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You are about to access the documentation related to SCP-012-INT's containment project. Due to the sizeable amount of information about the object, this page utilises a series of "collapsible" in order to better organise the material available on-screen, and, consequently, the page may seem shorter than it actually is when displayed in your terminal.


4/012-INT LEVEL 4/012-INT
Item #: SCP-012-INT

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-012-INT are to be kept in special-purpose thaumaturgical containment cells at Site PT4. Each containment cell is equipped with a special-purpose environmental control and life-support system capable of controlling the atmosphere inside each enclosure, including the complete evacuation of oxygen; a customised air-conditioning system, and subsystems for the maintenance of water, sewage, and the delivery of objects.

The walls and doors of the containment cells are adapted to the structural standards of an industrial explosive-proof enclosure, and a thaumaturgic-sealing designation unit1, equipped with coolant sprinklers, and insulated with audio-visual surveillance equipment in such a way that it is impossible for the individuals to not be in clear view of the cameras from any angle.

These systems, as well as the surveillance of the subjects themselves, are moderated through a joint effort by KIRA, and Camomila2. Both are instructed to incapacitate any instance attempting to vocalise any disallowed spells. The cells are furnished each with a bed, a desk, a dining table, three chairs, a running mill, and a bookshelf; although along the time the individuals have been contained, each cell's furnishing has received customisations to better suit the effects of the captive individuals.

The specialised psychophysical accompaniment for the health & safety purposes of the individuals is conducted by a body of medical specialists involved with the project, currently supervised by Raphaella Werneck, MD. PhD, the current project manager. The individuals must be under constant audiovisual surveillance, including during any pre-programmed, or extraordinary activities; interviews may only be conducted via videoconference. Any requests made by any of the individuals are to be provided at the discretion of the project manager in accordance with the safety regulations outlined in the Project memorandum, and Site Concordia's internal regiment.

Each individual must be outfitted with a thaumaturgic-disruptor collar that is subjected to a bi-weekly inspection; the security officers involved with the project are thaumaturges trained in anti-thaumaturgic protection, and solutions — such as counter, and anti-spelling; standard security officers have been provided with partial anti-thaumaturgic vests, and electroshock weapons.

Personnel directly involved with the handling of the individuals must be rotated monthly; personnel may not remain in the presence of any individual for more than 15 minutes at a time within 120-minute intervals. Personnel may not enter the five-metre radius exclusion zone of any containment cell without a specific-purpose authorisation. Personnel involved with the project, or that have been near project assets must undergo psionic examinations to rule out telepathic connections with the individuals.

For transportation, and other containment necessities, a special-purpose set of harnesses, stretches, and gags were developed in order to facilitate the secure transportation of the individuals. Gagging has been elected as the primary solution for stopping SCP-012-INT instances from activating any magical abilities since astral incantations must be clearly vocalised to take effect.

Description: SCP-012-INT designates a group of 6 human women of varied phenotypes. Notably, however, is that they exhibit several inhuman animalistic physical attributes that are commonly found in common household cat breeds (Felis Silvestris Catus); namely, a furred tail, slit pupils, elongated fangs, retractable nails (by ~5 millimetres), and an additional set of perfectly-functional feline ears on their heads; every subject seems to emulate a different cat breed, as can be inferred from the shape of the ears, tails and hair as well as hair colour.

These individuals share a common telepathic link with each other, allowing them to communicate over large distances; it is assumed that it is the same link used by members of the Group of Interest "The Hive".

The results from Foundation-issued intelligence quotient tests exhibit that these individuals possess immense intellectual capabilities, displaying polymathic knowledge in non-anomalous, and anomalous matters; this repertoire could be asserted through a number of assets such as apparatuses, and bibliographic materials allegedly created/authored by these individuals that were seized by the Germanophone, and Lusophone branches of the Foundation.

Furthermore, all individuals are adept at using Astral Magic, a form of thaumaturgy classified by the Germanophone Foundation that is commonly used by members of the Group of Interest "The Mage's Academy". It has been noted that these individuals can utilise thaumaturgy to deadly, and destructive effects through a myriad of phenomena from several thaumaturgical schools.

The following is a short description of all 6 instances currently contained by the Foundation. Note that all subjects are presumably part of the Hive telepathic network and therefore, they theoretically possess a plethora of abilities and know-how not mentioned in the reports.

