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Item #: SCP-014-JP-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: People in charge of P-D/U-Drifting Event1 must contact the Special Affairs Division to deal with SCP-014-JP-EX if they’re identified. Information regarding SCP-014-JP-EX and SCP-014-JP-EX-α is to be exchanged2 in accordance with agreements established with the Special Affairs Division.

Before details on SCP-014-JP-EX were established, they were treated as a standard P-D/U-Drifting Event “drifter”. Because of this, the previous Containment Procedures were identical to P-D/U-Drifting Event Handle and Containment Procedures.

Description: SCP-014-JP-EX refers to a non-anomalous object in a situation similar to that of a “drifter” from another world going through a P-D/U-Drifting Event. SCP-014-JP-EX-1 was initially discovered and investigated as a “drifter”. However, it was discovered that SCP-014-JP-EX-1 had been raised in a special manner, with a joint investigation between the Foundation and the Special Affairs Division fact-checking with their caregiver (SCP-014-JP-EX-A), where it was confirmed that no anomaly existed. Due to the special nature of the case, as well as the anticipation of similar cases arising, the matter was designated as Explained. As SCP-014-JP-EX is non-anomalous, the Foundation decided not to deal with the matter, and a request to investigated was filed to a third party, the Special Affairs Division. As of 201█, several people or groups similar to SCP-014-JP-EX-A have been investigated primarily by the Special Affairs Division, with the Foundation cooperating with investigating and information gathering. The Foundation plans on investigating the person believed to be the originator of this matter (SCP-014-JP-EX-α), and if any anomalies are discovered, the Foundation will be in charge of writing and maintaining the appropriate reports. To not interfere with the handling of P-D/U-Drifting Events, the existence of SCP-014-JP-EX will not be made public, with punishments towards the people involved and their caregiver being handled by the Special Affairs Division. As of 201█, 4 SCP-014-JP-EX cases have been discovered.

Details on SCP-014-JP-EX’s object distribution are stated below.

SCP-014-JP-EX-1 appears to be a caucasian girl in her teens. On 200█, a Foundation agent contacted SCP-014-JP-EX-1 to conduct an investigation after becoming interested in information regarding “the discovery of a unidentifiable girl of unknown nationality who appeared to be cosplaying in the streets of Tokyo”. At the time of discovery, SCP-014-JP-EX-1 was found to be speaking an unintelligible language alongside german from time to time, and was suspected to be suffering from schizophrenia, and was temporarily contained by Foundation agents once they became suspicious of the extremely elaborate clothes she was wearing, and the cane she was carrying3. A non-verbal psychiatric examination revealed no signs of mental disorder or falsehood. Analysis on the language spoken by SCP-014-JP-EX-1 was difficult, but it was finally established to have a grammatical base similar to Esperanto, combining words from dozens of languages. There seems to be differences in the meaning of each word used, with SCP-014-JP-EX-1 appearing to be unaware of this difference.

Below are interview logs machine translated from the languages analyzed, with some sentences that seem to differ from the actual meaning are listed in their original form.

During the interview, SCP-014-JP-EX-1 explained that she was able to use magic, so an experiment to confirm this was conducted.

After the interview, an examination of SCP-014-JP-EX-1’s brain activity revealed no evidence of memory falsification or falsehood, showing that all of SCP-014-JP-EX-1’s statements are true.

Following the interview, an investigation was conducted on SCP-014-JP-EX-A. At this point, it was believed to be highly likely that no anomalous item was involved, and a joint investigation was conducted alongside the Special Affairs Division6.

As a result of the joint investigation, a facility matching SCP-014-JP-EX-1’s testimony was discovered on a plot of land marked as an abandoned amusement park in ██ prefecture. instruments such as Kant counters were used to investigate the possibility of reality alterations, with no traces of reality alterations being discovered. Furthermore, investigation of the area where SCP-014-JP-EX-1 used to practice magic revealed a flame firing mechanism used for special effects. Further investigation on the owner of the plot of land where the abandoned amusement park is in revealed the existence of a person believed to be SCP-014-JP-EX-1’s caregiver (SCP-014-JP-EX-A). SCP-014-JP-EX-A is known to be a wealthy individual. The Special Affairs Division constrained and interrogated them.

Following a memory enquiry and house search on SCP-014-JP-EX-A and their servants, no anomalous items were discovered. The possibility of being aware of P-D/U-Drifting Events was investigated, with SCP-014-JP-EX-A having no knowledge on it.

After this, the Foundation and the Special Affairs Division discussed how to deal with SCP-014-JP-EX-A. Although initially planned to apply punishment according to the law, the Foundation determined this could prove a hindrance to dealing with P-D/U-Drifting Events. At the same time, the Special Affairs Division pointed out that the disposal of every raised person could occur if the case was discovered, and proposed to dispose of the person in question behind closed doors. Please refer to attached document “Special Affairs Division Confidencial Matter 014-001” for information on the disposal of SCP-014-JP-EX-A.

As SCP-014-JP-EX-A’s testimony revealed that other SCP-014-JP-EX cases existed, and simultaneously it was decided to be unlikely for these cases to be anomalous, SCP-014-JP-EX was designated as an Explained object, and its primary investigation was handed to the Special Affairs Division. In addition, discovered victims are under the jurisdiction of the Special Affairs Division, which encourages their rehabilitation through the Reality Reinstatement Protocol. SCP-014-JP-EX instances discovered as of 20██ are the following:

Object designation State at time of discovery Following attitude
SCP-014-JP-EX-1 Girl in her early teens. As mentioned above, was discovered in ██ ward, Tokyo, wearing a dress and carrying a ceremonial cane. Secured from caregiver. Protected at foundation facility. Raised at Foundation facility until SCP-014-JP-EX-A was secured, hired as Foundation staff following Reality Reinstatement Protocol implementation, currently working as a field agent as of 201█.
SCP-014-JP-EX-2 Boy in his early teens. Discovered in ██ ward, Tokyo, wearing bronze armor and carrying a western-style bronze sword. Secured from caregiver. Reality Reinstatement Protocol implemented. Was later taken in by foster parents.
SCP-014-JP-EX-3 Girl in her early teens. Discovered in ██ city, Saitama prefecture, having a full-body, face included, magical-pattern tattoo. No magical significance found in pattern. Secured from caregiver. Reality Reinstatement Protocol and surgical tattoo removal implemented, being taken in by foster parents afterwards.
SCP-014-JP-EX-4 Boy in his late teens. Discovered during a house search on a wealthy individual in ██ city, Nagano prefecture. According to caregiver, he was raised as an esper capable of psychokinesis. no anomalies were discovered. Secured from caregiver. Being treated at a police hospital.

Addendum: Regarding the first person to instigate the implementation of SCP-014-JP-EX (SCP-014-JP-EX-α), the possibility of them knowing of P-D/U-Drifting Events, which occur about 100 times in Japan, cannot be ruled out, with the Foundation accumulating and sorting information collected by the Special Affairs Division.

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