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Item #: SCP-013-VN

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-013-VN are contained in Archive-217 at Site-90. Moreover, all distribution sources for dairy products and dairy products are labeled ████████ needs to be monitored via video cameras for the purpose of interfering with any SCP-013-VN specimens appearing in the future and containing SCP-013-01-VN.

Description: SCP-013-VN are a variety of packaged milks labeled ████████. Now, specimens of SCP-013-VN are contained in Archive, the appearance are normal. Analyzing the ingredient, almost the specimens contain lipids, proteins, lactose, vitamins, minerals and water. Futhermore, one of them contains some ingredients and nutrients which are correct (as is marked on the label).

Subjects who consumed SCP-013-VN (designated SCP-013-01-VN) don't perform any strange action from 3 to 10 first days. About 10 to 15 days after, subjects exhibited unusual milk cravings. The amount of milk which SCP-013-VN-01 consumed in a day is approximately 3 to 04 liters, especial some situation that subjects consumed more than 8 liters. It is currently not explained why SCP-013-VN can affect subjects without containing any ingredients other than normal products, even if the DNA from the subject's saliva ingested them.

After consuming SCP-013-VN for the first time, on average 05-06 weeks SCP-013-VN-01 will enter the "production" stage, which lasts approximately one week. In that time, SCP-013-01-VN will vomit the dairy products, which was consumed, back to their packaging, then find ways to best handle these products so they look as they were on the shelf. After that, SCP-013-01-VN try to put these products in the distribution points and mix them up with other products. Subject's body examination shows that nothing is worth of noticing in this stage.

When interview the SCP-013-01-VNs, All of them said that they didn't remember about "producing" and "distributing" SCP-013-VN and they just "finding some milk". They also explained about buying machines which product milk just because of their hobbies or momentary decisions. Sudden Death at 100% subject who consumed SCP-013-VN are separated to dairy products. Using amnestics or inducing deep coma in the subject aren't working, which means the full or partial recovery after consuming SCP-013-VN is deemed impossible.

Addendum: After the first appearance of SCP-013-VN on ██ / ██ / 1983, the company products the dairy products which are labelled ████████ was acquired. The amount of the product from ████████ was reduced and the distribution sources was limited to find the SCP-013-01-VN. On ██ / ██ / 2018, currently 5 distribution sources remain.

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