    • _
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      Characteristics Codename Status Age
      SCP-012-INT-1 Skyfire Alive — under custody 22 years old
      Abilities: Skyfire specialises in military sciences as well as in demolitions, and pyrotechnics. She possesses the highest level of skill, amongst all other instances, in martial arts, and the operation of arms, and firearms.
      Thaumaturgy: "Skyfire" specialises in elemental Pyrokinetic phenomena such as combustibles, and explosives. Notably, she is capable of producing weaponry by transmuting available material through an idiosyncratic thaumaturgic solution.
      Appearance: "Skyfire" appears to be closely related to a Maine Coon species. She possesses long feline ears; brown and black tabby spots on her ears, hair, and tail. She is notably muscular, and physically active. ~190cm of height; 97kg of weight.
      Behaviour: "Skyfire" has been noted as disciplined, polite, and reserved.
      Other: "Skyfire" exhibits a notable degree of skill in rhythm-motoric activities. She has been determined as the key target to subdue in order to most effectively disrupt the morale of the other instances.
      • _
      Characteristics Codename Status Age
      SCP-012-INT-2 Mint Alive — under custody 28 years old
      Abilities: "Mint" specialises in gastronomic sciences. She has been noted as a skilled [para]chef.
      Thaumaturgy: "Mint" specialises in Hydrokinetic phenomena. She has exhibited a proficient ability at summoning hydroelemental Elysian entities specialised in housekeeping, and other complex tasks.
      Appearance: "Mint" appears to be closely related to a Siberian species. She possesses luscious feline ears; thick grey-white tabby-coloured ears, hair, and tail. ~175cm of height; ~75kg of weight.
      Behaviour: "Mint" has been noted as difficult to motivate, or stimulate except when she is engaged in activities associated with her interests; exceptionally active when interacting with other instances. She has displayed a preference for environments with subzero temperatures. She has been shown to utilise expletives with frequency.
      Other: "Mint" has been diagnosed with a minor depressive disorder. She is currently enrolled in therapeutic psychophysical activities as part of her treatment.
      • _
      Characteristics Codename Status Age
      SCP-012-INT-3 Walpurga Alive — under custody 25 years old
      Abilities: "Walpurga" specialises in linguistic, and literary sciences, including those of anomalous nature. She professes the highest level of thaumaturgic power, and skill amongst all instances.
      Thaumaturgy: "Walpurga" specialises in Abjuration3, and Transmutation, the latter focuses on chronokinetic, and spatialkinetic manipulation.
      Appearance: "Walpurga" appears to be closely related to a Selkirk Rex species. She possesses curled white-coloured fur, and hair. Her extensive usage of Abjuration appears to be dedicated to the strengthening of her body. ~160 cm of height; 55 kg of weight.
      Behaviour: "Walpurga" has been observed displaying manipulative tendencies whenever alienated from other instances. She has exhibited an extremely negative opinion of muscular individuals despite being actively positive towards "Skyfire's" physical qualities, to whom she appears to be engaged in an unspecific amorous relationship.
      Other: Foundation personnel have been advised not to engage in conversation with "Walpurga" unless accompanied by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or lawyer. She is currently enrolled in therapeutic psychophysical activities as part of the treatment for a perceived inferiority complex.
      • _
      Characteristics Codename Status Age
      SCP-012-INT-4 Valeriana Alive — under custody 24 years old
      Abilities: "Valeriana" specialises in general medical sciences. She has shown a sophisticated degree of formal academic, and professional know-how in Medicine, and Pharmaceutics. She has exhibited a concerning amount of knowledge of modern methods of physical torture.
      Thaumaturgy: "Valeriana" specialises in Abjuration, Conjuration, and Transmutation thaumaturgy with medical applications. She has been observed using Conjuration to emulate delicate medical instruments using thaumic energy. She has been observed using Transmutation to perform medical interventions on living beings.
      Appearance: "Valeriana" appears to be closely related to a Persian species. She possesses small feline ears, and dense, thick hair. ~178 cm of height; 78 kg of weight.
      Behaviour: "Valeriana" has been noted as calm, and friendly. She dedicated a considerable amount of her daily routine to collating medical, and thaumaturgic research. She has exhibited a relevant interest, and engagement in matters of cosmetic, and physical care. She has exhibited frustration towards purported "patients" who disregard her medical advice, and prescriptions.
      Other: "Valeriana" sheds a remarkable amount of hair during the spring season. Although her medical knowledge appears to be technically competent, she possesses no active registry in any officially recognised medical board in the [para]world, and, therefore, she has been forbidden from giving medical advice without being in the presence of a Foundation medical officer. She has been awarded an Honoris Causa degree in Medicine by Site PT4. She has been allowed to wear a silver band on her left-hand ring finger.
      • _
      Characteristics Codename Status Age
      SCP-012-INT-5 Cleo Alive — under custody 23 years old
      Abilities: "Cleo" specialises in multiple fields of Engineering. She has exhibited an extraordinary capability in combining non-anomalous, and paratechnological/thaumaturgic solutions to create idiosyncratic artefacts.
      Thaumaturgy: "Cleo" specialises in Geokinetic, and Metalkinetic systems of thaumaturgy. She possesses an idiosyncratic knowledge of Alchemy, and Chemicalkineticism that has only been observed in a particular set of Academy4 thaumaturges.
      Appearance: "Cleo" appears to be closely related to a Dragon Li species. She possesses golden-brown tabby hair colouration. ~184 cm of height; 85 kg of height.
      Behaviour: "Cleo" is notably has been noted as arrogant, and irritable. She is extremely defensive about her perceived "noteworthy" physical attributes. She has been observed self-inferring, and self-referencing her alleged intellectual superiority, especially when reverse-engineering mechanical apparatuses.
      Other: "Cleo" has been employed as an extraofficial quality assurance technician for certain R&D projects conducted on Site PT4. She has been forbidden from autonomously sending formal complaints addrest to the Foundation, or other organisations, detailing perceived flaws in products of their creation due to the exceeding number of complaints received about "callousness", and "hurt feelings". In the year 2021, she has been ranked the #1 cause for transference requests amongst Foundation personnel employed at Site PT4. She has been allowed to wear a silver band on her left-hand ring finger.
      • _
      Characteristics Codename Status Age
      SCP-012-INT-6 Coin Alive — under custody 21 years old
      Abilities: "Coin" is specialised in Accounting, Economic Sciences, and Mathematics. She is a skilled metallurgist, and numismatist. She is the least proficient thaumaturge amongst all instances.
      Thaumaturgy: "Coin" is specialised in Enchantment, especially oriented towards the construction, development, and engineering of entrapping paratechnological paraphernalia.
      Appearance: "Coin" appears to be closely related to a Scottish Fold species. She possesses grey fur, and hair. ~170 cm of height; ~65 kg of weight.
      Behaviour: "Coin" is notably amicable, and outgoing; being the most talkative amongst all instances. She exhibits a remarkable amount of knowledge regarding BDSM practices. She considers herself a "Power Bottom".
      Other: She is currently enrolled in therapeutic psychophysical activities as part of the treatment for diagnosed Kleptomania. Foundation personnel has been forbidden from engaging with her about financial advice, and any discussion involving "Shibari Rope".

