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Item #: SCP-014-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-014-IT is currently kept inside the Foundation Archives at Site Virtus. The book has been locked inside an hermetically sealed housing lined in fireproof material in order to avoid it being irreparably damaged. The members of the Superintendence’s Council reserve themselves the exclusive right to consult SCP-014-IT; interacting with the book is forbidden to all Foundation personnel without authorization by the Superintendence.

Description: SCP-014-IT appears to be a pristine copy of “The Divine Comedy” with a red hard cover devoid of any marking. The first page of the book bears the print “Copy number 33”, while, on the following facade, what seems to be an handwritten sentence made using [REDACTED] century ink reports the statement “not to be made public''. No trace of other writing or marks has been found on these pages.

To a superficial analysis, SCP-014-IT may seem like a common “Divine Comedy”, but a more accurate reading will reveal the presence of an additional canto in the book of “Heaven”, located between the XXXII and the XXXIII canto of the book. The additional canto has no title and describes the travel of Dante in the “Cielo de’ Sospesi”, described as [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the canto, the poet also focuses on the description of the creatures living in said Cielo, and our researchers have observed that some of them appear to perfectly represent some entities collected by the Italian Foundation. In the canto exactly [REDACTED] elements are described, and it's perfectly logical to suppose that such elements may actually be present on italian or international soil and that they need to be contained as soon as possible. The following are the entities listed in the additional canto:

  2. SCP-021-IT;
  3. A creature “shapeless and [DATA EXPUNGED]”
  4. A “multitude of spheres of light that spat men” which may be a series of instances of SCP-003-IT. If this were to be exact, the Foundation would have a confirmation of the existence of more specimens of SCP-003-IT and, most importantly that many of them, if not all, are dimensional gates for [DATA EXPUNGED];


Accurate philological analysis conducted at the [DATA EXPUNGED] Institute has confirmed the style in which the canto has been written is exactly that of the Sommo Poeta and that the dating of the pages corresponds to the period in which the Comedy was published, however, the hypothesis of an extremely precise imitation is still under consideration even if this would not be enough to solve the shroud of mystery surrounding this book.

Addendum-014-1: Recovery
SCP-014-IT was discovered in 19██ by Agent [REDACTED] of RIDIA, who brought it to the administration as soon as he noticed the additional canto. The Agent, interviewed by the Director, has reported to have found the book in the closet of his new residence a few days after he moved in.

Extract from the letter to the Superintendents from the last Director of RIDIA

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