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Item #: SCP-013-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-013-PT is detained in a 6 x 6 x 4 m underground room, structured to avoid radiation leakage τ: a 5 cm thick layer of ferrite magnets on a brick wall with 20 cm, and outside 10 cm of lead wrapped in a Faraday cage.

The roof is highly resistant fiberglass with small openings for ventilation, material and food insertion as well as removal of SCP-013-PT-2. Magnetic interference shielded boxes hung on the ceiling constantly play samba. A hatch permits access by authorized personnel, although it is seldom necessary, and in those instances those who enter the room must give preference to resting periods of SCP-013-PT or do not enter the enclosure wearing masks and protective clothing for the risk of disturbing the SCP and cause an incident.

SCP-013-PT has access to writing papers and materials. No electronic utensils will be allowed in the vicinity of the cell, including medical implants.

Description: SCP-013-PT is a human male with 1,75 m height and approximate weight in 75 kg, with extensive presence of electronic prosthetics throughout his body (all additions are listed in an attached document). The material of these implants varies between metallic, ceramic and biomechanical.

His skin has several scars and scorched emblems similar to a triangle. It breathes normally and is sustained with a weekly ration that reaches 200 kcal and 500 ml of water without any resulting excretion product.

SCP-013-PT constantly emits τ rays, an unprecedented form of radiation that confuses the temporal perception of humans, and corrupts electronic data (particularly linked to date and time), with emission increasing in uncomfortable situations or decreasing when the SCP is accommodated . During SCP-013-PT's search for the Foundation, the SCP demonstrated that it possesses teleportation powers, possibly allowing it to travel over space and time. But the difficulty in capturing and inability to crawl made the Foundation not test this ability.

SCP-013-PT is fluent in Portuguese and has demonstrated to know words in different languages, but their speech patterns are incoherent, with disconnected phrases.

SCP-013-PT often writes musical compositions, referred to hereinafter as SCP-013-PT-2. The letters SCP-013-PT-2 usually contain historical facts told in a confused and full of anachronisms, often caused or witnessed by figures from various times and places.
As texts occasionally aid in the discovery of anomalies, sambas are played to inspire SCP-013-PT to continue composing.

Foundation discovered SCP-013-PT for the first time in 2013, noticing signs of unusual radiation coming from an office building in █████ ██████, ██████████. Following an incursion from the Foundation, SCP-013-PT was found in a closet on the fourth floor, being sedated and brought to the extraction vehicle. While the van was on the way to Site-██, the accumulated radiation τ affected the containment team and the equipment, which soon realized to be ███ km out of the way.

When SCP-013-PT woke up, it bothered the look of the agents most of whom wore protective clothing with oxygen masks, and disappeared. The radioactive signature was only rediscovered two years later in Berlin; the Foundation was able to affix a crawler to the body of SCP-013-PT prior to its disappearance. The tracking data appeared sporadically in disparate locations, but following a trail that ended in Minas Gerais, the Brazilian branch of the Foundation captured SCP-013-PT. The locator was not in the body of SCP-013-PT, and new data transmissions of this artifact are still being received.

Addendum: Search in various databases indicate that SCP-013-PT may have been █████████ █████ █████, also known ██████ █████, of ████████, a sambista arrested in 1966 for disturbing the peace in the train station ███ █████ ██ (now known ██████ ██ ██████ ). Sent to a sanitarium in ██████████, it was reported as missing in 1968, leaving behind a shattered bed and ashes on the bedroom floor. An attempt to speak to SCP-013-PT asking if he recognized the name █████████ █████ █████ and its history resulted in the SCP entering catatonic state and issuing large amounts of radiation τ, which affected a machinery and personnel within a radius of 5 meters before sedatives were administered. New contact attempts are vetoed until further notice.

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