    • _




    The analyses of several intelligence artefacts gathered during multiple operations in Europe infer that the instances of SCP-012-INT have been created by the Germanophone Group of Interest "Institut für Menschliche Bildung und Weiterentwicklung"5, known simply as "IMBW". The instances are alluded to as objects of interest for a research & development project, codenamed "Project Merlin", aimed at studying The Hive's gestalt intelligence network systems

    A general overview of "Project Merlin", constructed through the analyses of fragmented material, indicates that one of its objectives was the development of specialised human resources; several infants which demonstrated an aptitude for the practice of thaumaturgy were selected, and upon being subjected to specific surgical interventions through paratechnological procedures, would affect "exceptional" enhancements in their natural abilities associated with the practice, and performance of thaumaturgical feats.

    One noteworthy series of documents associated with "Project Merlin" indicate the existence of 8 concurrent subjects which were successfully acquired, and developed simultaneously for the objectives of the project. These subjects were, apparently, sourced from the same institution, and, despite not sharing parental relations, possessed an "extraordinary" psionic network. Records indicate that these subjects were indeed acquainted with one another for several years before their acquisition, but nothing indicates that they were previously aware of their anomalous abilities.


    Regarding the nature of the surgical interventions which the project promoted, certain materials indicate that these medical designs were developed based on a series of historical bibliographic artefacts associated with one hermetic cult of Bastet, and Sekhmet; these artefacts detailed a series of polymorphic, and transmutational processes aimed at "creating a godly likeness of the human body" in order to extraordinarily increase one's thaumaturgical capabilities. IMBW appears to have successfully modernised, and refined the means by which one would engage with these procedures.

    What exactly enabled IMBW to facilitate the exploitation of The Hive's Gestalt intelligence network isn't clear; it is inferred that IMBW managed to develop a specific asset capable of isolating, and accessing certain fragments of the network — although it consequently, or deliberately led to the "contamination" of the subjects.


    Several documents indicate that IMBW possesses a rather sophisticated understanding of the mechanisms, and workings of The Hive's Gestalt intelligence network; to that effect, IMBW produced a series of theorems proposing models for the capabilities, functions, and possible uses of the network.

    Moreover, IMBW also appears to have theorised a unique system that could interface with The Hive's Gestalt intelligence network, and create a "splinter network" from it in which to engage individuals into the whole, thusly granting access to the array of the network without subjecting the individuals to the invasive integration process — namely, being at the mercy of the administrative entity behind it.


    Certain reports indicate that an orchestrated incident provided the subjects with an escape window. It appears that 6 out of 8 total subjects managed to successfully escape. The current circumstances of the 2 remaining subjects are currently unknown; however, it is assumed that both are still alive6 under IMBW's custody.



    • _




    Intel indicated that the escaped anomalies managed to leave Germany with the support of a series of Hive cells; the Germanophone Foundation's surveillance operations managed to intercept a series of communications regarding the "transportation of important assets rescued from the [I]nstitute to Egypt", and "the procurement of official identification documents, and passports for the assets".

    In consideration of the active joint agreement between the Germanophone, and Lusophone branches of the Foundation for mutual aid in the development of security, containment, and protection procedures against the Hive, both branches organised a special operation to intercept, and secure the abovementioned assets of interest under Foundation custody.

    A special recon & surveillance task force was assigned to monitor the assets, which were embarked from Germany to Greece, and once there, embarked to Egypt, where they disembarked into one of the Hive's secure facilities, at the time, operating under façade of being a complex of commercial warehouses in Glyfada. Reconnaissance revealed that the Hive employed numerous [para]technological resources to guard the structure.


    The Germanophone, and Lusophone branches provided a number of operatives from the Mobile Task Forces MTF DE4-𝔙 "Die Verteidiger"; DE20-ℜ — "Seher"; PT1-Ψ - "Chaves de Hécate"; and the special-purpose Paladina for the purposes of assembling a specialised assault team to raid the place of interest. The personnel involved were equipped, and trained with anti-thaumaturgical, and anti-psionic equipment riot equipment as a means of dealing with the Hive's usual threats.


    Although the operation initiated with the element of surprise, Foundation forces quickly found themselves against stark Hive-associated resistance; it is inferred that all those present at the location operated under the Hive's network, which allowed Foundation personnel to operate at full capability with the deployment of armoured riot, and shock troops utilising less-than-lethal tactics without harming civilians.

    Several coordinated attacks by the specialised squads managed to scatter the organised Hive resistance into fragmented pockets, dismantling attempts of disengagement, and evacuation. These isolated pockets of resistance were rapidly subdued.

    SCP-012-INT instances were first engaged several minutes after the start of the operation; severely escalating the conflict via the destructive usage of astral magic, which caused great collateral damage to civilian, and Foundation assets at, and near the scene. The ensuing chaos enabled the evacuation of several Hive assets.


