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SCP-013-IT in its current containment chamber.

Item #: SCP-013-IT

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-013-IT is to be kept in a 5 x 5 x 10 m containment chamber located at the Provisional Containment Site ██, at a temperature of 5 °C and a relative humidity of 40%. Following Incident 013-A-1, which occurred on ██/██/2015, SCP-013-IT is to be kept in a 5×5×10 m reinforced containment chamber located in Block 07, within Area Nettuno's underground sections. The temperature within the chamber must be around 5 °C, with a relative humidity of 40%; these values must always be monitored.

Access to the containment chamber is only allowed to Class D personnel for experiments granted by the site director. Access to the containment chamber is prohibited to any staff member. Access to Block 07 is only allowed to subjects with a Level 3 authorization and security officers. Experimentation regarding SCP-013-IT has been suspended indefinitely.

In the event of a containment breach, the temperature within Block 07 has to be abruptly lowered and any entrance and exit locked. Personnel will have to go to the safety rooms until the designed staff will have managed to neutralize and recontain SCP-013-IT.

Description: SCP-013-IT is a sentient and hostile twister having a volume of 2 m3. Inside it is observed an atmospheric pressure of 1001 hPa. SCP-013-IT is a sentient and hostile twister, capable of varying its dimension and force in accordance with the atmospheric conditions, powering itself with humidity and heat in a similar way to a thunderstorm. Reached a certain level of power water vapor on the top of SCP-013-IT will begin to condensate very rapidly, producing cumulus thunderclouds and all the attendant weather phenomena. It is not known if SCP-013-IT possesses physical limits.

SCP-013-IT reacts in a hostile manner to the presence of human beings in its vicinity and has very similar reactions with other living beings. Attempts to verbally communicate with it resulted in its general restlessness.

Sound waves within the ultrasounds' frequency are able to stun and to significantly weaken SCP-013-IT, facilitating its recontainment (consult experiments log 13A for details). SCP-013-IT manages to maintain a minimal active form even with sub-zero temperatures and extremely low humidity levels. How SCP-013-IT produces energy and doesn't dissipate is currently unknown.

Addendum 013-1 - Retrieval: SCP-013-IT has been retrieved in the Eastern Alps, after some reports about a chalet "attacked by a miniature tornado" reached some undercover agents in the CNVVF1. SCP-013-IT initially managed to avoid capture injuring the recovery team agents, and it was thanks to helicopter support that it was trapped in a plexiglass cube and transported to the Provisional Containment Site ██, where it has been contained until incident 013-A-1.

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