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Screenshot of SCP-013-JP

Item #: SCP-013-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-013-JP is currently recorded on a single VHS tape, which is stored in a containment locker at Site-8181. Removing the VHS tape to the outside is not permitted. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to play this VHS tape to the end or to destroy it.

Description: SCP-013-JP is a figure who appears only in home videos that feature three or more blood relatives. SCP-013-JP always appears to be wearing a mask that resembles the face of an elderly man. No cases of SCP-013-JP vocalizing have been observed to date. Whatever the reality, SCP-013-JP appears to be welcomed by the family in the video footage as a close associate. In all cases, the person who recorded the video and their family members claimed that SCP-013-JP was not present at the time of the recording and that they did not recognize such an individual.

When the video featuring SCP-013-JP is played to the end, the cameraperson and their family members perceive SCP-013-JP as their relative or close friend and think that there is nothing unusual about the video. This recognition cannot be reversed by administering amnestics. No anomalous deviations are observed in the copy of the original video as SCP-013-JP does not appear. The video containing SCP-013-JP can be rewound like normal video recording; in that case, the same content of the video will start playing again from the point where it was rewound.

When the video containing SCP-013-JP is played to the end or its storage media is destroyed, SCP-013-JP randomly "moves" to another media. After the movement, SCP-013-JP disappears from the original video, reverting it to the non-anomalous footage before SCP-013-JP appeared. Although it is presumed that there is no limit to the distance SCP-013-JP can "move", SCP-013-JP has only appeared in Japan so far.

The Foundation had investigated reports of "unidentified person in home videos" for a while, but was unable to secure SCP-013-JP due to its anomalous properties. However, a similar post was discovered on a social networking service on 20██/██/██, and an agent was dispatched to the address identified through the IP address; the video was fortunately not played to the end due to the malfunction of the playback device. After securing the DVD-R containing SCP-013-JP, the agent questioned Cameraperson 013-JP-A, his wife and his daughter to confirm the anomalous properties of SCP-013-JP. After playing the DVD-R to the end on the device provided by the Foundation, Cameraperson 013-JP-A and his family began to claim SCP-013-JP as a distant relative, stating that it was not unusual for him to be in the video of his "daughter's birthday party". The DVD-R lost its anomalous status after it was played to the end. Cameraperson 013-JP-A and his family were administered Class-A amnestics before being released.

Addendum: On 20██/██/██, Cameraperson 013-JP-A, his wife, daughter and father were brutally murdered in their home. Local law enforcement reported that there were no signs of forced entry, and that dinner for five people was prepared on the table. The connection to SCP-013-JP is unclear at this time.

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