    The conflict was only de-escalated once SCP-012-INT-1 was subdued in single combat by Lt. Col Eliza Pfützenreuter, at the time operating the SCP-055-PT Paladina model. Seizing the opportunity, Agent Jürgens, a member of MTF DE4-𝔙, then held SCP-012-INT at gunpoint, and demanded the surrender of all remaining instances of SCP-012-INT at the threat of summarily executing the SCP-012-INT-1.

    SCP-012-INT-3, which, up until that point, managed to stave off the combined assault from MTF PT1-Ψ, and MTF DE20-ℜ, surrendered immediately after heeding the threat. The remaining SCP-012-INT instances surrendered shortly thereafter.


    The operation concluded without Foundation casualties, but with several injured officers. The area was secured, and subjected to a full sweep; Foundational personnel acquired several artefacts of interest, but were unable to find any of the Hive's "trademark" letters addressing the event; this combined with the apparent disorganised resistance infers that the Hive lacked intel regarding Foundation operations.

    A task force specialised in disinformation, and janitorial measures was dispatched to clean, and cover the effects of the operation. The damage was explained as catastrophic leakage of high-explosive chemicals. Mediatic coverage was informed that the building's fire prevention systems, and the local firefighter corps managed to control the incident.


    • _




    Preface: The interrogation room was prepared beforehand with anti-thaumaturgical, and anti-psionic assets; an experimental Hecatian Anchor7 was installed in the vicinity for that purpose. The room is well-lit, and well-furnished; a number of audiovisual surveillance equipment are installed along the walls; a one-way glass window provides the adjacent surveillance room with complete visibility of the interrogation room's interior.

    "Skyfire" is seen cuffed to the table; stretched chains enable partial movement. She is still wearing the military clothes in which she was apprehended, but an anti-thaumaturgic collar has been fastened around her neck. An assortment of food items has been made available on the table; Skyfire consumed coffee, and several biscuits.

    Lt. Malick, from the Germanophone Branch, enters the room carrying his personal terminal, and a heavy set of documents. He sits on the chair across the table, facing "Skyfire"; his terminal, and the documents are set over the table.

    Lt. Malick: Good evening, "Skyfire"… — that is what your partners called you, is that correct?

    "Skyfire:" Shouldn't you introduce yourself first? It is only courteous if you want to know my name.

    Lt. Malick: Ah, indeed. Where are my manners? I am Lieutenant Malick, an officer of the Germanophone branch of the Foundation. I will be the one talking to you tonight — well, myself, and my colleagues.

    Lt. Malick beckons behind himself to the glass.

    "Skyfire" squints her eyes towards the glass before looking back at Lt. Malick.

    "Skyfire": Very well, Lieutenant. But before anything, I'd like to know how my sisters are.

    "Skyfire" appears to express genuine distress. Lt. Malick consults his terminal momentarily before holding the screen for "Skyfire" to look at it.

    Lt. Malick: Your sisters are being triaged right now. Some of them suffered serious wounds during the fighting, but I assure you that our medical officers are doing their best to treat their wounds, "Skyfire". By the way, is that what you want to be called — we found your passports, and they had different names for each of you.

    "Skyfire": Skyfire is fine. I am glad to hear that — despite everything.

    "Skyfire" tugs on the chains of her handcuffs, and beckons to the equipment around her neck.

    "Skyfire": And whatever else is giving me this splitting headache.

    Lt. Malick: I am afraid that it cannot be helped — we have much reason to assume that you, and your… sisters are dangerous thaumaturgic entities. But you might be able to help me with some things, and I might be able to help you with some things.

    "Skyfire": I figured as much. What can I help you with, Lieutenant?


    "Skyfire": It is very fuzzy right now, and my sisters are not answering — I wonder if it is because of the concussion, or something else. But we were not holding back during the fight. We wouldn't risk losing another one.

    Lt. Malick: The Verteidiger, I presume. They are our greatest pragmatists. My apologies for the distress they caused you, "Skyfire". But I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned something about losing another one. Did something happen to one of your sisters?

    "Skyfire": I liked the Brazilian woman better — she at least faced me without using such vile tactics. She is here, isn't she?

    Lt. Malick: Do you mean Lieutenant-Colonel Eliza? Yes, she is present in this installation.

    "Skyfire": I'd like to speak to her.

    Lt. Malick: Skyfire, I am afraid we cannot allow that —…

    "Skyfire": I will only speak to her.

    Lt. Malick looks towards the observation glass before leaving the room with his personal terminal. He returns several minutes later, and sets his terminal in front of "Skyfire". A digital Geas had been manufactured.


    Lt. Col. Eliza Pfützenreuter is seen entering the room. She takes the chair opposite the table, facing "Skyfire".

    Lt. Col. Eliza: Good evening, "Skyfire". I suppose you requested my presence, yes?

    "Skyfire": Good evening, Lt. Col. Eliza — may I call you "Eliza"?

    Lt. Col. Eliza: You may, "Skyfire".

    "Skyfire": Thank you. I am… humbled, really.

    Lt. Col. Eliza: Oh? Why, silly girl — fighting you was lovely.


    Lt. Col. Eliza: Skyfire — although it is pleasant to speak to you, I must remind you that we are here for a purpose.

    "Skyfire": Yes. I am sorry — it is just… quite difficult to reckon things right now — what would you like to ask of me?

    Lt. Col. Eliza: I reckon Lt. Malick asked you if anything happened with your sisters. That made you uncomfortable, but it is something we must know. Especially if you were running away from something, or someone.

    Skyfire stays silent for several seconds, glancing between Lt. Col. Eliza, and the observation glass.

