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SCP-013-INT —
by 22o9L22o9L and OreobananeOreobanane

Item #: SCP-013-INT Level 1/013-INT
Object Class: Neutralized Confidential

Special Containment Procedures: Every occurrence of SCP-013-INT's anomalous properties must be logged, with the date and the description of the anomaly’s actions. As the entity does not seem to be solid, physical containment is impossible. The use of a Reality Prison Cell System is required to contain the entity, which will then be taken to Site Deus, in a cell stabilized by a larger and more powerful Reality Prison Cell System permanently activated, in order to prevent a containment breach. In case of a containment breach attempt, the entity will be contained again by MTF-I “Sagitta Iovis”.

Any new information regarding SCP-013-INT must be reported to Doctor Francesco Valtieri, director of the Esoteric and Thaumaturgic Studies Section of the Italian Branch, and to Doctor Jean Evangelista Cezar, Special Thaumaturgy Consultant from the Lusophone Branch.

Description: SCP-013-INT is a village located in northern Italy, founded in 1765 by Giovanni Matté and his family. It is unknown whether the first inhabitants of the anomaly were aware of its anomalous properties, with little information existing about the beginnings of the village. It is known, however, that the anomalous properties of SCP-013-INT are partially understood by the anomaly’s current population.

Several events occur within SCP-013-INT daily, which have been deemed to be thaumaturgical in nature. Some of the observed occurrences are listed below.

  • A disembodied voice can be heard singing an unidentified song in Italian.
  • A series of translucent, intangible limbs and digits, such as hands and arms appearing in SCP-013-INT, which have been observed assisting residents of the village with day-to-day activities.
  • Meteorological phenomena occur in predictable patterns across the year. These phenomena, like rain and snow, happen in the same timeframe every year and do not cause any damage to structures or inhabitants of SCP-013-INT.
  • Any disease contracted by an inhabitant of SCP-013-INT is immediately cured by a spontaneous thaumaturgical process.

Inhabitants of SCP-013-INT have an abnormally long lifespan, possibly related to the village's anomalous conditions. These people, living to an average of 170 years of age, develop slower once they reach maturity, leading to many inhabitants of SCP-013-INT having children much later in life than normal humans.

SCP-013-INT was first brought to the Foundation's attention in 2012, after tourists in the region witnessed SCP-013-INT's anomalous properties. While the phenomena were initially regarded as a hoax, the area would become an attraction for civilian ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts, leading to the Foundation establishing containment shortly thereafter.

The inhabitants of the village showed negative reactions, trying to prohibit the groups from investigating the phenomena. This activity alerted the Italian branch of the Foundation, who sent their best expert in esoterism and thaumaturgy, Dr. Francesco Valtieri, to study the case, alongside a Foundation team.

The Italian Foundation, due to the unknown nature of SCP-013-INT at the time and difficulty to obtain concrete information about the phenomena, requested assistance from Lusophone’s Foundation thaumaturgy specialists. After that, a team headed by Dr. Cezar, from the Lusophone branch, and Dr. Valtieri, was formed.

Addendum I: Interview of the mayor of SCP-013-INT

Interviewee: Massimo Gallo, mayor of SCP-013-INT
Interviewers: Doctors Jean Evangelista Cezar and Francesco Valtieri

Dr Valtieri: Good afternoon, Sir Gallo. We want to talk about the…

M. Gallo: About the ghost, right? Are you some of those ghostbusters wandering around and making noise and disturbing my citizens?

Dr Valtieri: No, we just want to know more about this… entity? I don’t know what you call it.

M. Gallo: We don’t really know what to call it. But we don’t want it to leave and all those “ghostbusters” make it afraid.

Dr Cezar: Do you appreciate this entity?

M. Gallo: Yes, and we want it to stay here. My citizens did everything for it to stay and you all risk making it go away.

Dr Valtieri: Why do you want it to stay?

M. Gallo: Because we believe it protects us. See, I've been the mayor for 80 years and I’ve always lived with this entity around. I don’t want people to hunt it because it could leave and life wouldn’t be the same without it.

Dr Cezar: It’s a benevolent creature?

(The mayor nods)

M. Gallo: It is. And if nobody leaves us alone, I’ll let my citizens fight with the visitors. I'll do everything for the peace and calm to return.

Dr Cezar: What makes you say it’s a benevolent creature?

M. Gallo: Thanks to it, we have long lives and we are rich and healthy.

Dr Cezar: How is it possible?

(The mayor does not answer. Doctor Valtieri repeats the question, with no response)

Dr Valtieri: Okay… How does this entity manifest itself? During my stay here, I heard voices speaking very close to my ears, I saw hands popping out from nowhere, but I never managed to make contact. Is it the way it manifests?

M. Gallo: It manifests like this when it wants you to leave it alone. And if you all continue to chase after it, it won't stop and we’ll lose everything. So please, stop and go away.

