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Item #: SCP-012-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-012-IT is to be held in a 25 m × 25 m × 4m chamber in Site Minerva. A twenty-meter radius danger red zone has been established around SCP-012-IT. So as not to rely too heavily on D Class personnel, the Site Director has ruled that only these personnel already influenced by SCP-012-IT in the past might be allowed access to the item's red zone and permitted to remove and handle it in case testing doesn't contemplate further interactions than the aforementioned.

All affected subjects are to be held in the East Wing of the Site. In light of the events of 17/03/████, all subjectsaffected by SCP-012-IT are to be contained in Wing ██ of the Site, which is to be locked down and constantly surveiled by at least 2 guards. Any variation in the affected subjects' is to be immediately reported to the Director.

All staff member are to take the utmost care not to trespass into SCP-012-IT's red zone in any case. Requests for further tests and experimentations are to be submitted to the research lead.

Description: SCP-012-IT is a ten-page-long orchestral score for russian composer Dimitrij Shostakovich's Waltz No. 2, from his "Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 2". The item does not, in and of itself, show any anomalous characteristics and is physically identical to any other copy of the waltz printed on white paper. The first page of the sheet bears the phrase "Transcription curated by Prof. ████"; the signing individual has not been identified and the Foundation was unable to find any correspondence in any register. Further research is in progress.

SCP-012-IT's anomaly manifest whenever a human being comes into its radius of action, which swings unpredictably between 17 and 19 meters in diameter, and stays in it for a time equal or superior to 17 seconds. SCP-012-IT makes the subjects it affects capable of expressing themselves via vocalization only by imitating the perfect sound of a musical instrument, eliminating every other sounds their vocal apparatus would produce. Timbre and range of the instruments resemble those of their physical counterpart and are currently being tested. The instruments vary in an apparently casual way, to this date the following have been documented:

  • 8 violins
  • 4 celli
  • 3 double basses
  • 5 trumpet
  • 6 saxes
  • 13 guitars (of which 7 classical, 2 acoustic, and 4 electric)
  • 2 euphoniums
  • 2 snare drums
  • 3 bass drums
  • 1 oboe
  • 4 clarinet
  • 2 pianos
  • 1 harp

The way SCP-012-IT induces such an effect, without modifying the anatomy of the vocal apparatus of subjects, is so far unknown and currently being tested. The effect happens suddenly, to the point the subjects tend not to immediately notice of the modification they've undergone. No way to revert subjects to their original state has been discovered and the process is apparently irreversible. The exposition to SCP-012-IT has no impact on the written word, through which subjects are still able to express themselves.

Affected subjects are also able to immediately read any music score they are presented with and subsequently reproduce it, independently from their previous abilities in the field. The reading of scores is described as "instinctive" and "immediate", as if music were any other language.

After about a week from the exposition, subjects enter the so-called "advanced state", during which they express the impellent urge and necessity to play in a group. Tests consisting of group playing of pieces, in order to conduct a more in-depth study of the evolution of SCP-012-IT's effects on subjects, have been approved.

Note from Dr. Sanzio: It's been noted that the executions of pieces have a highly relaxing and stress-relieving effect on Researchers. Therefore, also given the extremely high quality and the success in integrally executing Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9" and Ravel's "Boléro" during tests, the active employment of this practice is encouraged.

Recovery: SCP-012-IT was recovered in the residence of one D███ G█████, former member of the PCI1 from 19██ to 1991, following his suspected suicide; he was already under investigation by SIR-II for his alleged involvement in the 20/03/19██ "Marx-IV" Incident. Dr. █████ was responsible for the recovery and containment of SCP-012-IT after the understanding of its anomalous properties.

SCP-012-IT was located inside a sheet binder labelled "Active Revolution". Every other recovered sheet has been has been examined and archived, and does not present anomalous characteristics.

Incident 012-01: At precisely 19:17 of 17/03/████, all SCP-012-IT-affected subjects began emitting wails and "screams", bending over and holding their heads between their hands. They reported hearing in their heads an incessant rhythm comprising four beats corresponding to their instrument, and a deep male voice that repeated the same phrase endlessly. Transcription of a quote by patient 012-36 follows:

Make it stop! Make the noise stop!
The voice. The voice is infinite, it begins and begins again: "No more half-measures. No more silk-gloves".
They want us to become like them! The want to start a new Revolution, and we are their vanguard! They say it's the weak's fault if they failed the first time, without those the Revolution would've been Permanent and Universal! Make them stop, make them stop!
The noise in my head, the endless drums, the voice. Make them stop!

At exactly 19:17 of the following day, the effect on the subjects abruptly ceased and they started acting as they did before, without retaining any memory of what had transpired. The subjects are to be, from now on, constantly monitored and secured in case similar any events occur again.

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