    "Skyfire": We are 6, now. We were 8, then. We were adopted into this organisation called the Institute — and inducted under Director Voss. He was our saviour then — but at the very end, he became our greatest foe — when we tried to escape, he took 2 of us.

    Lt. Col. Eliza: Who were they, Skyfire?

    "Skyfire": "Astra", and "Hecate".

    Lt. Col. Eliza: What happened to them?

    "Skyfire": They stayed behind to let us escape. I — I know I signed the Geas, but I don't think I am ready to talk about it yet. I'd like to return to my sisters, please.

    "Skyfire" straightens her back, looking towards Lt. Col. Eliza.

    Lt. Col. Eliza: Very well, Skyfire.

    Lt. Col. Eliza beckoned towards the observation glass. After a few moments, security officers arrived at the interrogation room, and escorted "Skyfire" back to her containment cell.


    • _




    Preface: This interview was conducted inside "Coin's" containment cell, by Captain Fernanda Barros, Md. PhD., the current medical officer responsible for SCP-012-INT instances's psychophysical care, and safety.


    Captain Barros is seen entering the containment cell carrying her personal terminal, and a steel valise.

    "Coin" is seen sitting on an armchair, waiting for the interview to begin.

    Capt. Barros: Good morning, "Coin".

    "Coin": Good morning, Fernanda — I was quite exhilarated when they told me it was my turn again. Do you know just how boring it gets in here? It is horrible. I started counting lint out of boredom — apropos "dom", did you review my latest request?

    Captain Barros sits on a chair opposite of "Coin", facing her. The metallic valise is laid on the ground beside her seat. Capt. Barros proceeds to look at her terminal.

    Capt. Barros: Certain requests have been accommodated indeed, except the "rope" you have been insisting on, "Coin". You very much know why.

    "Coin": I love the kind of woman who will actually just kill me —, and break my heart just like that. Do you think I will just off myself?

    Capt. Barros: O seguro morreu de velho8. Plus, I am not worried about that exactly.

    "Coin": Bleh. As a fellow practitioner, you should know very well that communication, and safety are first, and foremost in my mind.

    Capt. Barros: Certainly. Pray tell why your name is "Coin", and not "Minx".

    "Coin": Well, you see —


    Captain Barros beckons to the metallic valise. She reaches out towards it, and moves it over the coffee table in between herself, and "Coin".

    Capt. Barros: A certain request has been accommodated. It does require a degree of cooperation. It is in regard to our current investigation.

    "Coin": Oh, dear. An investigation? Roleplay? I must say I am usually a very bad cop — in more ways than one.

    Captain Barros is seen blinking several times.

    "Coin": Ah! Yes, sorry. Anyways. Ask me anything! Wring me out! Put me through the grinder! Make me spill the beans! Destroy me! Step on me, my Foundation-assigned Mommy!

    "Coin" projects her upper body forward, resting her chin over both her hands. A wide smile is seen on her lips.

    Captain Barros projects a hand over her face, clearly attempting to conceal laughter. After a few moments, her composure is regained.

    Capt. Barros: The last one is quite new.

    "Coin": I am glad you liked it.


    Capt. Barros: For the record — how did you, and your sisters get in contact with the group of interest the Hive?

    "Coin" tilts her head at an angle, squinting her eyes.

    "Coin": What is in the box, Fernanda?

    Capt. Barros: Something you wanted.

    "Coin": Have you managed to somehow turn all your love for me into something solid enough to be transported in a box? Gosh, I thought it would be much, much bigger, Fernanda.

    Capt. Barros: Quite afraid that we have not discovered the technology for that — yet.

    "Coin": Well, well. Very well — since you are still actively engaged in that, I shall extend you a certain courtesy. No promises on whether you will find it useful, or not.

    "Coin" rests her back against the cushioned armchair, straightening herself. Both her hands rest over her lap.

    "Coin": "Professor" — "Coin" is seen beckoning quotation marks with the flex of her fingers —, or whatever that nutcase Voss is, was the one who acquainted us with the Hive through one of his experiments.

    Capt. Barros: Howsoever did he do that?

    "Coin": We were continuously exposed to a number of captive Hive members. It did not appear to work at first, but, after a couple of days, we started hearing the… well, the Hive. Many, Many Voices. An Emperor, or an Empress. They. I believe Voss caught on to that; he tried locking my sisters, and me in separate cells, far away from each other, and the other subjects. But he was far too late.

    "Coin" reaches for a water bottle, drinking from it before continuing.

    "Coin": We spoke a lot. They seemed to understand our situation, and they wanted to help us escape. The first thing They did was create this unique psionic network we have amongst ourselves. It is our own private line of communication; we can hear, feel, see, talk… we can be one. Even if those silly "Hecatian Anchors" of yours are capable of disrupting it.

    Capt. Barros: It cannot be helped, I am afraid. All things considered, you are all exceptional thaumaturges.

    "Coin": At least they have been removed from our cells. I was sick of feeling disoriented, and not knowing my own name. Moreover, it was very, very lonesome when we had just arrived. Well, not saying that your company wasn't, and wouldn't be sufficient but…

    Capt. Barros: Fret not. Now, mind — continue.

    "Coin": Ah, yes. After that, They convinced us to accept Their gift. To become part of something greater. Of something that could, and would help us out of that shitty situation — that would help us get the lives we deserved, and needed. But — we would need to commit to it, and join Them.

    Capt. Barros nods in acknowledgement. She is seen writing something down on her personal terminal for a few moments before beckoning to "Coin".