Addendum II: The following is a list of notable incidents that occurred with SCP-013-INT. These incidents were caused by the anomalous properties of the anomaly acting in an unexpected way towards Foundation Personnel. These occurrences appeared to progress according to Foundation’s containment and research efforts.

Date Event
09/06/2012 Several pieces of research equipment disappeared. These pieces of equipment were later found buried outside of provisory Foundation installations. Reviewing security footage shows the equipment disappearing with no explanation.
13/06/2012 Foundation computers and devices containing data from research into SCP-013-INT begin to malfunction. Later investigation revealed that the malfunction was the result of thaumaturgic interference of unknown origin. The interference was successfully terminated by Foundation’s thaumaturges.
15/06/2012 Taumaturges employed by the Foundation working on the SCP-013-INT containment project experienced constant nightmares. The described nightmares consisted in the subject being stalked and pursued by a group of unknown individuals.
20/06/2012 Every Foundation employee currently working on the containment of SCP-013-INT simultaneously heard the words “stop, please stop”. After this event the anomalous phenomena terminated with no explanation. See the attachment below for more information

Addendum III: Containment of SCP-013-INT:

MTF operating: MTF-I “Sagitta Iovis” and MTF-III “Para Bellum”
Command of the operation: Dr. Jean Evangelista Cezar, Dr. Francesco Valtieri, Laura Mileni, commander of the MTF-I, Tommaso Rizzi, commander of the MTF-III.
Introduction: For this operation, the village has been evacuated. MTF-I has a Reality Prison Cell system to catch the entity, while MTF-III is outside and contains the inhabitants, who were trying to stop the Foundation in this operation.

Commander Rizzi: Hurry up guys, open this cell, they’re all going mad out there!

Comander Mileni: Let’s go guys!

(MTF-I agents open the cell. SCP-013-INT appears, taking the form of an old man dressed with characteristic 1700’s clothing. The inhabitants seem amazed and some begin to pray.)

SCP-013-INT: Close that thing. Please. I want to stay here.

Dr. Cezar: You can’t stay here.

SCP-013-INT: Why is that?

Dr. Valtieri: You have to come in there. Earth is not a place for ghosts.

SCP-013-INT: This place is where I live and belong to. You can’t just tell me to leave!

Dr. Cezar: Who are you?

SCP-013-INT: I’m… oh, it’s not important. I've always lived here and I don’t want to leave.

Dr. Cezar: Are you Giovanni Matté?

SCP-013-INT: I am. I founded this village and I’m not willing to leave. Leave me alone, please.

Dr. Cezar: Wait, are you responsible for the anomalies in this village?

SCP-013-INT : When I first came here, I was very sick. I fled slavery and I settled here.The inhabitants were very nice to me. They offered me a little house, a job, and they treated me well. I finally recovered and I wanted to thank them. So now I’m their protector, as their ancestors had been my protectors.

Dr. Cezar: If I may ask… in which country were you a slave?

SCP-013-INT: South America. I don’t want to say the country. They took me to Portugal and they treated me badly. So I managed to flee and I settled in Italy. It was a tough journey, but I’m here, I’ve always been here.

Dr Cezar: I see. Giovanni, you need to come with us. It’s too dangerous to–

SCP-013-INT: NO! I don’t want to! I feel good and safe here, everyone is happy, I don’t want to abandon them! I didn’t do anything bad, you can’t imprison me!

Dr. Valtieri: We never said you did something bad. But we have to take you with us. Don’t be afraid, we won’t do anything bad to you!

SCP-013-INT: No! You’re a liar!

(A shot of wind hits the doctor Valtieri)

Dr. Valtieri: Are you threatening me?

SCP-013-INT: If you take me with you, I’ll be a slave again, and I don’t want that! Do you understand? I don’t want that! You don’t know how horrible it was! I don’t want to live like that again! I won’t be a slave!

Dr. Valtieri: Commander Mileni, activate the cell.

Dr. Cezar: Maybe it’s not the moment-

(The Prison Reality Cell System activates and the cell closes. SCP-013-INT disappears)

Commander Mileni: The anomaly is contained.

(Screams of rage are heard outside the village)

Commander Rizzi: They are become angrier, we need to go!

Conclusion: The Foundation left the village with the reality prison cell system. MTF-III let the villagers reintegrate the village before going away. SCP-013-INT did not manifest again after its containment and is now consider neutralized.

Message from Dr Valtieri to Dr Cezar:
The mayor of the village came to me yesterday. He was very angry. He said the village had been flooded by the river nearby, and all their cultures had been drowned. At the same time, some inhabitants had been victims of a gastric and intestinal disease and they died one week after, from dehydration and hunger. The mayor said we killed their protector. He also said it’s our fault, that we sentenced them to die.
The Foundation is trying to help before the mass amnestization program, but I don’t think we can do that. In the best case we contained the anomaly and the village can come back to what it was, in the worst case, we wiped out a village.

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