leaving any trace; any attempt to use cameras or geolocation tools proved to be futile. All those who disappeared in SCP-011-IT reappeared exactly thirty minutes later, covered in what appears to be a dense black substance. The subjects will have no memory of what happened in the past thirty minutes but will experience very serious burns, similar to those caused by various corrosive chemical agents. Following the chemical analyzes carried out on the substance, this turned out to be a mixture consisting mainly of ink and other compounds, including traces of saliva from Canis lupus familiaris, hemolymph of various crustaceans and balsamic vinegar. This phenomenon has been reported as a consequence of exposure to both SCP-011-IT-A and SCP-011-IT-B and has occurred 12 times since SCP-011-IT was taken into custody by the Foundation.

Loss of consciousness.
Subjects will lose consciousness between 30 and 90 seconds after entering the area of ​​effect of SCP-011-IT-A. Those who lose consciousness within SCP-011-IT upon awakening will begin to scream due to visual hallucinations and will therefore try to escape from the area in any way; once they reach the outside, they will lose consciousness again after approximately twelve seconds. Upon awakening, subjects will retain any memory of hallucinations and develop symptoms of a post-traumatic disorder. This event has occurred 3 times and is present only in SCP-011-IT-A.

Transformation of subject into an anomalous, humanoid entity.
The subject will experience severe pain located at first in the spine and then in the stomach a few minutes after entering the area. Subsequently, the subject's skin will begin to assume the morphological characteristics of reptile scales within the following 32 minutes. Those affected by this effect shall be referred to as SCP-011-IT-1 and will prove extremely aggressive by attacking humans on sight; moreover, the subjects will become remarkably resistant to various cutting weapons and small caliber bullets. In the event that the transformation is interrupted by bringing the subject out of the area of effect, the physical changes will be irreversible but there will be no psychological repercussions. This event occurred 6 times and was found to happen only in the area of effect of SCP-011-IT-B.


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