    "Coin": Well, They reassured us we wouldn't just lose our idiosyncratic connection; it'd still be ours, only ours, but we'd have access to something much greater. We accepted it, of course — no regrets there. It was like an epiphany — being connected to thousands of minds with a myriad of different impressions, and memories; that feeling of, finally, knowing everything after being just a bunch of unwitting pawns throughout our lives. Ah — it felt orgas-…

    Capt. Barros: I would suppose that it is how you, and your sisters came across thaumaturgic practice?

    "Coin": Right. They told us about a latent Gift we all had ourselves — a natural connection to the Astral Plane. Yes, They were the ones who taught us how to use Astral Magic so our Gift wouldn't be wasted. So we could use it to seize our lives, and escape that wretched place.


    Capt. Barros: Your sister "Skyfire" mentioned two other siblings — "Astra", and "Hecate".

    "Coin" reclines against her armchair, clenching her hands around the armrests for a few moments before laying them over her lap.

    "Coin": "Astra" is… — was — an incredible sorceress. Her understanding, and usage of Astral Magic eclipses "Walpurga's". They said that "Astra" was especially gifted; as if she was blest by the stars themselves.

    "Coin" sighs heavily before projecting her body forward.

    "Coin": Hecate is… well… she always exuded that "emo", and "goth" kind of… vibes. If you know what I mean, Fernanda. Her usage of Astral Magic was more — how would your specialists call it? Umbramancy? Shadowmancy? But she was quite a lovely dork.

    "Coin" smiles brightly before relapsing back into her armchair.

    Capt. Barros nods in acknowledgement, extending a smile.

    Capt. Barros: What happened with them, "Coin"?

    "Coin" is seen rising from her armchair, and walking towards the metallic valise. She sits down on the floor before she begins fiddling with the container.

    "Coin": Whatsoever is in the box, Fernanda?



    • _




    Preface: This interview was conducted inside "Valeriana's" containment cell, by Captain Fernanda Barros, Md. PhD., the current medical officer responsible for SCP-012-INT instances's psychophysical care, and safety.

    Capt. Barros is seen entering "Valeriana's" containment room.

    "Valeriana": Good evening, Doctor Barros — are those rings under your eyes? Have you been getting enough sleep?

    Capt. Barros: I am afraid that "enough sleep" would be about 16 to 32 hours a day for me, "Valeriana". Although, if I am not mistaken, cats are the ones who tend to sleep quite a lot, yes?

    "Valeriana": Why, yes, indeed. Thankfully, here, we have tonnes of time available just for that.

    Capt. Barros: We can review your schedule if you'd like, "Valeriana". More physical activity, perhaps?

    "Valeriana": That wasn't me being critical, Doctor. Leave the extra gym hours to "Skyfire". I will happily indulge in a longer nap time.


    Capt. Barros: You have been together with your sisters for quite a long while, haven't you?

    "Valeriana": Yes. We are not consanguineous but we lived together in the same orphanage for a while. First, it was just "Mint", and I; "Walpurga" came along; then there was "Hecate" — quite grumpy, but very reliable; then there was "Cleo" — she took quite some time to finally admit to it —; then "Skyfire" arrived — quite the natural leader; I remember she was always that tall —; finally, "Coin" — the little rascal; she had on her mind that she would create a business, and take care of all of us.

    "Valeriana" is seen smiling widely. She reclines back against her pillows, eyeing the ceiling of her containment chamber for several moments before resuming eye contact with Capt. Barros.

    "Valeriana": It feels like forever ago.

    Capt. Barros: You did not mention "Astra". Did she happen upon your group at a later time?

    "Valeriana": You are correct, Doctor. We met her after we were… sold. Sold to a human trafficker so we could be auctioned. We were given a bath, and put on display for the highest bidder — scared shitless, and just waiting to be separated forever. "Skyfire" kept us from falling apart then — kept saying that we would manage to escape. Together.

    Capt. Barros extends a bottle of water towards "Valeriana".

    "Valeriana" purses her lips for a few moments before taking the offered bottle, and drinking from it.

    "Valeriana": We met "Astra" several days later. She was tossed in our cell, bawling her eyes; kicking, and screaming. "Cleo" almost clobbered her for being too noisy. But we managed to calm both of them down.


    Capt. Barros: Did Voss acquire all of you from the black market you spoke of?

    "Valeriana": Yes. But not in the way you might be thinking. He did visit us, once — talked about buying all of us. Reserved us, even. Then, the next night, he led a raid into the black market; kicked down the door to our cell, and… well, at the time, we thought that he was rescuing us, but now we know better. Heck, we didn't even know that it wasn't his real body at the time…

    "Valeriana" reaches out for one of her pillows, cuddling it against her chest.

    "Valeriana": We quite liked him; clung to his ankles whenever he was around; spellbound by what we perceived as heroism. He kept us together, gave us shelter, gave us opportunities to learn; always talked to us with such honesty. But… something changed after a few years down the line —…

    Capt. Barros: Changed? In what way?

    "Valeriana": Well. He favoured "Astra" the most; nothing creepy in a sexual manner, no — he never… — or, rather, I don't think he would — I.

    Capt. Barros beckons towards one of the cameras.


    "Valeriana" is seen sitting down in an armchair, drinking from a cup of tea.

    Capt. Barros: How are you feeling?

    "Valeriana": Better. Yes. It is very difficult to talk about "Astra". For all of us, really. I reckon you might already know how we've come to look like this.

