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Item #: SCP-014-FR

Threat Level: Orange (Red in case of renewed hostility)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-014-FR is to be contained in a class-1 humanoid containment cell with an air-lock for interrogation, which needs to be permanently guarded by two security officers, who have to be equipped with an integral protection suit. All personnel who enter the containment chamber are required to wear this type of protection as well.

No devices containing one (1) or more components capable of data-processing should be introduced within a radius of 70 meters around the centre of SCP-014-FR's containment cell, in which the object is contained. Exceptions to this rule may be granted, but only if the device is not in any way connected with another device, and if the device is incinerated before the user exits the containment zone.

A medical team will oversee feeding the object with intravenous injections and supervision of its vital signs. The medical team can use any modern medical materials available, but only if it respects the rule cited in the previous paragraph.

All notes taken by researchers in the containment zone should be written on paper, and discussions between the research personnel and the object written down using the same medium, paper.

The observation of the object is required to be undertaken through a tinted window, due to the containment chamber lacking any form of advanced surveillance system.

To ensure maximum cooperation with the object, researchers should communicate with it in German.

Researchers must not, under any circumstances, reveal any historical event that has taken place following 1945 to the object. SCP-014-FR was accidentally informed about an event in modern history by Junior Researcher ███████. Instead of expressing fear of the research team in charge of the object, it was not visibly affected by this fact, and decided to cooperate with the Foundation, arguing that "as the war is finished, I do not have any more reasons to be hostile." Junior Researcher ███████ was send to a Disciplinary hearing.

Since its initial containment, SCP-014-FR has requested several new items. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • A large number of “new” books from French, German or English literature, published before 1945, translated in Braille (Accepted partially, 11 of 56 were approved)
  • Many musical works published prior to 1945 (Accepted, a turntable was given to the subject for testing with six (6) vinyl records)
  • His honorific dagger (Denied)
  • The pictures in his wallet (Accepted)

Description: SCP-014-FR is a caucasian human with an age of approximately 90 years, although his physical appearance does not seem to exceed 30. Physiologically speaking, his body does not show any anomalies and in his psychological profile, (Document 014-4m56tl1), he has shown occasional tendencies towards violence. A steel object in the shape of the symbol known as "chaos star" (SCP-014-FR-1) is present inside of the subject’s brain cavity, which forms eight spikes extending out from the cranial bone, forming a “frame” around the face of SCP-014-FR

Due to the position of SCP-014-FR-1 inside his skull, SCP-014-FR suffers from several internal injuries:

The prefrontal cortex of the subject’s brain is heavily damaged, although this does not seem to severely affect his abilities. Only a marked confusion and delay in the use of higher cognitive functions and disruptions in the subject’s taste and smell could be noted. Two (2) spikes from SCP-014-FR-1 have cut off the subject’s eye nerves, making him blind. The lower part of SCP-014-FR-1 pierces his palate, tongue and lower jaw, rendering the subject unable to communicate verbally. SCP-014-FR also suffers from malnutrition and mild muscle atrophy.

SCP-014-FR frequently writes in German and can conduct a conversation in English and French.

SCP-014-FR seems to be able to influence electronic components in his vicinity by his mere presence. This appears to be involuntary most of the time. Testing shows that the subject has a reach of around 60 meters. His influence manifests by the appearance of random variables in the code of electronic equipment, which progressively replace the original code, rendering the equipment unusable. The origin of these variables could not be traced. The effect seems to propagate like a cognitohazardous virus, with the infection of all devices that are connected in some way with the infected equipment.

In the same way, a human (henceforth referred to as “the subject”) coming into physical contact with SCP-014-FR will be influenced too. In this case, the influence manifests itself in the subject by displaying behaviour similar to; OCD, neurosis, and psychosis. This process starts as soon as the subject has physical contact with the object, and can last several months. As such, during the first days of infection, subjects are difficult to detect.
Note: Although the object has affirmed to "knowing his role as a soldier of the Reich" and is aware of the existence of his powers, he does not seem to be aware of their extent. Research and security personnel have orders not to disclose any information contained in this document.

Warning: The object is hostile towards Foundation personnel. Although his physical state does not permit him to cause any physical damages, it's recommended to proceed with caution.

Priority is given to maintain a cooperative relationship with SCP-014-FR. Given his past as a member of secret research projects of the Third Reich, and as a voluntary guinea pig, he most likely has invaluable information about the GOC or Project Wotan, maybe even without being aware of it. All communication from the subject directed to the research team must be immediately communicated to Site-01 for advanced research and analysis.


Circumstances of Retrieval: SCP-014-FR was found in a bunker located at ███, connected to the Paris catacombs, during one of the routine inspections set up following Event Thèta-mt21. He was apprehended without much difficulty thanks to his state of physical weakness, and was immediately brought to Site Aleph. The list of the objects that were found in the bunker is as follows:

  • an honorary dagger of the SS corps
  • civilian clothes, dated 1945
  • an extract of Mein Kampf
  • several crates of empty rations
  • a damaged long-distance communication radio
  • a wallet containing money in francs, a French passport, several photos of a woman and a hidden member card of the Nazi party
  • a hacksaw and other tools relating to metallurgy
  • a first aid kit
  • a small vial containing morphine
  • a mirror
  • a sleeping bag
  • an independent electric generator
  • rat skeletons
  • a keychain with keys to open the bunker

Addenda: A suite of sentences written in German in the futhark alphabet ingraved on the skin of SCP-014-FR is present along his spine. They are difficult to read because of scar tissue. A translation follows:
"Born of Chaos, they will bring the Chaos. | Their breath will hurt the machine and their touch will corrupt the flesh | They are the fall of the Weak and the victory of King. | They are the Wind of the North who burn the impure Earth. | They are the destroyers of civilizations, and chaos will walk in their step."

I want to say a few words to Site staff about SCP-014-FR. Yes, as you have probably noticed, he used to be a member of the Hitler Youth and the Waffen SS. Yes, he adheres to the Pan-German theories of the Nazi Party. Yes, he was Goering's pupil, but let me remind you what makes us members of the SCP Foundation and not vigilantes. It is an SCP object. This means that it is your duty to contain and study it without discussing. The Foundation does not need its researchers to refuse to apply orders "in principle". There will be no other warning. - Director █████████.

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