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Item #: SCP-012-UA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The files are stored on a hard drive, kept in the Digital Threat Containment facility of Site UA-80, temporarily kept in a safe at Site 15 for cross-testing with other SCPs. SCP-012-UA is kept under stricter surveillance due to its potential use for military and/or political purposes. Creating illusions for personal purposes using the object is heavily discouraged.

UPDATED 07/02/20██: SCP-012-UA is to be used exclusively for experimentation. Permission from Class-A personnel with Level 3 clearance and higher required.

Description: SCP-012-UA consists of 2 files: a DLL library named "obj_creation.dll" and a text file named "readme.nowaitdont.txt". The DLL library is usable with all versions .NET Framework. It contains a single class, RLobject. Creating an instance of RLobject requires setting the following parameters:

  • length, width and height in centimetres or, when using a 3D model, the longest distance of an object, up to 50 cm;
  • texture, in .svg format;
  • colour (ignored if texture is used);
  • shape, out of the following: sphere, pyramid, cube, cone or custom (uses .stl-format 3D model);
  • point of manifestation in GPS coordinates (one meter from the machine's display1).

Additional parameters can also be set, though the resulting program will not compile due to the absence of another file, "AdvancedWorldBuilding.dll". The parameters include the following:

  • time of object's destruction in seconds (is set to 255 by default);
  • animation (in an unknown format);
  • chemical filling, in a chemical formula;
  • surface texture (likely ignored in case a chemical formula is set).

After compiling and launching a program with an instance of RLobject, the instance (further addressed as SCP-012-1-UA) appears in the real world for 255 seconds one meter further from the display connected to the machine it's running on. SCP-012-1-UA possesses all of the qualities set by the aforementioned parameters. SCP-012-1-UA "floats in the air" for 255 seconds and blinks out of existence afterward. Searching for any of SCP-012-UA's instances anywhere on Earth after they blink out of existence gave zero results. SCP-012-1-UA does not interact with the real world in any way. Real-world objects pass through SCP-012-1-UA freely as if they were nonexistent, most likely due to the lack of surface textures or chemical fillings.

A limit of 255 objects per program exists. No limits, aside from the CPU's performance, exist for the number of programs running simultaneously.

The library's disassembly only revealed instructions for 3D image drawing on displays. No previously unknown opcodes were discovered.

Who in the freaking world is this Yehor? I'm gonna go insane. We've checked every little thing – and, most importantly, every person – connected to that little internet cafe. Nothing. The only thing I can think of any more is to check every single Yehor on Earth personally. Kill me, please. - Dr ████

Termination request denied. Request to check every Yehor denied. This is far from the most important task on your hands. - Dr Murzei

Background: Files were found in 20██ in the Game Development section of the Newgrounds forums. The corresponding thread was only available for a minute and deleted afterward. Attempts to track the author of the thread were futile, as the IP address led to an internet cafe in Lviv.
Acquisition of "AdvancedWorldBuilding.dll" is one of the top-priority tasks of the Ukrainian branch of the SCP Foundation.

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