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Item #: SCP-012-DE-J an annoying thing

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-012-DE-J an annoying thing is contained inside a storage unit with the identification code AR-31. One (1) surveillance camera is installed in AR-31, through which SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing is under continuous observation. Additional containment measures for SCP-012-DE-J this annoying thing are not necessary, as no other safety precautions are effective due to its irregular disappearance. When SCP-012-DE-J this absolutely annoying thing vanishes from AR-31, a major alarm is triggered for the whole Sector-03, until SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing is back in custody. In the event of an alarm, Dr. Yakamuri is to be called as an initial measure to check if the SCP is in his possession.

Addendum: If this is not the case, all SCPs inside Site-DE19 must be examined for SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing. If another SCP comes into possession of SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing, appropriate precautions must be initiated to recover SCP-012-DE-J the way too annoying thing and store it back in AR-31. When research is conducted, Dr. Yakamurie has to be present at all times.

Description: SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing is a burdock of the plant genus Arctium Lappa1, which measures 0.46 centimeters in diameter and weighs 3 gram. SCP-012-DE-J this annoying thing features the anomalous property that, if one talks or writes about it, a person consistently feels compelled to add the words "an annoying thing", but the choice of words can vary. SCP-012-DE-J the absolutely annoying thing has the property of simply disappearing. After it had vanished, it will always reappear at Dr. Yakamuri's place, who discovered this SCP, albeit by mere chance. It is presumed SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing possesses the ability to teleport, but how this process works is unclear, which also applies to the question why individuals always have this compulsion to, when talking or writing about SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing, use these words.

Addendum: On the ██. of March 20██, SCP-012-DE-J this most annoying thing showed a new behavior. Instead of sticking to Dr. Yakamuri during the containment breach at the ██. of March 20██, SCP-012-DE-J the stressful thing attached to SCP-███-DE, a Keter-class anomaly. This led to the loss of 7 security guards. Since this incident, the whereabouts of SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing after every containment breach are as of now unknown. These incidents justified a change in class from Euclid to Keter. Since this incident, attempts are made to destroy SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing, but whenever this is tried, SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing will vanish again. Attempts have therefore been suspended.

Discovery: SCP-012-DE-J the absolutely most annoying thing has initially been discovered by Dr. Yakamuri, when it stuck to his sweater at the ██. of March 20██. This process repeated for a whole week. During this period, the SCP stuck approx. ███ times to Dr. Yakamuri. When these incidents became a burden for Dr. Yakamuri and he was unable to explain the burdock's origin, the issue was reported and SCP-012-DE-J the annoying thing has been flustering Site-DE-19 since then.

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