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Item #: SCP-011-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-011-KO is located in a designated containment zone within a radius of 10 metres centered on itself. The vegetation in the containment zone is not to be disturbed. Due to the containment zone being open to the public, only direct contact between the subject and the civilian is to be blocked. If a civilian comes in contact with the subject, the civilian is to be administered Class-A amnestics, and then brought out of the containment zone. Personnel observing the containment are to appear as civilians and are to be cycled in a 24-hour shift. If any personnel observes any change of the subject, they must contact the current head researcher of SCP-011-KO (currently Dr.██████) immediately.

Description: SCP-011-KO is a large humanoid object located in ███ national park, in ███. It is estimated to be 10 metres tall and around 1 tonne in weight. It is half-submerged in the ground, lying down, and does not show any movement. Interior observation using devices such as ultrasonic sensors show that its interior is notably similar to humans, and show normal biological activity. However, no amount of force has yet been able to change the exterior. Only a small bobbing of the chest region is observed. This movement is very similar to that of human respiration.

SCP-011-KO's cellular structure does not match that of any known creature. Its surface is formed out of crystal structures similar to that of rocks. However, thanks to the subjects biological structure being similar to humans, the foundation was able to conclude that the subject is sleeping. Currently, the state of the subject cannot be changed by applying any force and is thought to stay this way unless the subject wills to.

SCP-011-KO has been under Foundation management after Agent ██████ visited ███ national park as a tourist and mistook the subject as a regular structure, however they soon discovered its chest area moving. After that, the agent contacted the Foundation, allowing the Foundation to contain the subject.

Addendum: Surveillance agent log-██

It's been over a month since I've been appointed as SCP-011-KO's surveillance agent. I've kept a close eye on the subject every day, though I watch the thing in shifts with the ██████ guy, I've known that the Foundation's researchers couldn't affect the subject in any way. I think that's why they left it here to contain instead of moving it. Because of this, I can't but imagine what will happen if SCP-011-KO is hostile to humanity. If so, when it wakes up, the Foundation will have to change its object class. I have nothing against that, but I sure hope I'm not here when this thing wakes up. - Agent ███

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