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Item #: SCP-011-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-011-PT must be guarded and studied only be male personnel during its active period; during its inactive period, the research and security teams may include personnel from any gender; exceptions to this rule must be protocoled immediately.

The area where SCP-011-PT is located has been defined as a Permanent Environment Protection Zone taken care of by a private company serving as a facade for the Foundation. Members of the containment team of SCP-011-PT must refer to the protocols contained in the document Fleurs-de-Lys et amour.

The location, responsible personnel, equipment, and structures associated with the creation, and accommodation of hybrid instances of SCP-011-PT must be related to the current research director for recurrent investigations.

Due to the nature of SCP-011-PT-4, the Foundation will maintain contact with the major organizations responsible for astronomical research, officially documenting the anomaly in the event of the occurrence of these observable phenomena. Should future tests be requested, extra protocols of containment and disinformation will be developed according to the necessities.

Description: SCP-011-PT is a hydric perennial extension of clear waters, measuring ~60m², ~2.5m and ~1.2m of depth in its maximum, and minimum points, located in the Amazon Rainforest. Species of Victoria amazonica can be observed over its surface: SCP-011-PT-1-A and SCP-011-PT-1-B denotes its leaves and its flowers1, respectively.

  • SCP-011-PT possesses an active period, denominated SCP-011-PT-2, occurring between the months of March and July. During an SCP-011-PT-2 event, any female individual that rests over the frozen area created by SCP-011-PT-1-A will disappear, by unknown means, intermittently until the end of July, thus being designated an instance of SCP-011-PT-3.
  • Individuals designated SCP-011-PT-3 display several relevant elementary behavioural, emotional, and habitual (inter and intra-personal relationships) changes in ~92% of the cases observed after experiencing SCP-011-PT-2; these changes are relevant when compared to their personality profiles previous to the event.2
  • SCP-011-PT-4 is a celestial body that will appear in the immediate proximity of the terrestrial Moon like a sub-satellite; an instance of this object forms itself spontaneously after individual SCP-011-PT-3 experiences during an SCP-011-PT-2 event. SCP-011-PT-4 is a temporary observable phenomenon that ends at the end of July, coinciding with the reappearance of SCP-011-PT-3 instances.

Report of Discovery and Recovery: The Foundation became aware of the existence of the anomalous activity caused by the object in the region because of incidents involving tourists disappearing between the months of March, and July after interacting with "a lake full of lily pads that created ice, and had fluorescent lilies during the night".

SCP-011-PT has been documented for the first time in 18██, dating the epoch of annexation of the Province of Amazon by the Brazil Empire government. During the capital exploration, individuals found the relevant body of water, noticing its extraordinary characteristics, thus leading the Royal Conservatory of Paranormal Sciences to assume the research operations in the zone.8

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