    Capt. Barros nods in acknowledgement.

    Capt. Barros: We have an idea.


    "Valeriana": "Astra" was, indeed, the most affected amongst us by those rituals — her naturally strong connection to the Astral Plane allowed some sort of entity to familiarise itself with her; inhabit her somesuch like a vessel.

    Capt. Barros: A case of extraplanar possession?

    "Valeriana": Quite? "Astra" kept whatever that thing was under control. It took a heavy toll, but we were there for her. We always would be there for her; making sure she was… well, making sure "Astra" was "Astra" herself. Because all hell broke loose if she wasn't.

    Capt. Barros: What was the "thing" that inhabited her like?

    "Valeriana": Greedy. Reckless. Hateful. She wanted control — control over "Astra"; control to steal her life. That thing craved existence in our plane — without regard to whatever else, including its unwilling host. But Voss kept trying to… kept trying to turn "Astra" into a vessel for that thing. "Astra" didn't tell us about the continuous experiments, but… we could feel; we could hear everything. We still can —…

    "Valeriana" sinks against the armchair, collecting her legs over the seat, and folding her arms in front of herself.

    Capt. Barros: I reckon that situation of abuse prompted your escape?

    "Valeriana": Yes. They — the Empress — told us about a plan They had. They would send people to create a distraction so we could escape; They would give us the repertoire, but we would have to figure out how by ourselves, but then They would be ready to evacuate us to somewhere safe; somewhere Voss wouldn't find us.

    Capt. Barros: But something happened.

    "Valeriana": Yes. Voss… Voss wasn't meant to be there on that day. His real body, I mean. Something happened that alerted him. Or, maybe, he always knew that something like this would happen. Halfway through our escape —, and there he was — this human abomination with his black helmet — standing before us — his ridiculously polite, and happy mannerisms — asking us to, please, just go back to our cells. He was so fast… we didn't even see how he managed to grab "Astra".

    "Valeriana" clenches her fists for a few moments.

    "Valeriana": "Walpurga" was the first to snap; then "Skyfire"; "Hecate" followed soon after. Anyone normal would have been decimated, but… Voss just stood there, praising them for their display — "feeling proud as their mentor", he said. In hindsight, it was foolish to believe we could've taken him down.

    Capt. Barros: What happened?

    "Valeriana": He demolished us. Simply. At the brink of our defeat, "Astra"… she snapped. She wasn't "Astra" anymore — she'd let out that thing inside of her. I still reckon those eyes — glittering like stars; fast approaching, ready to crash into all of us. Voss just stared at that in glee — ignoring us. I… I don't reckon what exactly happened after that then, but we were running away without "Astra" — I remember the Empress trying to control "Astra's" rampage — I remember Voss speaking to Them. But nothing specific.

    Capt. Barros: You dissociated?

    "Valeriana": Something like that — I remember "Hecate" trying to say something — the Empress trying to stop her from running back to "Astra", but she ran back anyway… — the Empress tried to take over "Astra" in a last-ditch effort to stop that madness. We felt that alien mind for a second — crumbling under an onslaught — we heard a scream — and, then, finally — we… we blanked out. After that, everything felt so unreal — as if something else was controlling us; like we were just… watching things unfold. As "Walpurga" teleported us away, it felt as if we were leaving parts of ourselves behind.

    Capt. Barros approaches "Valeriana", and proceeds to engage in a comforting hug. After a few moments, she reseats her chair.


    Capt. Barros: Do you still feel "Astra", and "Hecate" through your neural network?

    "Valeriana": I — We… We do not feel "Hecate" anymore, no. It felt as if… she simply disappeared from the face of the universe; like there is a hole where she is supposed to be. As for… "Astra"… she is still with us — somewhere — she's without the thing, but it isn't her. Not anymore. It is not her voice. It is not her face. It is… not her screams. It's as if only the vessel of her mind is left with nothing in it except fear and loneliness. We keep it isolated, but it always lingers inside our mind — something telling us exactly where it is.

    Capt. Barros: Would you be willing to tell us where it is, "Valeriana"?

    "Valeriana": I —…



    • _




    Intel provided by "Valeriana" enabled the Germanophone, and Lusophone branches of the Foundation to coordinate a reconnaissance mission to localise an IMBW-owned facility in the outskirts of ███.█████, █████. The recon team managed to obtain a series of documents which indicated assets of "Project Merlin" were stored at the location, as well as whiteprints of the building, workers's schedules, as well as security details, including access to certain audio-visual surveillance equipment.

    Due to the sensitive nature of the proposed operation to acquire "Astra", and any other assets of interest, as well as the presence of 2 IMBW Special Agents stationed at the location, a direct attack was deemed infeasible without unnecessarily risking relevant assets.

    A special task force was formed with the mission of infiltrating the building, and extracting "Astra". This task force was comprised of 2 experienced, and proficient thaumaturges, namely Captain Barroso, from the MTF PT2-Φ — "Castle Crashers", and Captain Kernel, from MTF DE20-𝔓 — "Die Ketzer"9; both were issued with PT's standard military-thaumaturgic gear.

    The following is an abridged transcription of the audiovisual report provided by Captain Marcelo Barroso.

    Is this thing on, now? Every time I learn how to use one of these, you guys get something fancier. What — the light? Ah, perfect. Well, yes, I am Marcelo Barroso, one of the squad leaders for the Mobile Task Force PT2-Φ, and this is my story —…

    Oh, fine — I will try to keep the cheese to a minimum, but it cannot be guaranteed.

    Now, operation… Pflaumensaft. You know, I was very excited about getting another foreign assignment. Site Concordia is quite nice, and I get to stock up on a lot of these magnificent European cheeses, and wines.

    Starting from the beginning — I met my colleague, Captain Kernel, right at Site Concordia. The standard procedure to have us acclimating to working together; we rendezvoused at that nice courtyard outside, and walked together to the barracks — he was quite business-like, work — work — work.

    We brought some new equipment to share with the Germanophone branch as part of that… Treaty of Concordia, if I am not mistaken. Pretty cool stuff — we have vests, we have weaponry, we have tonnes of other cool assets, including miniature magi-batteries — much, much smaller than those things the Coalition has. But, yes — I had to show Captain Kernel how to properly utilise the equipment; thankfully we had some of our engineers there to iron out some quirks.

    I've always thought it was weird how the German branch developed tonnes of technological marvels — all sorts of things, left, and right — but they were… weirdly enough… inept at magic — I mean, thaumaturgy. Well, at least we are rectifying that nowadays. Captain Kernel was a pretty fast learner at that, too — but, we only had 2 weeks to be ready, or else we'd miss our window.

    Reckon that Captain Kernel told me a lot of what he knew about the IMBW; I've read the briefing but, listening to him talk about those guys was quite exhilarating. Apparently, the Institute has quite a collection of fearsome "Special Agents" capable of annihilating an entire MTF detachment. The idea of facing someone like that kept me on edge at first.


    We were deployed during the night — teleported at the rendezvous point. Very silently, mind — not with all that flair of thaumic motes, and glitter. We've confirmed with HQ, and approached the building with a minor occlusion spell to avoid being detected.

    Now, getting into the building was very easy, even without thaumaturgy — one of their doors had this awful set of locks, and it was barely guarded. We didn't need a key, as we were our own keys — we made our way in, and extended the occlusion spell to a proper thaumic illusion to disguise ourselves as personnel, and make our way about without starting a shootout — very tricky, especially my awful accent when speaking German; thankfully, Kernel did most of the talking for us.


    We managed to procure a number of documents, and talk to some of the workers there in order to figure out exactly where our objective was — apparently, all things indicated it being inside a special holding area in a well-guarded area of the compound.


    We made our way to one of the special holding areas which were allegedly holding a number of assets from that "Project Merlin". Took some time to disable the security measures, and erase our thaumic traces from so we wouldn't be connected to whatever was going to happen.

    We went inside looking for a "catgirl" — as that was how "Astra" was described to us.

    I've seen a lot of shit during active duty — fuck, I've seen people getting vertically bisected; ass to mouth — but… God — that fucking thing almost made me puke, I think Kernel's energy was the only thing keeping me from losing my shit.

    You can see from our body cameras — it is a… thing — inside a giant container made of steel, and glass; all lined up with some weird machinery — whatever they were for. We requested advice from HQ whilst we used some Divination spellcrafting to figure out whatever the fuck that thing was.


    That single eye, floating around that whale-sized, limbless thing of tissue, glowing a sickening colour — kept staring right through us throughout. We tried laughing it off — Kernel said that we probably lost a fragment of our souls right there. We had read an insane amount of astral pontential inside that thing — and Sympathy confirmed the worst outcome possible for us.

    Kernel assumed that whatever that thing was now, the astral being inside of it might have had an allergic reaction to the Hive's psionics, or something, and ended up transforming its bodily vessel. Maybe it went insane, at least that's my theory.

    HQ got back to us quite fast with instructions — neutralise it.

    I personally think it was a better outcome — to just… release it from a tortured existence. Kernel, and I took a lot of care to analyse how to efficiently neutralise it — looking for something vital with the remote aid of a medical officer. We found something that looked like a bloated brain.

    With our clearance, we engineered a combustible spell into a projectile — it'd combust in contact with the thing's tissue, and leech off its thaumic reserves to intensify the effect, and have it just… burn unto itself. I did the honours with the trigger whilst Kernel stabilised our spell. We blew a hole right through its body — the spell started working fast, burning away the fat, flesh, and fluid of that thing — the flames were glowing bright with that same colour — some shit we'd never seen before.


    Unfortunately, the thing didn't exactly die fast. It writhed in agony — we could hear it scream even if the fucking thing had no mouth — it split apart, releasing this blinding beam of light, and magic that completely leveled the ceiling, and the walls —, and every fucking thing melted away by the heat. We got blasted back, but we managed to conjure a handy Ice Block to shield us from the backlash.

    When it stopped, after what felt like an eternity, we saw several lights floating up towards the sky from the mess of flesh that was left there — as if escaping towards the night. We felt the Nevralgics of the region burning due to the stress of that massive amount of thaumic energy.


    We booked out of that place as fast as possible after recovering; a long-ranged teleportation spell; as long-ranged as possible. At that moment, I didn't really care how much it would hurt to do it — as long as we both lived. That was when we crashlanded into the emergency saferoom PT had prepared beforehand at Concordia for these situations.


    "Astra" could not be recovered; the remaining SCP-012-INT instances in custody affirm that "Astra's" psionic connection to their idiosyncratic network has ceased. It is assumed that "Astra" is henceforth neutralised

    Further review of the footage captured by Captain Barroso's, and Captain Kernel's body cameras reveal that a single fragment flaked off of the beam of energy that escaped skywards; the fragment is seen depositing itself in the midst of the debris before the footage is abruptly cut due to the effects of the teleportation spell that transported the 2 operatives.

    The location of the fragment is currently unknown.


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